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How to run a good shop

when we walk on the road to see a lot of shops, a variety of shops have, there is a lot of competition between these shops pressure, in fact, the quality and credibility of the goods is a store based on the foundation. Customers buy goods in order to obtain the use value of goods, the quality of goods, service, customer satisfaction is high. Honesty is the basic principle of doing business.

More and more people

shop, but now the store market competition, perhaps what is amidst the winds of change, loss, so should the operational period pay attention to the shop in the shop at the beginning. So how to manage a good shop?

how to run a good shop 1, the quality and credibility of goods

how to run a good shop 2, display

, including the display of products, color display and staff display, the purpose is the same, to create a good shopping atmosphere.

color display includes the color of the product and the color of the product and the surrounding things. Good color can affect the store and the image of the goods and consumer shopping behavior and the clerk’s work mood.

display products to be replaced regularly, as much as possible to the masses of consumers like the product, hoping to speed up the speed of goods displayed on the best location. Products as much as possible to display, giving people a rich, full range of visual enjoyment.

personnel position, in the day is divided into light field, each time the shopping guide has its own standing space and activity space, in order to give customers a new service in different directions.

how to run a good shop 3, price strategy

price is the most sensitive topic for consumers to buy goods. Can make use of people’s shopping psychology, make flexible changes in price, win the favor of consumers.

how to run a good shop 4, service marketing

customer service. Through the continuous study of consumer interest, desire, and constantly meet them, so that consumers and the brand to establish a mutual attraction between the relationship.

how to run a good shop 5, advertising

in addition to the above said four points, one point is more important, that is advertising, good products need good publicity, marketing practice, you need at least the clock in a potential customer to appear three times, people may start to pay attention to you, at least seven people, it may be true of interest, must be long-term adherence to the "war", in order to account for the recommended

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