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Guitarist Dave Malone Talks NOLA Crawfish Fest, The Radiators, Masquerades & More

first_imgNew Orleans has produced some of the most memorable groups in a variety of genres, and for decades the reigning hometown rock band was The Radiators. Word of mouth and traded cassette tapes spread the legend of a band that blew the roof off every time they played a gig.Guitarist Dave Malone, of The Radiators, is part of the all-star team of local musicians closing out the NOLA Crawfish Festival next Monday through Wednesday at the NOLA Brewing Company, alongside George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne, Billy Iuso and Terrence Higgins during the “Daze Between” Jazz Fest.  Our own Rex Thomson had a chance to chat with Malone about the mayhem the band witnessed from the stage over the years, the art of proper crawfish eating, and the ups and downs of a decades-long career in the music business.L4LM: How packed is your Jazz Fest schedule?Dave Malone: Probably seven or eight gigs in eight or nine days. (Laughs) It’s not as crazy as some people’s…but some things came I just couldn’t pass up after I’d already booked other things. So I’m gonna be scramblin’ around. It’s a really special time in New Orleans, and a lot of friends and really talented musicians are coming to town. So I’ll put in a lot of time during the fest but come that first Monday after I’ll take a rest.L4LM: Speaking of gigs you couldn’t pass up, you’re headlining the last night of the NOLA Crawfish Fest with an incredible krewe like George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne, Terrence Higgins, Billy Iuso. That seems like a pretty amazing amount of New Orleans guitar on one stage at one time.DM: Yeah, it’s pretty concentrated and powerful, and with a rhythm section like George Porter on bass, who’s, well…just the best, and Terrence Higgins on drums who is also the best, it’s gonna be “Guitartastic!”L4LM: In jam sessions like this, do you guys work out an outline of the material in advance, or do you just go on musical muscle memory built up by years of doing guitar curls?DM: This will be the third time we’re doing this, with me and George and Terry and Billy. In years past, we didn’t even get together and talk about it. It was literally just 100% jamming. This year, I’m probably gonna get together with Billy, and work out a couple things like some guitar harmonies, then we’ll just get up there and go, and George and Terry can just follow along like they do so well. I hope I don’t jinx myself by planning a little bit. (Chuckles) These jams can go anywhere with these guys, and that’s as cool as it can be.L4LM: Besides all the great music, Shaggy, The Crawfish King, is going to be serving up the massive, scrumptious boil that he’s legendary for. all throughout the show. There’s gonna be a lot of visitors in town who’ve never eaten a crawfish. Any tips for them?DM: Yeah…don’t eat the shells. (Laughs) I’ve been doing this my whole life. Taking the head off, sucking the juice out…pinching the tail, grabbing it lightly with your teeth and pulling the meat out if they’ve been boned correctly…I do it so fast people look at me like I’m from Mars or something. I don’t care though…”I’m eating crawfish, leave me alone.”People, out-of-towners who didn’t grow up doing this they’ll pull the heads off and not suck the juices out…which is just a shame in my book. Then they’ll start peeling the spiny things off the tail not knowing that if you just squeeze them together then the ribs on the underside crack and you can just gently tug it out with your teeth. It comes out as one tail. I go nuts on them, I tell you what and Shaggy’s are some of the absolute best.Here’s The Radiators giving their best musical crawfish tip of all…”Suck The Head”NOLA’s Crawfish King Is Cooking Up A Whole New FestivalL4LM: One of the ways that The Radiators built their dedicated following was as the house band for the infamous masquerade themed MOMs Balls. Can you describe a few of the more memorable outfits you saw from your perch onstage?DM: Well some of the most memorable outfits were hardly anything on really beautiful girls. Y’know, the thing is with all those events, especially the MOMs Ball, is that you really don’t remember it at all. You know that it happened, and that you were there because there are pictures that prove it. But if you do it right, it’s all kinda hazy. But you know it was the greatest Mardi Gras party every year. We would play it at a place and they would ask us not to come back. We finally found a couple of places that actually put up with our shenanigans.The whole idea behind masking yourself during carnival was to let your hair down and not be noticed as who you are. You were free to do whatever you wanted to do, provided you didn’t hurt anyone or break the law or anything. At MOMs Ball they carried that mindset to the extreme. People were just there to have fun. The early ones, man, there were people performing sex acts on the side of the stage. It was an “Anything Goes” kinda party.L4LM: Did you ever find yourself so distracted you forgot to keep playing?DM: (Laughs) I think my head probably forgot to play, but my fingers didn’t. Yeah I’m sure something like that a couple times. It was interesting to see, but you weren’t really shocked by anything. It’s New Orleans. That sorta thing happened even if it wasn’t Mardi Gras.L4LM: How did your involvement with the Balls begin?DM: The band that came before The Radiators had three Radiators and was called The Rhapsodizers. We inherited the MOMs Balls, which is a krewe of misfits, literally the Mystic Orphans & Misfits…MOMs. That all centered around a regular gig we had at a pizza place near the University of New Orleans called Luigi’s. So when the Radiators came into being after the demise of The Rhapsodizers, we inherited the MOMs Ball and the Luigi’s gig every Wednesday night, which was basically a paid rehearsal for us. Our fans would show up every week and encourage us to do whatever the hell we wanted to do.Not only that, but we allowed people to tape our shows, on cassette in those days, from the very beginning. Our fan base was from the fact that we were affiliated with Tulane University pretty strongly and all the different krewes like the MOMs krewe and people at the Dream Palace and Luigi’s. Tulane students that went back home would take these tapes to their brothers and sisters who would be coming to Tulane the next year. So we had new fans showing up who already knew our songs and us, before we started travelling all over the country.It was really beneficial for us to have an affiliation with Tulane. I was just in New York playing a benefit for a cause related to Tulane, and our relationship with the university, and Loyola to a lesser extent was built by what I tell people is us being “Accidentally brilliant.” We let people tape our shows and then these cassettes ended up all over the place. Friends had family in every part of the country. When we started touring, we had fans waiting for us all across the country.It’s pretty remarkable…in the days before social media. We signed with Epic Records a few years later, but it was the tapes that really made us well known. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. We had, and still do, the tape traders who take this stuff very seriously. It’s not just every song and every show we played that’s been documented, but things guys said on the mic between songs. Crazy.There’s a whole website that lists every song The Radiators ever played and who did it originally. We didn’t really do…I have a problem even calling them covers, because covers implies you’re trying to make it sound like the original. We just called them “Songs that other people wrote.” We took them and did our own thing to them. Frankly, more than half of the time we had people thinking WE wrote the songs, because the ones we used were so obscure.Our fan base is really musically knowledgeable about this stuff. They dig back into who really wrote and recorded some the songs. We used to do a song called “Turn On Your Love Light” that the Grateful Dead used to do. The writer of that song is Deadric Malone, and on the record it said “D.Malone.” The song is older than me, but people thought I wrote it.L4LM: One last question about the MOMs Balls. Each event had a tag line or a theme, and The Radiators would write a new song for each one using the theme as inspiration. Is there any chance we can entice The Radiators back into the studio one last time to record those party theme songs you composed for each event?DM: Hey…that’s not a bad idea! I’ve gone over every angle I could think of, but that’s one that never crossed my mind, I can tell ya. That was what made MOMs Ball so special to me, I gotta tell you. Every year Ed and I would write that song for the theme…the bands that took over for us don’t do that anymore. That was a really special thing I looked forward to each year.I need to go back and figure out what they were. See…we really only ever played them that one time.L4LM: It would be a shame if all that music and history got lost.DM: That’s a really good idea. I’m writing it down now, to tell the truth. I never thought about that. It’s been so long though. I know there are people out there who can find the answers to this question a lot faster than I can…what all those theme songs were. It was thrity-three years.I’m gonna issue a challenge to our fans, to come up with a list of all the MOMs Ball themes played during Mardi Gras for those thirty-three years. I have no idea what they are. So please, someone out there…help!Check out one of The Radiators annual reunion sets from Jazz Fest below:L4LM: It sounds like the friendships forged over the years playing together in The Radiators are still fruitful. You even continue working with a couple of them in your new band, Raw Oyster Cult. You’ve also got Papa Gros in there with you.DM: That was put together as my main post-Rads band. I wanted to get a bass player and a keyboard player who could also sing. I wanted to take some of the Rads songs that I had always kind of in the back of my head hoped could have vocal harmonies. Ed and I harmonized sometimes but The Radiators were never known for our harmonies. I wanted to take some of those songs and try them that way. That was my intent with that.I’m older now, so I’m playing a bit less. I’ve got grand kids and all of that. (Chuckles) So I pick and choose what I want to do, and the main thing I do these days is Raw Oyster Cult. But it’s three Radiators, myself, Camile Baudoin and Frank Bua and John Gros from Papa Grows Funk on keys vocals and Dave Pomello from Johnny Sketch And The Dirty Notes on bass and vocals. And sometimes when Dave can’t make it Graham Robertson sits in on bass and vocals.L4LM: With that level of history and talent among the players, that has to be pretty comfortable for you onstage.DM: It is. We can do anything we choose to do, really. The only limitation is us. We need to write some new songs…but I’m lazy. We’ve been saying but it’s all really because of me not getting things done, frankly.L4LM: Another reason to just do the next album of the theme songs we were talking about earlier.DM: Yeah. One of the guys who was really into this, who passed away recently, was a guy named Eric Vandercar. He helped us early on with setting up our website, got us online, and helped document all this stuff for us. Thanks to him and people like him this stuff is out there, and hopefully we can pull it all together. Thanks to him and others like him, all this music lives on.L4LM: Well sir thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us. Good luck during the Jazz Fest craziness and the NOLA Crawfish Festival!DM: The pleasure was mine. Thanks!If all this talk about music and food has you ready to feed your mind and your body, you can get information and tickets to the NOLA Crawfish Festival and three amazing days of the finest in New Orleans music, food and culture HERE. More info can also be seen on the poster below:last_img read more

Crop update

first_imgRain has been localized for the past several months and hasn’t provided widespread relief. With the exception of a few coastal plain counties, the entire state remains in drought. According to the Georgia Agricultural Statistics Service, 85 percent of Georgia’s cotton is in fair to excellent conditions. This year, farmers planted 900,000 acres of the crop, which is now blooming and entering a critical period for water. “We are hitting on an average cotton crop,” Roberts said. “It is still a little too early to make any predictions. The next six weeks, rain wise, will make or break the crop.”The peanut crop right now is “a mixed bag,” said John Beasley, a UGA Extension peanut agronomist. “In some parts of the state, peanuts look tremendous, but we do have some that are very dry.” Peanut farmers planted 650,000 acres this year; almost all of it is in fair to excellent conditions, according to the GASS report.Farmers won’t produce record yields like they did in 2003, when the average was 3,450 pounds per acre, Beasley said. But it shouldn’t be a disaster, either. “We don’t have any that are devastated beyond hope, that I am aware of,” he said. “But, we are a long way from bringing this crop home. There is so much that could go bad or good.”Damage from the tomato spotted wilt virus, a disease that has plagued peanuts in the past, has been minimal, he said. Insect damage, on the other hand, has been bad. Farmers have treated the crop two or three times and the bugs continue to feed on the foliage. “We have never seen it (bug damage) this bad,” he said, “not in 40 to 50 years.” Peanut harvest will start in September and hit full stride in October.Non-irrigated corn has suffered from the hot, dry days of July. Irrigated corn is in good shape, though, said Dewey Lee, a UGA Extension corn agronomist.“Any time you have the dry weather we’ve had, it affects the corn,” Lee said. “Last year, we had enough rain early in the season, but the eastern and southwestern parts of the state are extremely dry this year.”Roughly 75 percent of the corn is in fair to excellent condition, according to GASS. Farmers planted 370,000 acres of corn this year, 100,000 acres less than last year.Overall yields could still be high, he said, due to the fact that 55 percent of farmers have switched to irrigation and higher-yielding hybrid varieties. “For the most part, we are beginning the harvest of a normal season,” he said.The soybean crop looks OK, but needs August rain to fill out pods. This year farmers planted 420,000 acres of soybeans, almost twice the amount planted last year. Most of the crop is in fair to excellent condition.More concerning than the drought is the spread of an herbicide-resistant weed called Palmer amaranth, or pigweed, said Eric Prostko, a UGA Extension weed specialist. Farmers have fought the weed for years, but the resistant one is now popping up in record numbers in cotton, soybeans, peanuts and corn. Residual and timely post-emergence herbicides can help keep the prolific and fast-growing weed in check, he said. But it’s tough. Some farmers are using equipment, or even hands, to dig the weed out of their fields. (April Sorrow is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.) By April SorrowUniversity of GeorgiaGeorgia row crop farmers aren’t expecting a record-setting harvest this fall. But yields should be good despite drought. Tropical rain, though, could help, say University of Georgia crop experts. “This has been a year where it is all about rainfall,” said Phillip Roberts, a cotton expert with UGA Cooperative Extension. “We’ve been living on scattered showers.”last_img read more

LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin presented three new standards

first_imgGenerator of continental tourism in Međimurje County and its surroundings, LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin are now proud of the fact that they can add Meetings, Congress and Bike Hotel standards to the already adopted standards.In addition to continuously presenting the adopted novelties from health tourism to visitors, three more standards can now be added to the list: Bike, Congress and Meetings Hotel.Thus, Hotel Spa Golfer 4 * is the first hotel in continental Croatia to adopt a standard Bike Hotel. This guarantees visitors a high level of service quality, and provides a rich cycling infrastructure with as many as 700 kilometers of landscaped bike paths. In addition to the Bike Hotel, Terme has adopted two additional standards: Meetings Hotel and Congress Hotel.Photo: LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin”The special standards we received give us and the guests some good information. For us, it is a confirmation that everything we have done so far in terms of creating quality for congress guests, as well as for our cyclists, has grown into a quality product and service that is eventually recognized and awarded special standards. It is a recognizable seal of quality for the guests because they know that they are safe in our hands and that they will receive a high level of service. We are very honored to be the first in Croatia to receive a special standard for a Bike hotel because it is an item on which we build our story of activity and healthy living. pointed out the director of hotel operations Jelena BerečićThis completes the entire offer – gastronomy, wellness, health, congress, bathing and sports tourism are located in a single point – LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin.last_img read more

Hipster lifestyle close to the water

first_img2407/35 Tondara Lane, West End.A COMMUNAL herb garden and proximity to the waterfront are drawcards at a two-bedroom apartment in one of Brisbane’s most popular inner-city suburbs.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus22 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market22 hours agoThe home at 2407/35 Tondara Lane is priced at $585,000 in the Muse complex at West End.The 94sq m unit has two bathrooms and a dedicated single car park in the basement of the development.Agent Clive O’Kelly of Ray White West End was marketing it as being close to the Brisbane River.An open-plan layout features a kitchen overlooking living and dining areas leading to a covered balcony. In the kitchen are Bosch appliances with a gas cooktop, ample storage space and stone benchtops. The main bedroom has a built-in wardrobe and ensuite. Body corporate fees are less than $3000 per annum. Other features include an intercom and airconditioning.last_img read more

Toffees fans set for Rocky role

first_imgEvergreen Sylvester Stallone has banked on Everton fans to provide him with a knockout scene for his latest film. Stallone, wearing a Toffees shirt, introduced the film and asked the crowd to go wild – they might have needed some encouragement having seen their team miss a penalty in the last minute of the first half. In the latest film Rocky’s pupil – Adonis Creed – will fight against Pretty Boy Porter, who is played by actual British boxer Tony Bellew. That is where Everton fans came into the equation. Bellew, a lifelong Everton fan, used his connections with the club to book Stallone a slot on the big screens. This was not the first time Stallone had made an ‘appearance’ at Goodison Park. The actor, who was nominated for an Oscar for the first Rocky film, paid a visit to Everton’s ground eight years ago to watch the team take on Reading and was presented to the supporters before kick-off while wearing a Toffees scarf. Although he has been eligible for a bus pass for three years, Stallone has shown no sign that he wants to quit Hollywood any time soon. The American starred in the Expendables 3, which was released last year, and is set to return in a fifth outing as Rambo. The Hollywood star delivered a TV message on the big screens at Goodison Park during the half-time interval of Monday’s game against West Brom, stirring up the crowd as filming took place for his latest outing in the famous Rocky boxing franchise. The 68-year-old was filming crowd scenes for spin-off picture ‘Creed’ in which he trains the grandson of Apollo Creed – the fighter with whom the Philadelphia brawler clashed in the first two Rocky films. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Venus Williams battles back to oust Wang

first_imgVENUS Williams fought back from a set down to overcome the determined challenge of Wang Qiang as the American set a new Wimbledon landmark.The 37-year-old, a five-time winner at the All England Club, wrapped up a 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 second-round success to mark her 97th main-draw match at the grass-court grand slam – a record for an active player.The pair also met in the first round of the French Open, when Williams – who has endured an emotional week amid questions over her involvement in a fatal road accident – prevailed in straight sets, but it was a tougher test on this occasion against the world number 55.Wang fought back from 0-40 down to hold in only her second service game and showed her resilience again when she was broken in game six, hitting back immediately.The Chinese continued the theme of producing the goods at just the right time, sending down an ace to deny Williams a break that would have left her serving for the set.It was the underdog who ultimately got that honour when a wayward Williams forehand gave Wang the break, which was cemented with a hold that afforded her a one-set lead.Williams, who reached the Australian Open final this year before losing to sister Serena, refused to wilt and quickly put pressure on her opponent’s serve.That finally paid dividends when Wang was serving to stay in the second set, with a deft Williams drop shot setting up three break points, the last of which was taken with a precise passing effort.In the decider it was Williams, a semi-finalist at SW19 last year, who moved up a gear as her variety of shot-making came to the fore to set up a third-round match with Naomi Osaka.last_img read more

MLB couldn’t start soon enough

first_img?Pitchers and catchers report in two days.?That is one of my favorite phrases ever uttered in sports. And while the countdown has officially been on since thefinal out of the 2007 World Series, there is nothing like seeing or hearing thecountdown when there is less than a week until the start of spring training anda new baseball season. With the NFL season now behind us, and March Madness still afew weeks away, the start of spring training comes at a perfect time. The opening of camps in Florida and Arizona startingThursday for some teams not only means that spring and warmer weather is on itsway, but that every team enters the year with a clean slate. Yes, some teamsknow entering the season that it could be a long one, but anything can happenonce the first pitch is thrown opening day. The start of spring training also allows fans a first glanceat their favorite team. How do the new acquisitions look? Who is going to win thebattle for the fifth spot in the rotation? What will the roster look like whenteams leave camp? And of course, with the start of camp, we can also beginthinking about and doing research for fantasy baseball leagues. Despite my excitement every year around this time, this yearI am more excited for spring training to start than ever before for tworeasons. Being a Brewers fan, this spring is the first year since Istarted following the team that the Brew Crew head to Arizona with a realisticshot at making the postseason. Will this be the year Milwaukee makes it overthe hump? Only time will tell. The Brewers have the young core intact from last year?ssquad that finished the year with a winning record for the first time since1992. With a reworked bullpen and a starting rotation with some promise, ifeveryone stays healthy, Milwaukee is poised to make a run for its firstdivision title since 1982.But despite the buzz surrounding the Brewers this year,probably the biggest reason I am excited about the start of spring training isI?m hoping the opening of camps will take some attention off the Mitchellreport and the Roger Clemens saga.Instead of talking about all the offseason acquisitions andtrades that went on this winter, the headlines that have dominated baseballnews deal with the Mitchell report and the latest on the Roger Clemens v. BrianMcNamee case. At first, I was interested in what Clemens had to say and toeventually see if one of the greatest pitchers of all time was telling thetruth, or if he was just trying to save his reputation. But now I couldn?t care less.I am so sick of turning on ESPN and having to see Clemens?lawyer Rusty Hardin talk about how his client is innocent. I don?t even care ifClemens used steroids. I just want this story to go away. On Wednesday both Clemens and McNamee will speak in front ofCongress, and since both are telling different stories, one will commitperjury, meaning this case is not going to go away anytime soon. Hopefully forbaseball fans like me, spring training can bring other stories to the forefrontand push Clemens to the back burner. Hopefully Peter Gammons, Buster Olney and other baseballexperts will begin talking about what is going on in the field again, insteadof what is going on in the courtroom. I can?t wait until we start talking about how Johan Santanawill adjust to the National League, or if the Red Sox have what it takes torepeat as champions.I don?t care if Clemens? DNA matches the DNA of the blood onthe syringes that McNamee provided as evidence.I want to know how the experts think the season will pan outand who is poised for a breakout year, not whether or not Clemens committedperjury.I just can?t wait until we can start talking baseball again.?Greg is a senior majoring in communication arts. Let himknow how you think the season will pan out [email protected]last_img read more

Kicks for Kids establishes connection with disabled children

first_imgKicks for Kids, a soccer league for young kids with developmental disabilities, played its first game Sunday at McCarthy Quad.Started by Zade Shakir, the current president of the organization and a senior double majoring in biology and international relations, Kicks for Kids is a service organization dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children with disabilities in the greater Los Angeles area. Shakir founded the group in March after he attended USC’s annual Spirits in Action event, which is the university’s version of the Special Olympics. Shakir’s “buddy” at the event was diagnosed with autism, which inspired him to create more opportunities for children with developmental disabilities to participate in sports.Shakir said there is a correlation between kids with developmental disabilities and obesity. To combat this correlation, Shakir wanted to create a social environment where children could run around and families could cheer them on. USC students involved in the program couldn’t agree more.“I would like them to feel a sense of togetherness, like unity amongst other people,” said the programs’ marketing director Sharon D’Souza, a senior majoring in communication. “I think it’s really important that they understand the importance of being active and that they can still be active. Whatever barriers they’re facing, it shouldn’t hold them back.”D’Souza said that the parents of these children work hard to pay for their kids’ medical bills and hoped that this event could help them stay active even with their families’ busy schedules.The organization advertised to pull together more than 50 volunteers who signed up to help for the first game, according to D’Souza. They contacted all the occupational therapy professors and asked if they could present their organization to students, and many professors even offered extra credit to students for participating in Kicks for Kids. The organization also reached out to groups such as sororities and fraternities, which have service requirements.“It’s really the epitome of Trojan Family. Everyone I’ve talked to about the program has been so helpful and so willing to go for it,” Shakir said.Student volunteers at the event mentioned that there are a lot of recreational centers that do not provide special events for children with developmental disabilities, so when they found Kicks for Kids, they pounced on the opportunity to volunteer.“I think every kid I talked to here said soccer is their favorite thing to do, and I know that can be a problem if you live in the inner city to get an opportunity to play,” said Tom Murphy, a junior majoring in economics and math.The event was a great opportunity, not just for the children but for the volunteers as well.“When I used to practice, I did not meet with a lot of autistic kids, and I’ve learned about them but I’ve never met them. It was a great experience to know how autistic kids at an older age are doing, how they do in society, how they do when they are with a lot of new people around,” said Charmi Patel, a graduate student studying occupational therapy.Rima Al-Rabadi, a junior majoring in global health, said she has spent a lot of wtime working with kids with disabilities through her involvement with the USC Helenes. She thought Kicks for Kids would be another great way for students to simultaneously engage with the community and have a rewarding experience.“I really enjoy having ‘buddies’ and getting to be a part of their lives,”  Al-Rabadi said. “I feel as though they teach me a lot as well. They’re always so happy, excited and ready to do whatever event we have planned for them to do.”Follow us on Twitter @dailytrojanlast_img read more

Syracuse football recruiting: Class of 2018 linebacker Ja’Qurius Smith decommits from Syracuse

first_imgClass of 2018 linebacker Ja’Qurius Smith decommitted from Syracuse on Tuesday, he announced via Twitter. Published on January 17, 2018 at 9:45 am Contact Andrew: [email protected] | @A_E_Graham Smith originally committed to Syracuse in May of 2017, but did not take advantage of the early signing period in December. He has since received a scholarship offer from Cincinnati, where predicts he will eventually commit. Smith also has offers from Purdue, South Florida, Western Kentucky and Dino Babers’ former school, Bowling Green.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe Lakeland, Florida, native is a three-star prospect, and was one of four linebackers committed to Syracuse. Juan Wallace, Martrevious Allison and Lakiem Williams are the three others, and all have signed National Letters of Intent with the Orange.See the rest of the Dino Babers’ Class of 2018 here. Commentscenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Back injury forces Dodgers to leave Corey Seager off roster for NLCS

first_imgSeager injured his back on a slide into second base during the first inning of Game 3 of their NLDS on Monday in Arizona. He stayed in the game and played all nine innings as the Dodgers completed a sweep of the Diamondbacks. But the next day, Seager was in considerable discomfort. He went for an MRI after the team returned to Los Angeles and was diagnosed with a lower back sprain. Dr. Robert Watkins administered an epidural injection. Whicker: Yasiel Puig goes from outcast to centerpiece in Dodgers’ room Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Yasiel Puig, Chris Taylor help Dodgers take NLCS opener Miller: Yasiel Puig delivers for Dodgers in an emotional Game 1 triumph Charlie Culberson rises to the occasion in Dodgers’ Game 1 victory center_img LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers are justifiably proud of the depth that has carried them this far. But they are going to extreme lengths to show it off.A large sinkhole appeared on the Dodgers’ road to the World Series when a back injury forced them to leave shortstop Corey Seager off the roster for the National League Championship Series against the Chicago Cubs.“Yeah, this sucks, to be honest,” Seager summarized Saturday afternoon before Game 1.Related Articles NLCS Game 2: Dodgers vs. Cubs, game time, TV info and starting pitchers Then the Dodgers waited. Seager did not participate in any of the team’s workouts this week, receiving treatment daily in hopes that he would improve enough to play Saturday.“After he got the epidural, it was all about how he responded to it whether he’d be available for Saturday,” Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said. “Each day he has progressed but just not rapidly enough that we felt comfortable with the risk.”Seager said he still doesn’t know what happened to cause the injury.“It was a very normal slide. I watched it over and over again to see if I landed awkward, hit awkward,” he said. “It was extremely normal. I felt it on the slide right away. Really wasn’t kind of sure what it was. (The next batter, Yasiel) Puig pulled that first ball foul and I took off running and that’s kind of when I realized something was wrong.”Seager said he received treatment between innings and “basically the adrenaline of the game” kept him going. As the week progressed, the Dodgers considered their options, including keeping Seager on the NLCS roster and playing short a man if there was a chance Seager could return to action early in the series. That possibility was eliminated by Friday night when Friedman said the team knew Seager would miss the NLCS “assuming it wasn’t a miracle this morning.”The Dodgers now cling to the hope that Seager continues to recover and could be available if they advance to the World Series. Game 1 will be on Oct. 24.“Obviously, that’s what we’re hoping for,” Seager said. “Next week is going to be kind of a big week to see if I can get back into baseball activities and stuff. But right now, I’m not really sure. I’m progressing every day, which is really nice. But I’m not really sure.”Without Seager, the Dodgers also dropped reliever Pedro Baez from the NLCS roster, adding utilityman Charlie Culberson and outfielder Joc Pederson.Culberson, Chris Taylor, Kike’ Hernandez and Logan Forsythe all worked out at shortstop during this week’s preparations without Seager. Pederson gives the Dodgers an additional outfield option if Taylor or Hernandez moves to shortstop.Culberson spent most of the year in Triple-A, batting .250 in 108 games (97 of them at shortstop) before joining the Dodgers in September. He got the start in Game 1 against Cubs left-hander Jose Quintana and will probably be the starting shortstop again in Game 2 when the Dodgers face another left-hander, Jon Lester. Taylor could move to shortstop when the Cubs start right-handers Kyle Hendricks and Jake Arrieta later in the series with Pederson playing center field.“He’s a really good defender, has handled left-handed pitching pretty well,” Friedman said of Culberson. “This gives us options that we’ll kind of figure out in-game and for each game as we move forward.”The Dodgers have not fared well without Seager in their lineup. Over his two full seasons in the majors, the Dodgers went 176-106 (a .624 winning percentage) with Seager in their starting lineup, 19-21 without him (.475).“Obviously, it’s a big blow,” Game 2 starter Rich Hill said. “It’s just an unfortunate thing that happens in sports when you get an injury. It’s something where now we’re looking for the other guys to step up.“It’s going to be one of those things where we don’t know where the next guy’s going to come from that’s going to be supposedly the hero of a game or however you want to put it. But you can definitely kind of see that storyline building, I guess.”last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Monday, August 25, 2014

first_imgWellington Police notes for Monday, August 25, 2014:•7:00 a.m. Officers took a report of a found bicycle in the 100 block N. Poplar, Wellington.•9:32 a.m. Officers investigated criminal use of a financial card by a known suspect in the 600 block E. 4th, Wellington.•9:32 a.m. Officers investigated criminal use of a financial card by a known suspect in the Wellington.•9:34 a.m. Officers investigated a theft of a laptop in the 1700 block of North B in Wellington.•1 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of a vehicle in the 2000 block N. H, Wellington.•2:04 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 600 block N. Plum, Wellington.•6:35 p.m. Officers took a report of a child in need of care by a known subject in the 1400 block W. 8th, Wellington. The child was eventually located.•8:12 p.m. Officers investigated disorderly conduct and pedestrian under the influence of alcohol by a known suspect(s) in the 800 block N. Woodlawn, Wellington.•8:49 p.m. Seth W. Helton, 22, Wellington was arrested, charged, and bonded with disorderly conduct.•8:49 p.m. Joseph A. D. McCurry, 22, Wellington was arrested, charged and bonded with disorderly conduct.last_img read more


first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Jan. 16, 2017)–A restrained fifth three furlongs from home, English-bred Prize Exhibit was called upon a furlong out and she responded with a rousing 1 ¼ length victory under Mike Smith in Monday’s Grade III, $100,000 Megahertz Stakes.  Contested over Santa Anita’s turf course which was listed as “good,” Prize Exhibit got a flat mile in 1:35.56.With longshot Poster Girl and eventual third place finisher Into The Mystic running one-two to the far turn, Smith was on the brakes while in close attendance between horses.“I was able to get her to relax early and she can be on the rank side,” said Smith, who has ridden the 5-year-old mare in her last two starts.  “Sometimes, going into a race where there’s not much pace, everyone thinks the same thing and it worked out that way today.  We took advantage…I think she can go a mile, a mile and a sixteenth…As long as you get her covered up and keep her turned off.”Owned by Deron Pearson’s D P Racing, Prize Exhibit was off at 3-1 in a field of seven older fillies and mares and paid $8.80, $4.40 and $3.40.Winless in 10 starts since taking the Grade II Monrovia Stakes here a year ago, Prize Exhibit now has seven wins from 31 lifetime starts and with the winner’s share of $60,000, she increased her earnings to $637,045.“We had her in the hill race (Grade III Las Cienegas at 6 ½ furlongs, turf, on Jan. 7) last week, but it came off the grass due to weather,” said Cassidy.  “She’s trained so well into this race…She’s a tough girl.  She can be tricky.  We’ve had to do a lot of different things with her and she’s just been happier lately.  We’ve been working her from the gate and she seems to like that.  She’s somethin’ else.”Irish-bred Jeremy’s Legacy, who was close-up while lapped on Into The Mystic around the far turn, ran well but couldn’t hold off the winner, finishing second, a head in front of “Into.”  Ridden by Mario Gutierrez, Jeremy’s Legacy was off at 10-1 and paid $9.00 and $4.60.The second choice in the wagering with Flavien Prat up at 3-1, Irish-bred Into The Mystic paid $3.40 to show.Fractions on the race were 23.72, 47.93, 1:12.29 and 1:24.02.Racing resumes on Friday at Santa Anita, with first post time for an eight-race card at 1 p.m.last_img read more

Unbeaten Ateneo streaks to 5th win, La Salle dumps San Beda

first_imgCarpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Earl Gonzales had 16 points to lead La Salle while Jomaru Amagan and Mark Enciso combined for 21 points.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next A costly, catty dispute finally settled Gian Glorioso put up a game-high 13 points to pace the Blue Eagles while Marck Espejo added 12.Ateneo practically put up a wall in front of the Maroons tallying up 14 scoring blocks and allowing just 23 UP spikes.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’SPORTSFederer blasts lack of communication on Australian Open smogIn the other game, De La Salle tripped San Beda in four sets, 25-16, 23-25, 25-16, 32-30.The Green Spikers are now at 3-2 while the Red Spikers are at 1-3. Macaraya says Fernandez has no right to call Calisaan a dirty player End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend It’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson LATEST STORIES FILE PHOTO – The Ateneo Blue Eagles’ Mark Espejo and Manuel Sumanguid celebrate for bagging the championship after beating the NU Bulldogs for the UAAP 79th season Men’s Volleyball at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City Yesterday. (PHOTO BY MIGUEL DE GUZMAN)Ateneo continued its dominance in the Premier Volleyball League Collegiate Conference turning back University of the Philippines in straight sets, 25-18, 25-18, 25-18, Saturday at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.The Blue Eagles improved to a league-best 5-0 while the Fighting Maroons languish at the seventh spot with a paltry 1-3 card.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img Winning start Break new ground Learning about the ‘Ring of Fire’ MOST READ A costly, catty dispute finally settled End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ‘a duplicitous move’ – Lacson View commentslast_img read more

Recommendations trickling in

first_imgMinisterial Code of ConductRecommendations are slowly trickling in from civil society as Government continues its effort to quickly enforce the ministerial Code of Conduct.This is according to Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who said that recommendations have so far been received from the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Human Rights Association, among others.Prime MinisterMoses NagamootooHe is still encouraging more citizen and stakeholder participation in the process leading up to the final version of the Code, which is intended to promote professional, exemplary and responsible conduct by senior Government officials.He explained that it is meant to engender and reinforce public confidence in the manner in which senior Government officials perform their duties in service to the people.Prime Minister Nagamootoo explained that recently, a sub-committee was commissioned, comprising the Governance Department together with representatives from the Guyana Legal Aid Committee – the body dealing with professional conduct and discipline of practitioner in the legal profession, and also some representatives from the Natural Resources Ministry.Nagamootoo restated that Government will be following the best practices from around the Caribbean and the rest of the Commonwealth.At the beginning of March, Government had said it was extending the countrywide consultation on the subject, opening opportunities for civil society to give its extensive input on the way forward. However, up until now, nothing has been forthcoming.The Code of Conduct says that the acceptance of gifts and other forms of rewards worth more than $10,000 by Ministers, MPs and other public office holders in their official capacity shall be reported to the Integrity Commission. Ministers, MPs and public office holders should consider declining such gratuities if the acceptance of same could be perceived to have an effect on their objectivity and lead to complaints of bias or impropriety.The Code of Conduct lays out that Ministers, MPs and public office holders should also avoid using their official position or transmitting any information made available to them in the course of their duties to benefit themselves, their relations or any other individuals with whom they are associated.They should avoid compromising themselves or their office and any action which may lead to an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Failure to avoid or declare any conflict of interest may give rise to criticism of favouritism, abuse of authority or even allegations of corruption.last_img read more

BYC II Begins Quest for 2016 Confederation Cup

first_imgLiberia’s representative to the 2016 CAF Confederation Cup, BYC ll, has begun early preparation for the tournament. The ‘Go Blue Boys’ began intensive physical training with Coach Emmanuel Kaykay, under the supervision of technical director Coach Thomas Kojo.After a two week of bodily and tactical training, the team recently engaged Bong County football team at the Blue Field in Monrovia, with a convincing 3-0 win.BYC II’s finishing clinical netted brace, while skillful George Dauda sealed the scored at 3-0.The Thursday’s match was witnessed by scores of football fans, including its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert A. Sirleaf.BYC II followed up with their victory and engaged Nimba County football team – about four hours drive away from Monrovia in a friendly match that ended 2-2.Last Sunday, BYC II defeated Nimba County team, 2-1 courtesy of Karleo Anderson and Terry Sackor strikes.“I’m focused on preparing my team. We are hungry to do well and we want to win this competition,” Coach Kaykay told the Daily Observer in an interview.Unconfirmed reports say BYC II will also play defending County Meet football champions – Grand Bassa County this weekend.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Trio arraigned for seawall cocaine bust

first_imgThe three men who were arrested on Wednesday with a quantity of cocaine by members of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), made their appearance on Friday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.They were slapped with several charges including possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and illegal possession of guns and ammunition.The three accused – Aundre Singh of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara; Clifford Gouveia of Little Abary, East Coast Demerara; and Oneil Charran of Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Georgetown; all pleaded not guilty to the charges.The court heard that on October, 3 while in the vicinity of the Rupert Craig Highway, the three men had 5.582 kilograms of cocaine in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.Another charge was read which stated that on the said day, CANU ranks carried out a search at Singh’s Diamond, East Bank Demerara house where an additional 6.6 grams of the cocaine were unearthed.Other charges stated that on the day in question, the men also had in their possession two unlicensed firearms – a pistol and a .32 Taurus revolver with several matching rounds.Attorney Leonard DaSilva who represented Charran in an application for bail told the court that the drugs along with the unlicensed firearms were not found on his client but rather in a vehicle that was accessible to several others during the course of the day.However, Attorney Latchmie Rahamat represented Singh and would have also made an application for bail on the premise that the drugs and other items were not found in the possession of her client. Gouveia was unrepresented.State Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford objected to bail being granted to the men while informing the court that the men have been under CANU surveillance for a long time.Further, she noted that the men had provided the investigators with written statements after they were busted on Wednesday.Moreover, the prosecution’s submission was upheld by Magistrate Latchman and the men were all remanded to prison until October 17.On Wednesday last, CANU agents intercepted two cars on the Rupert Craig Highway in the vicinity of Kitty seawall with a quantity of cocaine, guns and ammunition. As a result of the operation, three males were taken into custody.Based on information received, Singh and Charran were in a white Toyota Premio car bearing registration number PSS 8977, while Gouveia was the driver of another motorcar PLL 5213. At the time, a box was being transferred from one car to the other.Ranks of CANU swopped down on the operation and intercepted a box containing five suspected bricks of cocaine and beauty soaps. Upon weighing the cocaine, it amounted to 5.582 kilograms.However, the home of Singh was subsequently searched and a further 6.6 grams of suspected cocaine, along with US$5000 and GY$3 million were found.In addition, one Taurus Revolver with matching ammunition and one Pistol with matching ammunition were discovered in another section of Singh’s house.last_img read more