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Council wants Pacific Games recognised as Continental Games: Minogue

first_imgHowever, according to PGC Executive Director Andrew Minogue there’s still some work and convincing to do before it fully becomes a recognised games for the region like all other continents.“We have Australia and New Zealand here and some of the sport are really using the Games now to qualify for the Olympics or World Championships and we have to deliver to a certain standard,” said Minogue.“For the Games Council we will look at what we all do, and say, is there a way that we might need another person or two in some areas to help make sure that we do deliver everything  to the standard that’s now being expected.”He says the desire has to come from  the athletes of the Pacific to want to come to the Pacific Games because its important to them and use the competition to make themselves better.The PGC realises that there a few hurdles to overcome.“We have to be a little bit realistic about it on a number of fronts. First of all, what’s happening here in 2015 was decided by our General Assembly last year as a trial. “And we really can’t go beyond treating it as a trail until the results are in from these Games and I mean I can say I think quiet confidentially on behalf of the Executive Board  that we’re very happy with what’s happened so far in the Games with the Australian and New Zealand teams here in the weightlifting, rugby 7s, sailing and taekwondo. “I think its off to a good start, but this is something that we now have to consider, we have to consult all our members and we also have to be mindful that we have Tonga and Vanuatu under contract to host the Pacific Games. “We have to be sensitive to their ability to host additional athletes and additional technical officials and so forth so I think the future is positive on this score but full integration and full membership of the Games Council is a thing quite off in the distance.“I think the Australians and New Zealanders are happy to be here, I’d expect they would be happy to receive invitation to the next games. But beyond that there’s a lot of thinking that we need to do in the region.”He said the Pacific Games Council wants to do that with the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) and the Oceania Sports Federation Organisation (OSFO)- and reach some long term strategic plan around how to use the games for all the member countries.“We really do want the Games to be recognised as the Continental Games. All the other regions of the world have one now, we had the European Games in Baku, Europe has ticked the box and we are starting to tick our box now. “We work with all of our partners to get to that point at the appropriate time,” Minogue said.     The inclusion of Australia and New Zealand in future Games is likely to come up in the PGC’s Annual General Meeting at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby today…..PACNEWSlast_img read more

Brothers book first grand final in POMRFL

first_imgClose to 500 people turned up to watch an action packed preliminary final.Souths took a 6-0 lead after only two minutes when Frank Tole took an intercept to run 90 metres to score.Brothers fought their way back into the game and after about 15 minutes registered their first points.Ian James was put into space to fly over and score.The score at halftime 6-4.Brothers dominated most of the second half with the highlight being three tries to Port Moresby Vipers player Jolam Jerry.With 10 minutes left on the clock, the Brothers defence went to sleep as they conceded three tries for Souths to bring some respectability to the score line.Brothers will play Royals in the grand final.last_img read more

Xavi Hernández refuses to train Barcelona right now

first_imgXavi Hernández has opted to continue as coach of Al Sadd until next June, which is when he ends his relationship with the Qatari team. The former midfielder rejects the offer of Barcelona at the moment, although everything indicates that he will take the reins of the club in June. Image: Getty As they report Sports world Y Sport, Xavi is inclined to occupy the position of coach of Barcelona next season. The meetings between Óscar Grau, CEO of the club, and Eric Abidal, technical secretary, have served to approach positions and analyze future projects.The idea of ​​the club was to sign him immediately, but Xavi’s commitments to Al Sadd, together with the fact that it is not yet the most appropriate time to try to implement his method of work, have ended up postponing this decision.All this leaves Ernesto Valverde in a compromised situation, knowing about Barcelona’s interest in signing Xavi Hernández. The defeat of last Thursday in the Super Cup against Atlético has ended with the patience of Barcelona and right now his future as a coach is hanging by a thread.“It’s my dream” The former FC Barcelona player Xavi Hernández has refused to lead the culé team immediately because he is “focused” on Al Sadd, with whom he will play the Crown Prince Cup final after winning Al-Rayyan this Saturday, and confirmed the talks with Eric Abidal, technical secretary of the Blaugranas.“I have talked about many things with Abidal, he is my friend,” Xavi justified after rejecting Barça’s bench. “I cannot hide that it is my dream to train Barcelona, ​​I have said it in many interviews and everyone knows it, but I am focused on Al Sadd,” the Catalan told a news conference.center_img With almost total security, Xavi will head to Barcelona next summerAll this leaves Ernesto Valverde in a very committed situationlast_img read more

Two defeats in Europe provoke the goodbye of Txingurri Valverde

first_imgErnesto Valverde He arrived in Barcelona at the third opportunity. Twice the Blaugrana train passed him in front of the house and twice decided not to take it by loyalty to Athletic from Bilbao, his lifelong team with whom he had Current contract. And when he took it, he did it and ran into the Neymar storm. As soon as he landed on the Blaugrana team, he saw the end of the American preseason tour Brazilian left planted to the entity and left for PSG.The consequence immediate was the final defeat against Real Madrid in a Super Cup in which the whites erased the blaugrana. Along the LaLiga managed to reverse the situation and when no one gave a hard for him, he clearly imposed on Madrid. Chance has wanted it to be after a new Super Cup when the destitution arrivedIn its Blaugrana stage, Valverde has won two leagues in his first two seasons as a coach and leave the team as Leader in his third season and qualified for Champions League round of 16 League, which must play against Naples. That competition was his Achilles heel since the quarter losses to the Rome in his first year and before the Liverpool in the semifinals last season are the defeats that They dug his grave. In The league, their numbers are excellent in front of Barcelona with 66 wins 22 draws and only seven defeats. In the Champions He has won 18 games, drew five and reaped only two losses. Both determinants.In the Cup del Rey won the Title in its First season after an exhibition against Sevilla and I qualify the team for the final final in which fell to Valencia after the Anfield catastrophe. Their numbers in this competition are also unappealable: 12 wins, two draws and only four defeats. Some numbers left the bar very high For his successor.last_img read more

Carles Pérez, the last battered

first_imgPérez also feels mistreated by the entity, because overnight he seems to have forgotten the effort he made to accept a clause for which he had first team token, after playing seven games, but that would remain on horseback of the first team and the subsidiary. A totally anomalous and unfair situation, but that Pérez assumed, thinking especially about the interests of the entity. And the club has paid for the services provided in this way: inviting you to look for a club. In any case, The technical secretary, Eric Abidal, informed him that it was a personal and unilateral decision of the new coach and in no case of the club. Now Pérez and his agent have six days ahead to find a team. Any offer they hear will have to be in the form of assignment or a transfer with a repurchase option because the player is convinced that he has not yet said his last word in Barcelona. It seems that Rome is already waiting … “He’s screwed, but that’s really screwed”. In this way as descriptive as it was expressed a person from the closest environment of Carles Pérez to the newspaper AS. Fucked by the surprise of seeing how the new coach, Quique Setién, told him that he doesn’t have him with only six days left to close the market and screwed up because the young forward has seen his dream of consolidating in the first team truncated in a thousand pieces.It wasn’t until Friday after the afternoon session that Setién gave him the lunge after discarding it from the list for the match against Valencia. The excuse wielded by the coach is that the imminent return of Ousmane Dembélé, which is expected by mid-February, would close the doors to play on a regular basis, so he preferred that will take off on another team because a player of his age, 21, needs minutes.Nevertheless, from the environment of the striker they consider that it is a maneuver of the club to seek economic resources in order to finance the possible signing this winter of a 9 after confirming the loss of Luis Suárez for the remainder of the season.last_img read more

500 battles in the elite

first_imgOf enviable health, apart from the age, only the knees bring him the occasional headache from his stage in Murcia, “because of the humidity or that I know”, and he could extend his career until the “34 or 35 years” . He started in the premiere in Sarriá and lived the first two years in the category. There are fewer and fewer of his generation. “I was in Levante from 60 to 65, both years in First and from there I went to Barcelona“Precisely before the Barça rival he starred in the biggest win still in the Levantine historical records, a 5-1 in the former Vallejo, with two assists to Wanderlei, two goals from him and the fifth was from Torrents after capturing a rebound of a shot from the extreme framing, which always felt like an ‘8.’ That exhibition was the prelude to his signing for Barça, a record that he thought would be overcome on historic day 5-4 at the Ciutat in 2017-18, cutting the streak of unbeatable of those of Ernesto Valverde on the penultimate day of LaLiga. That day I said to my wife: “Today they are going to break that record.” One hundred and ten years of history and 500 games in the First Division. The 2019-20 season of the Levante will go to the granota collective imaginary as a different year. The icing, as always, will put what happens on the green. The set of Orriols will live its fifth centenary in the elite at the Camp Nou, where they haven’t scored yet. Precisely in Barcelona, ​​in the old field of Sarrià, the entity played its first meeting in the category against Espanyol (4-4, 09/15/1963). Since then, 499 meetings on the cusp of national football to close the circle with Barcelona as a link.To talk about a First Division Levante is, essentially, to do it from the last decade, where they contemplate nine of the 14 years in the elite. After almost 40 years for football underworlds, in 2004 he returned to the elite with the group led by Manolo Preciado. But it was in 1963 when the top was first reached. Among those players was Serafin, top historical scorer of the first years in First, who after his experience for Levante ended up signing for Barça. “I think it’s the thing out there with Cucumber“, he remembers exactly at 83 years old. They both signed 13 goals in the first two courses granotas in the elite, above names like Dominguez Y Wanderlei. And remember that he signed “three or four more” in the Cup. Serafín analyzes the meeting and trajectory of the entity in First. And remember with special affection to Ramon Balaguer Y Lele, which prepared the team to ascend two years earlier. “Balaguer was at that time close to transferring me to Seville. I was prepared to stay in Valencia because Levante had asked for the borrowed field when Vallejo collapsed and entered into an operation with Calpe to leave Mestalla for one or two seasons. But he Valencia did not stop by leaving the field. Then Calpe drove for Madrid and I to Barcelona. I wanted to stay in Valencia, “he says. Even if confesses that “I want Levante to beat Valencia and put him on the table, and that I have sympathy for Valencia and I was close to going there. But they are whims that one has”.He pulled from memory to analyze the current Levante, “from a distance” of his native Tudela. “Until now I had not seen a team like the one we had: with Wanderlei, Dominguez, Camarasa, Calpe … So together, so worked. But today. This lift is half board up“Although he said that his team” was a joy “and this one” in some game failed me, like the other day in Pamplona; and that I wanted Osasuna to win. I thought … fuck, if they delivered it. “ For its part, After a long career in teams such as Osasuna, Barakaldo, Deportivo de la Coruña, Levante, Murcia and Barcelona, ​​it is clear: “Sometimes I say, if I could return to football, of all my teams, I would go to Levante. It’s where I got married, a daughter was born in La Cigüeña (former hospital of Valencia) and the other two children were not born in Valencia because my wife had them on vacation and gave birth here in Tudela, “he says.” I keep many friends from my stage in The uprising. One of them is the father of the current president, Pedro, who was a kid then, and I have him in a photo uploaded to a palm tree on the day of the first ascent. I have a tremendous friendship and I keep it. ” He could even sign for Valencia before arriving at Barça. His connection with the city was total. From Paco Lopez, I affirm that “I don’t know him but since he arrived he came to me, and on top of the house“.” He doesn’t put his ass back. I like that from the fifth man onwards. From 11, five behind, and another five from midfield forward. I always think of that pivot that instead of being defensive is an attacker. As now Campaign. “And He showed his preference for ‘Commander’ Morales. “I love it, there are few players in Spain who beat the line like him. When he is well, he shoots”. And when I saw Felix Ettien “the one with 1,000 daily abs” I thought: “This one looks like Dominguez, is the master”. Although if he stays with a current player it is with Jesus Navas. And with Christian before Messi, which states that “has a march more than the rest.” Legend word granota.Scoring at the Camp Nou, the first time in history, would be a great boost for the Levantinistas, who have not started in the best way in 2020. He still does not know the victory, as in Can Barça.last_img read more

Another feat of Mirandés: he puts four to Villarreal and passes to the semifinals of the Cup

first_imgIraola’s team is ‘charged’ to the third First in Anduva (4-2)He will play the semifinals as he did in the 11/12 season Photo: EFE An unstoppable Mirandés eliminated Villarreal (4-2) and planted in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey for the second time in its history. Merquelanz was the decisive player for the reds that again repeat the feat of the 2011/2012 season.Villarreal wanted to send in the game dominating the ball while the Mirandés preferred to wait well placed on the pitch and pressing from the top of the ball, one of the hallmarks of Andoni Iraola’s team.Merquelanz warned the goal Andrés Fernández with a ball that was almost touching the squad, just before Matheus Aias, who was constantly getting serious problems to Villarreal’s defense, advanced to the reddish team.The Brazilian dribbled several players before surprising with a tight shot to the short stick, being the fifth to score this season, placing himself as top scorer.That goal gave wings to the rojillo team until a foul of Malsa on Cazorla from the front of the area, ended with a perfect shot from Ontiveros that nothing could do Lemons. The goal of the set of Javi Calleja was a jug of cold water for those of Iraola who suffered in the last minutes of the first half.The Mirandés got back in front thanks to the VAR. A corner kicked by Merquelanz was in the hands of Quintillá and first De Burgos Bengoetxea did not punish a penalty but after a couple of plays, it was reviewed and ended in penalty in favor of Mirandés.center_img Merquelanz marked from the penalty spot with the time served to reach the locker room with a 2-1 in favor of the reds.After passing through the locker rooms, Javi Calleja’s men came out with more energy and had better opportunities in Ontiveros’ boots. Odei touched a center of Villarreal with his hand and the referee did not hesitate to call a penalty.Cazorla matched the match, but the game became a real madness, because only two minutes later, Odei himself put Mirandés forward again, well anticipating the defense.The Mirandés came up and Antonio Sánchez starred in a play in which the reddish team was able to mark the fourth of the night before Villarreal had several clear occasions, but Limones saved the reddish team several times, being providential for the team IraolaFranquesa, who was precisely facing the team from which he has ceded to the Mirandés, had to retire injured in the 84th minute. Time was running out to those of Javi Calleja and they began to punch in search of the extension, while the Mirandés was dedicated to shrink balls.Merquelanz, touching the regulatory time could sentence with a strong shot that Andrés Fernández sent to corner and at the discount, the Irundarra gave a ball to Antonio Sánchez to close the tie and return to surprise by eliminating another first division.– Data sheet4 – Mirandés: Limones, Alexander, Odei, Sergio, Franquesa (Kijera min 84), Malsa, Antonio Sánchez, Álvaro Rey, Álvaro Peña (Guridi min 67), Merquelanz and Matheus Aias (Marcos André min 78).2 – Villarreal: Andrés Fernández, Mario, Funes Mori, Sofian Chakla (Rubén Peña min 46), Xavier Quintillá, Samuel Chukwueze (Paco Alcácer min 64), Anguissa (Moi Gómez min 70), Cazorla, Ontiveros, Gerard Moreno.Goals: 1-0: M.17 Matheus Aias. 1-1: M. 32 Ontiveros. 2-1: M.45 Merquelanz (p). 2-2: M.55 Cazorla (p). 3-2: M.58 Odei. 4-2: M.91 Antonio Sánchez.Referee: From Burgos Bengoetxea (Basque school). He admonished for the local team to and for the visitors to Iborra (min 34), Chakla (min 37), Mario Gaspar (min 51), Chukwueze (min 63), Cazorla (min 77)Incidents: Match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey held at the Anduva Municipal Stadium before 4,528 spectators, some 100 Villarreal fans.last_img read more

Rooney explodes: “It seemed that the footballers in England were guinea pigs”

first_imgThe suspension of competitions due to the expansion of the pandemic will cause a restructuring of the calendars. The Derby County player proposes on The Times the following: “We would love to play until September if the season continues. It is our job. As long as we know we are safe to play and that it is a safe environment for spectators, we will play. The next World Cup will take place in November and December 2022, so you can really take advantage of this situation to say that we will finish the 2019-2020 season later, and then we will prepare for 2022 starting the next two seasons in winter … “. Wayne Rooney has exploded and has done so against the British football authorities for what he considers to be a clear lack of reaction to suspend matches due to the coronavirus crisis. Last Friday, after learning the positive for the COVID-19 from Mikel Arteta, Arsenal coach, the decision was made in the Islands to stop all football until April 4. “Why do we wait until Friday? Why did Mikel Arteta have to get sick for England to make the right choice?Asks the Derby County player in a column on The Times.“For the players, the staff and their families, the week has been worrying, one in which we have felt a lack of leadership from the government, the FA and the Premier League. After the emergency meeting, the right decision was finally made. Until then, it almost seemed like footballers in England were treated like guinea pigs. “Rononey complained, assuring that he would never have forgiven the English authorities if a member of his family had contracted the virus through him. “The rest of the sport (tennis, Formula 1, rugby, golf, soccer in other countries) was closing and we were told to continue. I think many footballers were wondering: ‘Does this have to do with money?’. Fortunately, football finally made the right decision and we had to suspend. If people’s lives are in danger, it must come first. “last_img read more

The Spanish Football Federation also asks to postpone the Games

first_imgA few minutes after the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation requested, as the United States or Great Britain did, through a statement the postponement of the Tokyo Games, after consulting the opinion of their athletes, Now it is the Spanish Football Federation who is joining this same request, which has already been transferred to the COE. The FEF has made it public through the following statement:“The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, transmitted the request for postponement of the next Olympic Games to Juan Antonio Samaranch. He did it at the meeting held together with other Spanish sports federations and to which he was called by the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco. The president of Spanish football asked that all efforts be focused on supporting our Administration in the fight against COVID-19. At this time, health must prevail over any other issue and we must be on the side of our Government.Sport is our reason for being, but now it must be in the background. We continue to work for football and solutions for this sector, however, now the duty as Spaniards is to stay together and suspend all sports events, as from the first moment it was done by this Federation regarding those competitions over which it has competence.We show our pain for the victims of this pandemic, our condolences to the relatives, our encouragement for the health workers and the State Security Forces and Bodies and all those who are maintaining the services of the citizens, while remaining at the disposal of the authorities and we offer to collaborate in everything that is considered. “last_img read more

Atlético ERTE: the workforce is reduced by 70 percent the salary

first_imgThe cessation of activity that has meant the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain as a consequence of the health crisis of COVID-19 has caused Atlético de Madrid to have to study measures to safeguard the club’s economic viability. Due to this complicated situation, and always with the aim of guaranteeing the entity’s future, the club has made the decision to present a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE).The staff and coaching staff of the men’s first team understand that the club’s need for the presentation of the aforementioned ERTE, respect its conditions and assume the consequent economic impact on their income. All the members of the first team have signed an internal agreement with the entity that defines two different scenarios depending on the final configuration of this 2019-20 season. The file will mean a reduction of 70 percent of the salaries of the technicians and players of the men’s first team, the women’s first team and Atlético de Madrid B, while the state of alarm lasts. From the outset, the club’s objective in studying possible measures to deal with this delicate situation has been to minimize its effect on the salaries of its employees as much as possible. The agreement reached with the first team will also allow supplementing the salary of 430 employees affected by the ERTE, a complement from which only players and technicians from professional teams are excluded. To make this possible, the first squad will contribute half the necessary amount and the members of the club’s Management Committee, made up of the CEO and the directors of the different areas, the other half.last_img read more

Murray, Pouille, Carla Suárez and Kerber, to the virtual Madrid Open

first_img“The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional is a brand new problem for the gamers, and one thing that has by no means been executed earlier than,” Kerber mentioned in the group’s assertion. “It’s thrilling and a superb alternative to compete from residence in a brand new format. I’m wanting ahead to taking part!” He mentioned. Carla Suárez may even take pleasure in a chance during which she had introduced it could be her final yr on the circuit.“Being a part of the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional is an honor. The event has at all times been progressive and it is a new instance. We’re experiencing an distinctive state of affairs and any approach of collaborating will at all times be welcome. These are difficult occasions for everybody, “mentioned the Canary Islands.” That is going to be a really thrilling problem, “acknowledged Lucas Pouille.” I’ve already began coaching as a result of I would like to win this event towards my fellow tennis gamers and I do know that some play loads. . Thanks to the Mutua Madrid Open for this nice initiative “The group will quickly reveal the remainder of the individuals, in addition to the totally different novelties of the competitors. Britain’s Andy Murray, Germany’s Angelique Kerber, France’s Lucas Pouille and Spain’s Carla Suárez are the first confirmed gamers for the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional, which can be held from April 27 to 30. The announcement comes three days after speaking the group of this occasion that will occur on this virtual approach, during which the gamers would change the racket for the online game console, after the cancellation of the precise take a look at due to the COVID-19 pandemic.For Andy Murray, former world primary, champion in Madrid in 2008 and 2015, it represents an excellent alternative to soar into the fray, since he’s presently recovering from hip issues that he has been dragging for greater than two years and that haven’t allowed him to compete commonly on the circuit. One other former primary Angelique Kerber, winner of the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, and who just lately advocated the dispute of tournaments with out an viewers as a treatment for the return to the tracks, highlighted this problem.last_img read more

USTA President donates her plasma after defeating the coronavirus

first_img“I bought contaminated in early March, earlier than New York numbers skyrocketed and panic unfold. I had minor signs, physique aches and an undetected fever that broke throughout the night time. I examined constructive and I didn’t actually endure, “says Adams.“The silver lining is that I later turned a candidate to donate my plasma to avoid wasting the lives of others., since my antibodies are extraordinarily excessive, “he continues.“I bought contaminated for a motive and this photograph jogs my memory that goodwill comes from my misfortune. Truly, it was a blessing that will now be vital to another person.” The president of the USTA ends, a corporation that should determine whether or not the United States Tennis Open, the final Grand Slam of the season, continues with the scheduled dates, from August 31 to September 13. Katrina Adams, president of the United States Tennis Affiliation (USTA), recalled that she examined constructive for coronavirus and that now, already recovered, she is pleased to donate her plasma and be capable to save the lives of others.“As I replicate on the which means of Easter and the resurrection of Christ, I take into consideration what has occurred in the world of Covid 19. Lots of my buddies and acquaintances have misplaced family members … I used to be fortunate,” The previous participant acknowledges on social networks, in a textual content that she accompanies with a photograph wherein she is seen surrounded by units to regulate the illness and with a masks on.last_img read more

Olga García, with no place at Atleti

first_imgOlga garcia (27 years) has been one of the great forgotten figures of this season at the First Iberdrola. The Catalan attacker has hardly counted with minutes in Atlético de Madrid, where she has been one of the players that minutes (172 minutes distributed in all competitions) has played. His little shoot seems to push the ex-Barça to search for a new destination in which to find your best level again. In this line appear names of large-caliber equipment such as Real Madrid, who would have set his sights on the Spanish international to profile his first female squad. Remember that Olga garcia was the second top scorer (12 points) from Atleti in the previous campaign, in which he showed his great punch despite being a substitute. However, his great goalscoring nose has not been taken into account by the three coaches who have gone through Atleti this season and not even the lack of goal the team has given opportunities on the green to the Barcelona footballer.Olga García arrived at Atlético in the summer of 2018 after growing up in quarry of Barcelona. The international signed until 2020 with the rojiblancas, however, has not managed to get ownership in the mattress set. Before the rojiblanco club, the Catalan forward spent fourteen successful seasons in ranks of Barça, where he raised two Leagues and four Queen’s Cups. Also played two seasons in Levante, another of the greats of Spanish women’s football, and has been international with the Selection in sixteen games. Without a doubt, his career does not leave anyone indifferent.last_img read more