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China’s catering industry internal operation of the information lag

with the development of economy, people have more demand for food, for the food and beverage industry brought infinite vitality, but at present, the catering industry informatization in China is in the primary stage, the level of information is obviously lagging behind, followed by a small series with everyone to see.

the office automation system is widely used in various industries. But the food and beverage industry for the application of OA system the proportion is less than half, and the system utilization level is not high, the most widely used file only file management, information release, e-mail etc. the most basic business functions, business tracking and monitoring, information process and information integration to discuss about the use of enterprise management and decision support the rate is generally low.

in the lobby of the restaurant operations management, POS / cashier order "penetration rate reached 95%, becoming an entry-level application catering information"". In addition, the food and beverage enterprises are still Invoicing, membership management, ordering and distribution system, as well as electronic recipes and other aspects of the introduction of information, but the utilization rate is not very high.

especially the application of information technology chain catering enterprises in the kitchen management and human resource management penetration in 4 as the following, and subject to funding or staffing issues, level of purchasing logistics information is relatively low.

A, there is no uniform standard. Due to the lack of unified information standards, resulting in the restaurant business often appear in the "information island" phenomenon. Many food and beverage enterprises in different sectors of the use of products from different suppliers, but the standard of each supplier is not uniform, resulting in internal information exchange is not smooth, to bring great inconvenience to the enterprise.

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