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How to improve the success rate of College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship

in recent years, because of the reasons for the national policy, has been so many college students scrambling to embark on the entrepreneurial path, college students entrepreneurial tide to illuminate the fact that an indisputable college. It is an effective way to relieve the employment pressure, but also on the national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples "policy actively respond. Entrepreneurship is one thing, however, success is another.

according to the relevant departments rough statistics, and now about 7 million college graduates each year, of which the proportion of independent entrepreneurs accounted for about 2% of the total. Plus the previous graduates entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial groups about 200 thousand people each year. A small number of "create" people are enthusiastic, in order to realize their dream of life, the courage to take the first step.

However, the ideal

often full, but the reality is skinny. According to the universal law of international business circles, entrepreneurship due to social resources, experience, market competition and the influence of multiple factors, success is very rare. College Students’ entrepreneurial path is not only difficult, but also bumpy.

18, according to some central departments at colleges and universities is still teaching the concept of lagging behind, the mechanism is not perfect, the content and method of the old single, weak practice teaching, the Ministry of Education issued the "guidance" of Ministry of education on the central departments of deepening teaching reform in higher education, to the inherent requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship education for improving the quality of higher education and the proper meaning, revised training programs of professional talents, the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial awareness and innovation ability as an important indicator of quality evaluation of personnel training.

opinions from various aspects to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities to open a new situation. As in school management, requires the establishment of innovative credit accumulation and conversion system, allowing students to adjust process to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for student retention. In the professional setting, optimizing the structure of discipline, actively set the "Internet +" "Chinese manufacturing 2025" strategic emerging industries, the economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood areas in urgent need of professionals, and to the school location does not match the professional.

The introduction of the new

guidance, confirms the national innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students attach great importance to and sustained care. At the end of last year, the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on the good employment of the 2016 national college graduates pointed out that since 2016, all colleges and universities to set up entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation, the development of all students and elective courses of innovation and entrepreneurship education courses, into credit management.

countries rely on continuous innovation, innovation is the key to talent. The cultivation of College Students’ innovative spirit is of great significance. The guidance, no doubt is to enhance and refine the notice last year, to promote the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students will play a further push and

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