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Shanghai second-hand housing usher in a new sales boom

Although the market is now more than the house

, inventory is relatively large, but prices are still rising. Many people don’t have enough money to buy a new house, then managed to buy a second-hand housing. But according to the Lutheran housing data, July 2016 Shanghai second-hand housing a total turnover of 38 thousand and 500 units, compared with last month rose 36.6%. The city’s total turnover of second-hand housing 88 billion 960 million yuan, an increase of 39% over the previous month. Transaction price edged up to 27 thousand and 900 yuan / square meter. It seems that the second-hand housing is not easy to buy, in the face of high prices do not know when their wages can catch up.

investment buyers sell two suites

in the past July, Mr. Lin has himself sold in a house of 50 square meters in Shanghai City, Changning District Yili Road, the total price of 2 million 750 thousand yuan turnover, "soon, a hang out there for buyers, and there is no counter-offer." Mr. Lin said that their business in Shanghai for many years, holding 8, 9 sets of real estate, from last year to now, prices soaring all the way, their Yili Road area, the average price from more than a year before the 30 thousand yuan / square meters up to now 50 thousand yuan / square meters, "I have some cannot read the worry about the market bubble, I always hold on the property more afraid of having a risk, so I want to sell 1 sets, 2." Mr. Lin said, fortunately, the sale process is very smooth, hang out there a buyer offer, and their joy and surprise.

data show that in the beginning of January and March, Shanghai second-hand housing turnover reached a staggering 46 thousand sets and 57 thousand sets of 3.25, but with the introduction of the new deal, the April turnover fell sharply to 20 thousand level, 5, June is also hovering in the low volume of 23 thousand sets and 28 thousand sets respectively.

Shanghai Pacific (6.130, 0.04, 0.66%) the deputy general manager Wang Chao said that after the 3.25 policies, 4, 5, June trading volume is very low, down from 57 thousand units in March to more than 20 thousand, prices are about 5% of the fine-tuning, at this stage the market to wait and see, demand is suppressed. By July, the policy digestion period has passed, the market once again active, previously suppressed just need to improve the type of demand is released, and the July Shanghai land market price, the highest total plots, exacerbated the market panic, panic buying behavior.

afraid of price: premium to stimulate buyers into the market

Pudong Golden Bridge

Pacific Housing (21.270, 0.48, 2.31%) store manager Fang Bo said that in July they store turnover of more than and 10 sets of houses, sales rose 40%-50%, the outer ring of the land are to take more than 30 thousand, our prices only more than 40 thousand, so the customer will choose a hand." We recommend

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