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A Conversation With Congressman Frank LoBiondo

first_imgLast Friday, OCNJDaily’s Michael DeVlieger had the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with Congressman Frank LoBiondo, the United States Representative for New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district.  In their conversation, which took place at the Ocean City Music Pier, Congressman LoBiondo touched on a wide variety of issues that affect Ocean City and its surrounding communities.  Among the topics for discussion were beach replenishment, back bay dredging and security issues.  The Congressman, a Republican who succeeded Ocean City’s own William J. Hughes, has served the district for more than two decades, having taken office in 1995.  Since then he has won every re-election bid with at least 59 percent of the vote.  A native of Bridgeton, he previously served as a Cumberland County Freeholder and a member of New Jersey’s General Assembly.  We hope OCNJDaily readers will enjoy this insider’s look at a local leader in our community.last_img read more

Country Choice launches new concept

first_imgCountry Choice has unveiled a new Bake at Home concept, to cater for consumers who are not eating on the go.Retailers can stock a range of the bakery supplier’s frozen bread, sweet pastries and savouries, which consumers can then bake at home.The concept also allows retailers to display the products pre-packed as multi-buys, or unwrapped for customers to help themselves. The core range available features: a white demi baguette, white round crusty roll, a 4-inch sausage roll, a 4-inch cheese & onion roll, an all-butter croissant and a pain au chocolat. While additional options include: a maple pecan plait, pain au raisin, cheese twist, harvest grain demi baguette, brown round crusty roll and a white sandwich baguette.last_img read more

Ween Played Hodi’s Half Note On This Day In 2008 [Full Audio]

first_imgIt was eight years ago today that the gentlemen of Ween played a raucous 38-song setlist at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, CO. With a setlist that includes rocking versions of “Transdermal Celebration”, “Spinal Meningitis”, “She Fucks Me”, and “Put The Coke On My Dick” (in which Deaner forgets the lyrics to the second verse), how can you go wrong? The show definitely deserves a listen, and courtesy of taper Chris King, listen we shall.Ween at Hodi’s Half Note Setlist – Fort Collins, CO – 7/15/200801. Nan02. Take me away03. Grobe04. Transdermal celebration05. Piss up a rope06. Learnin’ to love07. Light me up08. Voodoo lady09. Albino sunburned girl10. Final alarm11. Spinal meningitis12. Your party13. Object14. Gabrielle15. Touch my tooter16. Stallion pt 517. Tick18. Springtheme19. Buckingham green20. My own bare hands21. Booze me up & get me high22. Doctor rock23. Demon sweat24. Pandy fickler25. Ocean man26. Goin gets tough from the getgo27. Johnny on the spot28. Sweet texas fire29. Mister Would You Please Help my pony30. Baby Bitch31. Sorry Charlie32. She Fucks Me33. Dancin’ In the Show Tonight34. Bananas and blow35. Shamemaker36. Fiesta37. Put the coke on my dick38. Superstarlast_img read more

Rise in Milk Prices

first_img“We expect to see grocery prices go up by 15 cents to20 cents a gallon by June,” said Bill Thomas, an economist with the University of GeorgiaExtension Service.”Consumers will eventually have to help pay for thespiraling cost to produce milk,” he said.Farmers’ costs are almost more than they get for their milk. A recent survey found thatfarmers earn about 3 cents per hundredweight of milk. At just over 11 gallons per hundredpounds, that’s only two-tenths of a cent per gallon.That has to cover non-cash costs like equipment depreciation, Thomas said. After that’saccounted for, any money left is profit.Such low profits forced 53 Georgia dairy farms to close in 1995. Thomas expects more toclose this year as feed costs keep rising — by 15 percent to 19 percent through the endof the year. “Prices farmers get for milk hasn’t kept up with their rapidlyrising costs,”Thomas said. “Youcan’t expect farmers to keep losing money and stay in business.”Georgia isn’talone. Dairy farmers across the Southeast lose ground daily while trying to meetever-rising consumer demand.Fluid milk wholesalers have kept milk prices artificially low for the past few years.They ask a retail price that remains the same even when the milk supply and processingcosts change.In turn, while farmers’ costs and production levels vary, the price they get for theirmilk stays the same.”Dairy farmers today are getting about the same pricefor their milk that they were in the early ’80s,” Thomas said. “At the same time, their costs have gone upsignificantly.”In 1995, hot, dry weather created a shortage of quality feed grains, he said, thatdrove prices up to nearly double what they were in early ’95. Some farmers choose to givetheir cows lower-quality hay and feed, but then the cows give less milk.As production drops, the Southeast milk shortage becomes more dire. Dairy cooperativescan truck milk to the Southeast from other areas, but that raises their costs even more.Local dairy farmers have to pay to truck milk in to meet their contracts.”It costs up to 34 cents more per gallon to truck milkin than it does to produce it locally,” Thomas said. “Farmers have to absorb that cost, too.”This problem keeps making itself worse, he said. Low prices and high costs decreaseproduction. Low production forces dairy cooperatives to bring milk into the region to meetdemand, but that adds to their costs. As costs rise, farmers close their dairies, andproduction drops more.Eventually, retail prices must go up.Dairy farmers can’t buy modern equipment they need on such low profits, either.”Some farmers choose to retire rather than lay out$200,000 for those changes when they are fairly certain they probably cannot earn profits,” Thomas said. The high cost of starting a dairy, with little chance of profits, keeps new farmersout, too.The Extension Service helps dairy farmers learn how to produce milk more efficientlyand manage their farms better, Thomas said. But even the tightest management can’t help ifprices won’t support the farm.”Without increased prices, there won’t be enough milkin the stores,”Thomas said. “Thenwe know prices will go up much more than the 15- to 20-cent increase we’re facing thissummer.” Georgians usually don’t think much about milk beyond whether they need it or if part of agallon is still in the ‘fridge.But they may soon think more about it, especially the price. last_img read more

Finding Flow Premiere

first_imgLocally Produced Mountain Bike FilmAre you a mountain biker with no plans this Thursday evening?You need to come and check out the Asheville premiere for the recently released, locally produced bike movie, Finding Flow!  I’ve been excited to finally see this video for a number of reasons, the first of which being that my brother is a featured rider in there.  Nick has his own section in which he explores some of the best trails in the region on his long-travel downhill whip.  He’s a super smooth and stylish rider, and I always enjoy watching him shred.Aside from Nick’s involvement, this is sure to be an incredible film because it represents a holistic showcasing of the sport of mountain biking, featuring various different genres of the sport, and set in some of the most beautiful settings of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was created on a shoestring budget by a couple of college kids with unlimited passion, and that is sure to come through in the video.If you’ve never heard of Sam Anderson, Chris Annesi, Nick Gragtmans, and the other characters that are behind this project, check out this web piece that they created of Sam’s backyard trails.  It is a beautiful edit and was part of what motivated them to tackle the full-length film:Manderson’s Playground from Chris Annesi on Vimeo.These trails were hand built by Sam, and represent thousands of hours of work.  Having ridden them, I can honestly say that they are some of the best on the East Coast!  This commitment and honest love of the sport is an awesome thing to see, and there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys will continue to progress their videography and riding skills to a level that will generate attention from the entire biking industry.As far as the newest project, Finding Flow goes, here is the official trailer (25,000+ views!)Finding Flow Trailer from Chris Annesi on Vimeo.So have I sold you?  Everything is kicking off at the Brew and View at 9:30 on Thursday evening.  Ninja Porters will be flowing, and the women will flock like the salmon of Capistrano!last_img read more

Bike Shop Gives Back

first_imgRoanoke, VA bike shop gives away bikes to people in needDownshift Handcrafted Bikes and Brews in Roanoke, VA is trying to make it easier for those in need of transportation to get to work. Through a program called Community Upshift, the shop collects donations of used bikes and then uses their own time and parts to fix the bikes up. So far, the program has gifted 12 bikes. Recipients must take part in an interview process before being considered for a free bike. “My goal is to have everybody ride a bike, and to have bikes replace vehicles and have bikes be the primary mode of transportation,” Downshift’s owner Stephen Ambruzs told WSLS news. “So if I can help in any way possible, especially people that are in need, it’s just a two-for-one for me, and it’s really, really important.” To donate a bike or learn more about applying for a bike, contact Downshift for more information.Visit there facebook page: read more

Smog causes an estimated 49,000 deaths in Beijing, Shanghai in 2020: Tracker

first_imgThe economic impact was calculated by estimating factors like work absences and years lost due to illness. Measured on a per capita basis, New Delhi in India suffered the most from pollution, losing an estimated 25,000 lives as well as 5.8% of its total GDP since the start of the year.According to the tracker, Shanghai saw an estimated 27,000 deaths from January 1, more than the 22,000 in Beijing, partly a reflection of the city’s higher population.”This also highlights the fact that Shanghai’s pollution is now almost as bad as Beijing’s, as Beijing has improved a lot faster,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, CREA’s lead analyst.According to official Chinese data, concentrations of small, hazardous airborne particles known as PM2.5 were higher in Beijing in the first half of the year than in Shanghai. However, Shanghai registered higher rates of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, two other major components of smog.Overall, smog in China in 2020 has declined compared to last year, with COVID-19 lockdowns cutting traffic and industrial activity, but experts warn that efforts to rejuvenate the economy could cause a rebound in the second half of the year. Air pollution has caused an estimated 49,000 deaths and $23 billion in economic losses in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai alone since Jan. 1, 2020, according to a “clean air counter” launched by environmental groups on Thursday.The online tool launched by the Helsinki-based Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), Greenpeace Southeast Asia and IQAir Air Visual, measures smog in 28 major cities worldwide and uses models devised by the Global Burden of Disease research program to estimate the health impact.Higher levels of smog are associated with a wide range of diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Governor Wolf Announces New Approvals for Low-interest Loans to Support 13 Small Business Projects in Nine Counties, Supporting Nearly 200 Jobs

first_imgGovernor Wolf Announces New Approvals for Low-interest Loans to Support 13 Small Business Projects in Nine Counties, Supporting Nearly 200 Jobs Economy,  Infrastructure,  Jobs That Pay,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced new low-interest loan approvals through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) program for 13 small business projects in nine counties across the commonwealth that will help create and retain more than 200 jobs statewide.“These worthy investments will provide a formidable economic boost to a wide variety of small businesses across Pennsylvania,” said Governor Wolf. “When we provide this fiscally responsible financial support in multiple economic sectors, from farming and manufacturing to site preparation and production, we build a brighter, more successful future for Pennsylvania’s families and their communities.”Last year, PIDA approved $65 million in low-interest loans will result in $199 million in private investment and support 3,268 created and retained full-time jobs. This month, PIDA approved a total of more than $8.7 million in fixed, low-interest loans to projects in Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Bucks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Mifflin, and Somerset counties that will generate more than $13.1 million in matching capital investment.The following loans were approved:Allegheny CountyGreen Mill Systems LLC was approved for a $100,000, three-year term loan at a fixed 2 percent rate through Southwestern Pennsylvania Corporation to assist at its manufacturing facility on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh. The company has developed processes to increase efficiency in the extraction and isolation of compounds in organic material. The project will enable the company to retain one and create four full-time jobs within three years.Beaver CountyAllied Rubber and Rigging Supply Company was approved for a $613,054, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development to assist in the acquisition of 45,360 square feet of commercially zoned real estate on 6.05 acres on state Route 65 in Franklin Township. The project will enable the company to renovate an existing building and consolidate two locations to increase operational efficiency and maximize productivity. Through this project, the company will retain its 25 employees.Berks CountyGreater Berks Development Fund (GBDF) was approved for two 15-year term loans totaling $3,750,000, at a 2 percent fixed rate, to assist in the acquisition of 48.24 acres on Leisczs Bridge Road and Stinson Drive and 40.57 acres on Van Reed Road, adjacent to U.S. Route 222, in Bern Township. GBDF plans to develop the sites into two industrial parks for small and mid-sized manufacturing and industrial tenants. The project includes site preparation, infrastructure improvements, and utility placement in preparation of five buildings which could total more than 680,000 square feet on sites that would be easily expandable to meet tenants’ needs.Bucks CountyCam Real Estate Partners, LP was approved for a $1 million, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Bucks County Economic Development Corporation to assist in the construction of a 22,500-square-foot building on 2.8 acres at West Post Road and Royal Avenue in Falls Township. When completed, the multi-tenant facility will be marketed to smaller wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors seeking warehousing space. Additionally, the owners plan to move their operating entity, Shades of Green Inc., to the new site.Cumberland CountyMellow Mink Brewing, Inc. was approved for a $98,300, 10-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation to assist in the acquisition of machinery and equipment to be installed in the company’s new brewing facility on Carlisle Pike in Hampden Township. Mellow Mink is a new company that will produce a variety of beer that will be available in a tasting room at its brewing facility. The project will enable to company to create four full-time jobs within three years.Dauphin CountyHigher Information Group, LLC was approved for a $300,000, five-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Capital Region Economic Development Corporation to assist in the acquisition of new equipment that will be added to the company’s inventory of large commercial copiers and printers to expand operations and increase revenue. The project will enable the full-service information technology company to retain 60 full-time jobs and create six new full-time jobs within three years.Lancaster CountyAndrew and Andrea Bollinger were approved for a $400,000, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through EDC Finance Corporation to assist in the expansion and continued modernization of their dairy farming operation on Picnic Woods Road in Lititz. In 2004, Andrew, with his father, Thomas Bollinger, formed Meadow Spring Farm LLC to begin transitioning dairy operations to a third generation. The Bollingers currently have 380 head of dairy cows, corn, alfalfa, wheat production acreage, and their own milk hauling equipment.Cody and Dustin Musser were approved for a $400,000, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through EDC Finance Corporation to assist in the acquisition of a 44-acre farm they currently rent near their existing farm in Mount Joy. The property includes a house, cropland, and pasture, along with various outbuildings. Since purchasing the family farm from their father in 2014, the brothers have doubled their revenue with a diversified income stream that includes the production of livestock and crops, the boarding of heifers, and other business.Josiah and Chelsea Rohrer were approved for a $400,000, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through EDC Finance Corporation to assist in the acquisition of a 140-acre family farm on Rohrer Road in Ralpho Township. The Rohrers, who are acquiring the farm from Josiah’s parents, operate a hog finishing business. Additionally, Josiah is a member of a partnership that raises beef cattle and grows vegetables.Mifflin CountyMifflin County Industrial Development Corporation was approved for a $115,724, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate to assist in the removal and replacement of the roof on three multi-occupancy buildings in the MCIDC Plaza, an industrial property reuse complex that was created in 1972 following the devastation caused in the area by Hurricane Agnes. The project will allow the five current tenants to maintain operations at the site.Somerset CountyCoal and Environmental Services Inc. was approved for a $435,000, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Somerset County Economic Development Council to assist in the construction of four 4,000-square-foot buildings on Red Goose Road in Somerset. The new buildings will be adjacent to the company’s two current sites, which will remain in operation. A portion of the company’s testing and laboratory operations will be moved to the new buildings, one of which will be dedicated to coal testing and analysis. The project will enable the diversifying company to expand operations, retain 99 jobs, and create an additional 10 new full-time jobs with three years.Lucas and Krista Shaffer were approved for a $400,000, 15-year term loan at a 2 percent fixed rate through Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission to assist in the purchase of a 267-acre dairy and crop farm on Hyasota Hill Road in Conemaugh Township. Lucas is a lifelong farmer who operates a 110-cow dairy operation and crop farm on approximately 1,000 leased acres and provides milk to Gallikers Dairy in Johnstown and crop and grain to other milk producers in the Somerset County area.PIDA is an independent authority staffed and regulated through the Department of Community and Economic Development. The authority provides capital for building acquisition, construction and renovation work, machinery, and equipment loans along with working capital lines of credit, primarily for manufacturers, industrial developers, research and development firms, agricultural processors, and employers looking to establish national or regional headquarters in Pennsylvania.For more information about the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority and other DCED initiatives, visit SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img January 03, 2018last_img read more

NEST granted £329m contingency to meet new regulations

first_imgNEST did not hold capital reserves, Opperman said, as it was funded through a government loan. According to NEST Corporation’s annual report for 2017-18, £622.7m was still outstanding as of 31 March last year. Source: PLSAGuy Opperman addresses a conference in October 2018The minister said: “The letter confirms that, in the remote possibility of a triggering event occurring, government would fund NEST through to closure and meet any one-off associated closure costs.”NEST was set up in 2011 to help facilitate the UK’s automatic enrolment regime. It now runs more than £3bn for roughly 6.5m members.Private or public sector?Darren Philp, head of policy at fellow master trust Smart Pension, highlighted that the guarantee had allowed NEST to avoid holding capital – as is required of all other master trusts in order to comply with the new rules. He argued that the government should decide whether NEST is a public sector body or a private sector provider.“NEST cannot be allowed to unfairly leverage its privileged position, which will only stifle innovation and an effective market”Darren Philp, Smart Pension“While the news that NEST has got out of holding capital through a government guarantee doesn’t come as a surprise, the government needs to give some serious thought about NEST’s position in the market – is it a private market participant or is it part of government?” Philp said.“NEST has been a good thing and has been central to the roll-out of auto-enrolment, and we applaud it for the role it has played to date. But it cannot be allowed to unfairly leverage its privileged position, which will only stifle innovation and an effective market.“We’ve come a long way as an industry in recent times, but the time has now come for the government, NEST and the regulator to come clean about NEST’s future role.”A spokesman for NEST told IPE the provider had been unable to establish capital reserves because of its outstanding loan from government. It had no intention of accessing the money pledged yesterday, he said.NEST was on track to break even by 2027 and pay off its loan by 2039 “at no additional cost to the taxpayer” as part of a long-term self-financing plan, the spokesman said.Mark Rowlands, NEST’s director of customer experience, added in a statement: “We’re playing a crucial role in delivering auto-enrolment, accepting any and every employer who wants to enrol their workers.“We have a clear plan to repay our loan and are well on track to becoming a self-financing master trust, driving improvements and innovation across the industry and helping millions of people to enjoy a better retirement.”A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions emphasised that the letter of comfort did not signify additional state funding for NEST.“It is an assurance from the government to enable it to meet one aspect of Master Trust Authorisation, ensuring that it continues to fulfil its public sector obligation,” he said.TPR has been approached for comment.Smart Pension takes on £12.5m master trustThe new master trust rules are set to force a number of providers out of the market if they cannot meet the requirements.This week, Smart Pension announced that it had struck a deal to take on the Corporate Pensions Trust (CPT), a £12.5m auto-enrolment vehicle set up by UK financial advisory firm Lighthouse Group.CPT’s trustee board decided against going through TPR’s authorisation process and instead said it would recommend that its clients and members transfer to Smart Pension.Smart Pension has established a partnership with Lighthouse that will involve the advisory firm using the Smart master trust as its preferred scheme for small and medium-sized business clients.The transfer will take place once Smart Pension’s master trust offering has been authorised by TPR. The UK government has pledged a “contingent liability” of £329m (€377m) to help the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) qualify as a master trust under rules brought in last year.Pensions minister Guy Opperman informed parliament yesterday that the guarantee was required to ensure NEST had sufficient financial backing to allow it to be wound up gradually if necessary “without putting these additional costs onto the scheme members”.In October last year, the Pensions Regulator (TPR) introduced stringent requirements for NEST and other auto-enrolment providers, including holding capital reserves and ensuring staff were “fit and proper”.Opperman said yesterday that TPR had suggested a “letter of comfort” from the government confirming that it would step in as financial backer of NEST if needed. last_img read more

Original home unrecognisable after major Hamptons makeover

first_img The original home as viewed from the river in 2012. The upper level enjoys views over main river and north east to Surfers Paradise.Located on the main river and within a 15-minute drive to the beach, the home highlights its surroundings with a seamless flow between the interior and outdoor space via eight metre wide bi-fold doors.“When all the doors are open right we have unobstructed views of the river and from upstairs we can see all the skyscrapers in Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise,” Mrs Bingham said.“On New Year’s Eve we sit up there and watch the fireworks, it’s really beautiful.” The original kitchen is now the walk-in pantry. Sporting a whole new look in 2020.“We gutted every single room, ripped up all the floors, walls, skirting, cornices and ceilings and started from scratch,” said Mrs Bingham.“The bones of the original home were good, it’s got a high elevation, and big eaves on the windows so we didn’t want to knock it down.“We also added on an extension which increased the size of the home by half.”“It really does looks like a brand new house now.” More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa8 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day agoThe kitchen is a dream made in Hamptons heaven.No expense has been spared inside the home which is jam-packed with high-end bespoke features including Valencia stone walls, natural stone from Italy hand laid by a 75-year-old Croatian stonemason, and Statuario marble island bench, countertops and splashbacks in the kitchen worth $100,000. “The kitchen is a really beautiful Hamptons style with a lot of wow factor,” Mrs Bingham said.“The cost of the kitchen alone was $300,000. The original kitchen is now the walk-in pantry.” 34 Fitzwilliam Street, Carrara in 2012, prior to renovation.center_img The renovated residence flows easily into the outdoor areas.To design the home Mrs Bingham drew on her skills as an interior stylist as well as taking inspiration from time spent in the US and growing up in her native South Africa.“We’ve spent a lot of time in America, because our sons are in university there, so we’re often visiting the Hamptons or the East Coast, West Palm Beach and Florida,” she said. “I’ve always loved the coastal look because we grew up on a beach in South Africa which is very colonial.“So the coastal, colonial, classic look has always been my favourite. Hamptons and coastal make for a happy marriage.” The bar features a natural stone wall hand-laid by a Croatian stonemason. This Hamptons-style home at 34 Fitzwilliam Street, Carrara is on the market.A stunning waterfront home on the central Gold Coast has hit the market following a dramatic Hamptons-style transformation. The original Mediterranean home at 34 Fitzwilliam Street, Carrara is unrecognisable after a 2.5-year renovation which saw owners Michelle and Troy Bingham rebuild, extend and style every inch of the 950sq m property. Muted blues, greys and whites create a relaxed, coastal feel in the bedroom.Having purchased the home in 2012 as a family of six, Mrs Bingham said the potential sale would allow them to downsize with two children no longer at home.“We did renovate the home to live in it, it was going to be our forever home,” she said. “Because it was to be our home I didn’t want to scrimp and save on anything which is why we used high-end quality finishes.“That details makes a big difference when it does come time to sell because high-end buyers do expect this level of quality.”The home is listed for “immediate sale” by Kollosche agents Josh Longhitano and Nick Lapenna.last_img read more

Massive Dredging Program Underway in Osun State

first_imgNigerian Osun State Government officially started massive dredging program on their rivers and waterways last week, as part of measures to forestall flooding. Highlighting importance of these works, Osun State Governor Adegboyega Oyetola has reiterated his warning to residents against the habit of disposing wastes in rivers and drainages, saying that the government will soon set up a Task Force to ensure citizens dispose their wastes in accordance with the state’s environmental regulations.Speaking during the inspection of the ongoing dredging, Oyetola said that the decision to dredge all the rivers and waterways across the state was in fulfillment of the administration’s commitment to ensuring the security of lives and property of the citizens.The contractor handling the project, Engineer Benjamin Olamiju, assured the state of quality service, saying that the dredging project would be completed in the next few weeks.Image source: Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola official facebook pagelast_img read more

Moorman promoted to President and CEO

first_imgNapoleon, IN—The Napoleon State Bank, a locally-owned bank, headquartered in Napoleon, IN, announced that Joseph Moorman has been promoted to be the new President and Chief Executive Officer beginning Feb. 1, 2020. Moorman supersedes Mark Comer, who retired as President/CEO on January 31, 2020.Mr. Moorman is a graduate of South Decatur High School. He received his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and graduated from The Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking in 2008. Joe began employment with The Napoleon State Bank in 1984 where he has served in several capacities including Lender, Branch Manager of Greensburg-Westridge branch, Executive Vice President of Lending, and Secretary to the Board, among others. Joe has served as the President of the Decatur County United Fund and currently serves on the Decatur County Water Board. He is a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and is married to his wife Valorie, they have two children and two grandchildren.last_img read more

O’Neill quits as Northern Ireland manager

first_imgRelatedPosts Stoke City manager salutes Mikel Mikel opens Stoke City goal account Tony Pulis: I recommended Mikel for Stoke Michael O’Neill has permanently left his role as Northern Ireland manager after eight years in charge.O’Neill was set to take charge of NI’s postponed Euros qualifier with Bosnia-Herzegovina in March. However due to Uefa’s proposal to reschedule the game in the autumn, the 50-year-old will now solely focus on his job as Stoke City manager.“I feel it is only fair that now is the right time for me to step aside,” said O’Neill.O’Neill was appointed Northern Ireland manager in December 2011 and guided his country to the Euro 2016 finals in France.His success in the international set-up presented an opportunity at club level with Championship side Stoke City in November, however O’Neill was set to see the current qualification campaign through to its conclusion before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.It seems likely UEFA will reschedule the play-off matches deciding the last four places at next year’s rescheduled European Championship after the first Nations League matches in September. “It was important to leave the association and team in the strongest possible shape in order to not only have the best chance of qualifying for Euro 2021, but allow the new manager time to build upon the success that we have had during my eight year tenure,” said O’Neill, who added he “would have loved” to help NI qualify for another major tournament.“Throughout my time here, I have been fortunate to have worked with many great coaching, medical and support staff who have all contributed to our successes and shared in some great moments.“As for my players, past and present, I would like to thank them all for an overwhelming level of commitment and professionalism that has helped to deliver so many unforgettable highs and great experiences for us all.“Finally, to the fans, thank you. It has been an honour and an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to manage my country and I will treasure my time as manager of Northern Ireland forever.“The support you have provided myself and the team over the years has been incredibly humbling.” O’Neill also thanked the Irish FA for their support throughout his tenure, along with CEO Patrick Nelson and presidents David Martin and Jim Shaw.Tags: CoachingMichael O’NeillNorthern IrelandStoke Citylast_img read more

Poyet: Time to forget derby win

first_img He was part of the Chelsea team which lost 4-1 in the Premier League on Wearside in December 1999 with Kevin Phillips and Niall Quinn teaming up to score twice each during the opening 45 minutes. Poyet said: “Like I said probably in my first press conference, I know because I have been here and been 4-0 down at half-time with Kevin Phillips and Mr Quinn. “I know how much we suffered that day and how bad the feeling was at half-time in the dressing room with Chelsea, so I know that. “We are a long way from that, but that’s why I want to be part of this football club, because I know if we do well and we connect with the people and we show them a very special kind of football and are winning games, it’s going to be immense. “We will see – but over time, not too quickly.” In the meantime, Poyet continues to assess his squad and has allowed midfielder David Vaughan to join Sky Bet Championship Nottingham Forest on a three-month loan deal. The 30-year-old Wales international could make his debut against former club Blackpool on Saturday, and he may not be the last player to head out on a temporary deal with striker Connor Wickham also attracting interest. Poyet said: “We don’t know anything about Connor at the moment. We are not trying to push anyone out, we are just trying to agree different things depending on the situation of the player, the club, us, the staff. “David, a decision was made all together, it was good for everybody, for the club because it was difficult for him to play at the moment. “He wanted to play, he was interested, everything came together at the right time and we all decided it was a good option for him.” Press Association Sunderland boss Guy Poyet had ordered his players to forget about their morale-boosting derby victory over arch-rivals Newcastle. Asked if the victory has increased his belief that his mission was achievable, he said: “I am still believing. “I am confident – the idea was to convince the players who were out there on the pitch. Now I think it’s going to be – it should be – a little bit easier after this win. “The key now is to forget. Yesterday we stopped. Newcastle is gone, finished. Now it is all about Hull City. “But the feelings are very different because, it’s as simple as that, we won a game. That’s something that looked impossible before we came. “The idea is to keep winning. We need to win football matches and now without any doubt, the feeling you have got inside is totally different now to last week. “Now we can say we have won a game, so now we can have that feeling, take it into the next game and keep going and make sure we win because it’s the only way to get out of this situation.” A crowd of 46,313 witnessed a second successive win over the Magpies on a day when defeat would have left even the club’s most optimistic supporters fearing the worst. But while there is still a long way to go, Poyet saw further evidence of what could lie in store if he could finally realise the Black Cats’ potential having experienced at first hand the force that Sunderland could be during his playing days. The 45-year-old Uruguayan allowed his team to enjoy a first Barclays Premier League win of the season, which lifted them from the foot of the table, for a few days after Fabio Borini’s late strike secured a 2-1 success at the Stadium of Light last weekend. However, on Wednesday Poyet told the players to draw a line under an afternoon their fans will celebrate for some time yet and concentrate on the task of dragging themselves out of a still parlous position, a task which will continue at Hull on Saturday. last_img read more

Man City Batter Watford 8-0

first_imgManchester United’s 9-0 win over Ipswich in 1995 remains the biggest victory in the Premier League era but City become only the seventh team to win a top-flight game by an eight-goal margin in the modern era.City scored the opener after 52 seconds through David Silva before Sergio Aguero added a penalty and Riyad Mahrez struck via a deflection.Bernarndo Silva headed the fourth and Nicolas Otamendi slid in the fifth. After the break City’s intensity eased but Bernarndo Silva struck twice more and Kevin dee Bruyne, one of the key orchestrators of thr attacking masterclass, got his name on the scoresheet before the end too, casually smashing home City’s eighth with five minutes left.City’s fans urged their team forward for more goals – and United’s record – but for once on what was a painful afternoon for them, Watford’s defence held out.The only consolation for Quique Sanchez Flores, who was overseeing only his second game since being reappointed as Watford boss, is that his side do not have to play City every week.After the high of his side’s spirited second-half comeback to draw against Arsenal last week, this was a reminder of why they are bottom of the table, and winless so far this season.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Five goals in the first 18 minutes set Manchester City on their way as they ripped apart a woeful Watford team to cut Liverpool’s lead at the top of the Premier League to two points pending the Reds game against Chelsea today.City had already bounced back from last weekend’s humbling by Norwich with a clinical Champions League win at Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday, but this was a timely reminder of their ruthlessness and attacking power.Bernardo Silva scored a hat-trick as Pep Guardiola’s side ran riot to clinch their biggest league win since he took charge in 2016. They also hit the woodwork twice and continued to chase further goals until the end, but a record victory eluded them.last_img read more

Racing Action

first_imgKillarney’s August Festival continues with a mixed card of flat and national hunt action with the Grade C, John J. Galvin Handicap Hurdle the biggest prize on offer.The action begins in Kerry at 5.20pm, while they get underway just before that in Kilbeggan where the first of a seven-race card goes to post at 5.10pm.last_img