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Anhui venture star fall brewing scourge of illegal fund-raising

was a promising entrepreneurial star, because of greed and violate the law cordon, illegal fund-raising nearly 4 billion, Liu Kesheng of Anhui has now become the first prisoners.

from the fund-raising fraud, loan fraud to contract fraud, also suspected embezzlement and bribery, Anhui Province, Tongcheng City Chamber of Commerce President Liu Kesheng carefully the fictional "business empire" is just the original flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Recently, the Anhui provincial procuratorate official micro-blog news release, Anqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the province has Liu Kesheng suspected fraud, embezzlement, bribery and other crimes prosecution case, Liu Kesheng’s sister Liu Zhen was indicted for alleged financial fraud, loan fraud crime case two.

2014 in June, Liu Kesheng due to funding strand breaks into hiding and the incident, after the public security authorities on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public criminal detention and online pursuit. In July 14th of the same year, Liu Kesheng was arrested in Jiayuguan City, Gansu province. During the investigation, the public security organs also found that they were suspected of defrauding loan crimes. Liu Kesheng suspected fraud, loan fraud, contract fraud, fraud, embezzlement case and Liu Zhen suspected fraud, loan fraud case in Tongcheng City Public Security Bureau investigation, Liu Kesheng alleged bribery case by the Tongcheng municipal procuratorate.

2015 June 28th, the Tongcheng municipal procuratorate will be transferred to the above-mentioned cases Anqing procuratorate prosecution. In the meantime, due to the fact that the case is very complex, the case was returned to the supplementary investigation two times and to extend the period of review and prosecution of the three.

Accused of

the investigation, since 2006, Liu Kesheng wantonly to the community is not a specific object of illegal fund-raising. At the beginning of 2013, the illegal possession for the purpose of individuals or companies, with high interest as bait, cash flow, business name, take a pay per yuan monthly interest rate of 1 to 3 points of high interest as bait, to the community is not a specific object of illegal fund-raising, the proceeds of the loan to repay the principal and pay high interest, illegal fund-raising amounted to 38 million yuan, in addition to the same period of the return of principal and payment of interest, the actual loss caused to others 7.78 million yuan.

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