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Chengdu fresh electricity supplier why nine loss in Chengdu

electricity supplier’s hot development, for many people to create considerable revenue. But the market is always in a state of change, Chengdu fresh electricity supplier development bottlenecks encountered, nearly 90% of fresh electricity supplier is facing the loss of the status quo. Recently, the fruit orchard every day off vertical line under a large number of stores spread the news of the circle of friends, but also attracted industry wide discussion. Fresh electricity has long been regarded as the electricity supplier in the field of blue ocean, attracted many enterprises have reached this area. However, there are very few successful cases, but the closure of the closure is constantly emerging.

every day to close the door line shop

7 26, Ms. Li was a circle of friends in Chengdu, an orchard closed shop every day, the article was surprised: often to buy, Zha suddenly to close the door? And another citizen Ms. Wang more depressed, I bought a 300 yuan card, there are no use of the more than and 200!"

in fact, as early as a few days ago, every day on the orchard came off shop storm. Orchard relevant person in charge of each day, its stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places will be closed. At present, every orchard in Suzhou only a transit station, stores in Chengdu only a few home.

while a year ago, the orchard every day about 50 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen five big city, orchard every day CEO Wang Wei’s goal is to make every orchard in 2015 built about 100 O2O store. At that time, the line of stores is regarded as the face of the orchard every day, but also its O2O business "every home" warehouse.

it is understood that every orchard is one of the largest fruit vertical business currently, completed in May 2015 by the Jingdong led a $70 million C round of financing, start the implementation of three O2O strategy, one of which is the main "2 hour service", with fruit juice and fruit based, users online orders, O2O distribution model the line store.

for the closure of the store, every orchard relevant responsible person said, just to upgrade the service, not the negative O2O model.

high input, low birth fresh O2O future slim

fresh electricity supplier has long been regarded as the electricity supplier in the field of blue ocean, and fresh O2O, it is the blue ocean blue ocean. However, when the tide receded to know, most of the players are "naked". According to AI media consulting data show that only 1% of the current domestic fresh electricity supplier market can be profitable, the existence of a huge loss of 7%, the proportion of profit and loss of about equal to about $4%, while the remaining 88% have a slight loss.

rarely profitable on the other side, is the high cost of fresh electricity supplier. According to the recommendation

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