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Startups CEO need to keep in mind the eight sales

good company boss is good sales, understand real sales strategy, if your company or start-up companies, want to quickly step on the right track, then you may wish to study the following eight points of sales skills, believed to be of great advantage.

1, product approach

2, introduction approach


in the salesmen to sell new products or new territory, much of the customer’s understanding of the situation, but do not know the customer is close to the circle of people, usually by self introduction method. For example, "Hello, Mr. li. My name is Jiangshan, I am teaching equipment company." The introduction of proximity is a method of approaching the person who is respected by potential customers. Mr. Chen, my name is Zhang San. I’m from fast food. Your brother told me about you last week. He asked me to get in touch with you to see if there was anything you wanted."

3, approach to approach

through the method to carry out social ties with customers close to the customer. This method is generally not quickly explain intention, but as far as possible to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship with the customer, such as customers belonging to social class and close to the circle of people, to participate in social activities such as customer.

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