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Mi Baobao Bento fee introduction

fast food in the food and beverage industry can be described as a sunrise brand, is also a good choice to join the project. Fast food variety, such as western style fast food hamburger, Chinese fast food and so on, but these are common types of fast food, fast food, there is also a feature of the food and beverage that is convenient. Easy to meet the needs of the masses, simple and convenient, affordable economy.

baby is such a convenience brand, is committed to providing consumers with delicious nutrition lunch, to bring you a delicious, but also brings convenience, well received. With the development of Mi Baobao Bento, investors want to join Mi Baobao is also increasing, we are very optimistic about the prospects for the development of Mi Baobao. Since so many people want to join the baby rice, then we know how much the cost of joining Mi Baobao convenience?

Mi Baobao how much does it cost to join

Mi Baobao Bento fee

. Join Gold: 40 thousand yuan stores, including baby baby brand licensing fees and management consulting staff training, regional agents 15-20 million.

two. Decoration costs according to the requirements of a unified brand design decoration (including store construction, bar, signs, light boxes) 400 yuan per square meter, about 40 thousand yuan square.

three. The first supply of about 40 thousand yuan, the cost of materials, such as wooden cover, soy sauce, seasoning bag, uniforms and other equipment, frying machine, insulation pot, pot etc..

four. Rent of 100 square meters, 10 thousand yuan / month, pay $1, about $40 thousand.

five. Personnel costs: 12 staff, wages of 900 yuan, about $1, 10800.

six. A conservative estimate of rice baby lunch sold 10 yuan average 1 copies sold 350 copies a day, about 3500 yuan, 1 months turnover of about 90 thousand yuan.

seven. Liquidity of about $10 thousand.

eight. A total of about 18-20 million.

nine. Profit analysis: $90 thousand. A conservative estimate of average sales of 10 yuan when the baby M 1 copies, sold 350 copies a day, about 3500 yuan, 1 months turnover of about 90 thousand yuan

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