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Join small adorn article shop these knowledge need to have

small adorn article shop cost of investment is not large, open shop is also relatively easy to master some basic knowledge, you can make your small jewelry store more dynamic. Join small adorn article shop to grasp what knowledge? Perhaps you are also thinking about this problem, would like to join the small jewelry store, then start from here!

The first step:

brand established incentive mechanism with incentive effect is in the market at the beginning of the operation, at the end of the year business summary of the meeting, the money according to the performance index, the results of those outstanding business personnel station in Taiwan on the red hang, with thick hair boss personally in cash, the atmosphere of the scene hi to the extreme. Business personnel greatly inspire, work with unprecedented enthusiasm, although the short time to market, but the rapid growth performance.

the jewelry store business up relatively is very simple, but to do the business of fire, but also in the aspect of innovation thought. Join small adorn article shop, pay attention to some details, constant innovation, these are very important.


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