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2015 big data creation Guizhou nternet hit off the official launch of the contest

want to develop innovation, what is the most needed? Of course, endless creative. Have a good idea, but also can be turned into a profitable venture, then your career has been successful in half. In order to encourage young people to create a guest, Guizhou province held the Internet hit the guest contest, collecting creative ideas.

"everyone want to be entrepreneurs. Because the creation of a customer to have great achievements, to have a good product to continue to contribute to the need to have an entrepreneurial environment. We are entrepreneurs, we can give the customer a good environment, such an environment is the birth of more advanced, more scientific and technological content of the product conditions and foundation."

contest collected from yesterday officially began, the passenger can log on the official website of colorful Guizhou network, or submit here by email, QQ group and other channels can be specified. All collected "works", will be through the "colorful Guizhou of network broadcasting and colorful activities platform. At the same time, through the media matchmaking activities will introduce your business seminar, Guiyang city public record space, entrepreneurs and investors, the formation of entrepreneurial mentor team, provide guidance for a guest.

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