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Customer returns can also enhance the handling of store performance

as a shopkeeper in the stores, there are a variety of situations, and in a variety of situations, for the retail business, I am afraid that many retailers do not want customers to return it, we just sell things, customers will come back, not only we do not earn money, but also influence to the other hand. Therefore, the vast majority of shopkeepers do not expect. But I am different, I am very happy to see customers can come back, this is why?

In fact,

can be returned to a small number of customers have been able to return, because there is a serious problem, otherwise no one can do these meaningless things. I pay great attention to the customer’s return. First I emotionally, then in the attitude of sincerely apologize to the customer, so that customers can eliminate anger after stabilize the mood of the consumer to understand the specific things.

that day, an old man to return, he bought a pack of brown sugar here, go back and say that this brown sugar is a problem, not sweet. See the old man angry look, I apologize to say: "uncle, I’m sorry, let you run a trip, you give me a call ah, I take the initiative to come to the door ah. You sit down and I’ll pour you a glass of water."

listened to me, the old man finally lost his temper, and then I began to understand the situation. When I opened the bag of sugar, it was no different. The days have not been, so I tasted it, very sweet taste. But why would the uncle say this sugar is a problem? So, I did a demonstration on the spot to the old man, let him taste, the results he said sweet.

but where is the problem? Although the old man can not tell, but I gave him back the goods. At this time, my uncle said: "well, sir, I’ll take you to another sign, you don’t have to give money to you, you go back to taste, if there are problems, you can give me a call, I personally get!" After hearing my words, the old man agreed. This time he didn’t come back.

a few days later, the old man came to my supermarket, this time he smiles, but also very feel shy to say to me: "boss, really feel shy, the last sugar and there is no problem, the problem in the us. My wife won’t let me give candy, I put a little bit, I know ah, I thought your sugar has a problem? After returning, my wife told me that I’m sorry. Not only did you change me, but also I apologized……"

I know this is a misunderstanding, because our product quality is absolutely guaranteed. Afterwards, the old man is always embarrassed, but the number of times to our shop, not only that, he also brought me a lot of new customers. One old man I will boast how good.


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