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What are the development direction of sales staff

just graduated from college, it is not easy to find a suitable job. A lot of people in order to exercise their own choice of the sale of the industry, this position is a great challenge. But a large part of the people do not know if the sales should be made in what direction should be developed, and now Xiaobian for you to do the relevant introduction.

direction, become a senior sales manager

management steering direction

If the sales or

If a management background or interested in management, including the direction of the development of market information or information management, industry research, strategic planning, human resources management, project management etc..

if work in sales in the product or industry manufacturing, operations, research and development, design and other technical aspects of the accumulation of advantage, you can go to high technology content of post flow such as: operation management, technical support, product testing, technical service and customer service.

three, direction to management consulting and training

if you leave the industry to start a new business space, but also a new direction of occupation choice. For example, experienced sales staff to do the management consulting and training is also a good choice, many management consulting firm consultants and trainers are transferred from marketing practice, some marketing executives, director, regional manager, because they have rich experience in sales and industry background, a better understanding of the practice of enterprise in the marketing environment, related industry marketing management consulting, strategic consulting and professional training, especially have the advantage.


direction of individual entrepreneurshipThe problem on the sale of

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