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The central bank to release 7 trillion yuan or devaluation

for each of us an ordinary people, every major policy and economic challenges the country will cause more or less influence, every one of our life at the same time, in recent years, in order to national macroeconomic regulation and control, introduced a lot of market change.

10, the central bank once again released a large move, said a notice in the early Shandong, Guangdong to carry out credit assets mortgage refinancing pilot based on the experience can be replicated in the official website, decided in Shanghai, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Beijing, Chongqing and other 9 provinces (city) pilot.

by the introduction of a new central bank, the stock market good. Yesterday (October 13th) the three major indexes rose across the board, the stock index rose by 100 points to break through the 3300.

in addition to the impact of the stock market, a massive increase in liquidity, money cost reduction, fiscal revenue will continue to reduce. In contrast, the bank continued to reduce revenue, Internet baby, fund, insurance, etc., are the performance of the oversupply of liquidity. At this point, a large number of investors will look into the P2P financial management.

one, with a good reputation in the industry, the car loan can attract a lot of money in a short period of time, this is not only due to higher than the traditional financial gains, but also on the "zero bad performance. It is understood that the car loan is a focus of Internet financial transactions platform vehicle mortgages, according to the completed investment, project cycle in 1-6 months, the average rate of return of 15-18%, appears to be more attractive in the cut environment.

at the same time, has maintained a "zero bad record, it is thanks to the loan before the loan, the loan, the three part of the risk control. The loan before the car can loan will be a rigorous assessment of the borrower’s credit and mortgage loans shall be in accordance with the vehicle, the vehicle to assess the price of 70%; 24 hour GPS monitoring of vehicle loans; loan has also established a "Xianhengpeifu" credit risk sharing mechanism of security funds no danger of anything going wrong. The car can really do the loan risk control link to each other, airtight.

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