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Fujian Province in the construction of traffic, three to one to see the effectiveness of the activit

to develop the first road, the traffic of a city, for the development of the economy plays a vital role. Fujian, the traffic construction in the "three to one look" vigorously promote the activities, has achieved remarkable results, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

rail transportation, two ring eight shot and a series of construction projects, is the future of the city traffic patterns of the basic project. The reporter learned yesterday, the first five months of this year, the city’s transportation industry investment in fixed assets 18 billion 275 million yuan, up 90.92% over the same period last year, the overall project ahead of schedule, 40 key transportation construction projects completed investment 4 billion 600 million yuan, completed 71.24% of the annual plan, "three to one" the effectiveness of the activities significantly.

in the municipal government’s unified plan, in close collaboration with various departments at all levels, and carry out key construction projects, the municipal government investment ratio of three to one "activities, focusing on the traffic project early fall, early start, active front service, accelerate the early approval, construction investment, organization construction and timely coordination to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

key construction projects in the city, three to one look, that is better than the quality, safety, progress, see the effectiveness of the smooth progress of the project is the key factor to accelerate the project.

it is understood that in May this year, traffic in the construction project resettlement has made breakthrough progress in the Tongan Road (State Road 324 South Road – the same old), the National Highway 324 line (Road seven – Phoenix South Baiyun Avenue, South Phoenix Kok section), the National Highway 324 line with the same set of Road overpass intersection (Zhu CuO Interchange), CAS Avenue and Xiangan Avenue Interchange, the same set of Road (set apricot seawall – Tongan District section), apricot road renovation project to enhance the upgrade and other projects in the city, District, town, village four linkage to promote the relocation, construction progress "at top speed".


project departments actively carry out the "three look" activities and competitions, inspection teams around the project quality, schedule, safety, effectiveness, refinement of about 20 items were seriously sum up good experience and good practices, the formation of illustrated handbook and progress to the project site under development, organizational learning application, and requirements for problems timely rectification, to supervise and guide the construction unit to strengthen the construction management of construction organization and quality, safety, civilization, form a good atmosphere than the school, rush, super ".

"three to one" activities to ensure the rapid development of key transportation construction projects. Yesterday, the city leaders in charge of transport research examining multiple projects, among them, the main structure of Metro Line 1, line 24 station has completed 18 of the total station, heading 38.95 kilometers (accounting for 86% of all); Metro Line 2 over the sea shield has been successfully driving more than 700 meters.


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