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Alipay cancel behind the meaning of gestures

The era of the rapid development of

business, mobile payment has become one of the highlights, Alipay turned out to the online shopping of people brought infinite surprise. The public security problem of Alipay is not in question, and now Alipay canceled the gesture password, the safety factor is greatly reduced.

before Ali Alipay upgrade to the 9 version, this version has a lot of significant changes compared with the previous. A friend is Alipay in the interface inside the full imitation WeChat, have to rely on social software to taste, known as pixel level imitation; one is the Alipay to further strengthen the entrance function, increase the stock trading, Amoy little evolved into word-of-mouth network etc..

a Alipay to meet all of your needs, in Alipay’s popularity, you don’t need cash, no bank card, as long as with the business contacts through Alipay transfers can be, coupled with the bank’s quick payment, bank card money to go through alipay. Control to this step, most of the economic exchanges Ali can charge service fees, business prospects.

however, Alipay 9 in strengthening social at the same time, also made changes to the security authentication, we used gesture password is forced to cancel. And you do not cancel the case, you do not have to return from other procedures password.

although Alipay offers 0.88 yuan to pay the insurance, but both sides still Tucao one, each of the software market comment area, each big forum, is a product manager to burn the cry.

The necessity of

A, gesture password

later with Alipay, the balance of treasure, can generate interest, a lot of people directly in Alipay, the balance of treasure deposit, and then have no password fast payment, Alipay wallet directly connected bank card.

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