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Hongkong milk limit order to set off a new high price of milk

milk powder problem, in recent years has repeatedly affected consumers nervous strings of things, today, the Hongkong government introduced a new milk limit order, once again set off a big wave, extraordinary impact. So, what are the effects? May wish to come together to understand!

reporters from the part of purchasing milk shop learned, because last year the customs policy adjustment, from Holland, New Zealand, Germany and other places of purchasing milk is back, but the customs clearance speed slow, consumers often have to wait a week or so. The tightening policy is being implemented in Hongkong, from purchasing channels to buy milk powder may also encounter restriction".

"March 1st the government has implemented new regulations and milk exit, purchasing costs, purchasing quantity declined sharply, so the recent milk prices fluctuate frequently, we have tried our best to purchase, in order to allow more children to shop for the purchase of food, according to each paragraph of milk delivery. Please consult the online customer service before shooting." Yesterday, a higher sales of milk powder Taobao shop to see the shop in the eye-catching position with such an important reminder".

on the quality of recognition is an important reason why many young parents try to seek the milk purchasing. Compararive baby chairman Hu Chao believes that the price are important factors to Chinese parents seeking overseas purchasing. "The price of milk powder sold in China is 30% to 50% higher than that of foreign brands or brands, and even the price is doubled."

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