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First Session of 62nd General Assembly Speech from the Throne

first_img On October 8th, Nova Scotians voted for change and that change is underway. It means a new beginning for our province: a new beginning for all Nova Scotians. Change begins with respecting Nova Scotians. Change begins with putting Nova Scotians first, from one end of the province to the other. Change begins with trust — our government’s trust in its citizens and their trust in government. My government will be diligent in its desire to bring governance back to the people. Elected representatives are the citizens’ trustees, but that does not mean Nova Scotians should be excluded from the decision-making processes. Democracy can only thrive when citizens are included in governing our great province. This begins with an open and accountable government. This begins with respecting Nova Scotians’ tax dollars. This begins with creating a province where education and health care are recognized as requirements for societal well-being. But none of this begins by leaving any Nova Scotian behind. Our government has started to implement the mandate for change that Nova Scotians asked for in October. Our government — with the help of all Nova Scotians — will continue that change. God bless Nova Scotia. God bless Canada. God save the Queen. An Act to Amend Chapter 155 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Executive Council Act and Chapter 376 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Public Service Act An Act to Ensure Accountability in Providing Economic Development Assistance in Nova Scotia An Act to Amend Chapter 1 (1992 Supplement) of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the House of Assembly Act An Act to Amend Chapter 7 of the Acts of 1996, the Occupational Health and Safety Act An Act to Amend Chapter 475 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Trade Union Act An Act to Establish a Holiday in February An Act to Amend Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2004, the Electricity Act, Respecting the Sale of Renewable Electricity An Act to Amend Chapter 376 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Public Service Act, Respecting the Office of Communications Nova Scotia An Act to Ban the Importation of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater An Act to Amend Chapter 244 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Justices of the Peace Act, and Chapter 238 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Provincial Court Act The following is the speech from the throne read today, November 28, 2013, by Lt.-Gov. J.J. Grant at the resumption of the first session of the 62st General Assembly of Nova Scotia: PUTTING NOVA SCOTIANS FIRST It is my great honour and privilege to welcome you to the First Session of the 62nd General Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature. For some of you, it’s a “Welcome back.” For others, this is one of the first opportunities you’ve had to take your place in this chamber. For all, it is an occasion to be proud of, an occasion to be enjoyed by you, your families, and those who worked so diligently in your name. Congratulations and best wishes. THE 2013 PROVINCIAL ELECTION In October of 2013, Nova Scotians voted for change. Government is deeply aware of the confidence that has been placed in its program for change, and will work with unwavering purpose to achieve and implement its plan on behalf of all Nova Scotians. Elections are a fundamental element of a proud and mature democracy, and the willingness of so many citizens to engage in the public affairs of our province is a source of confidence and optimism in Nova Scotia’s future. However, the reluctance of many others to participate in the electoral process is a source of real concern. During the course of my government’s mandate, steps will be taken to address this erosion in voter participation. These steps will be based on engaging with Nova Scotians in a discussion about our electoral process. In keeping with that goal, government understands the need to strive for a collegial and co-operative tone in the Legislative Assembly. It is important for all members to remember that initiatives should not be rejected solely on the basis of source. Of course, vigorous and informed debate is both expected and desired. In essence, my government believes that open and decorous debate will contribute to enhanced public trust in the Legislative Assembly. In turn, my government is confident that such constructive debates will be an important contributing factor for increasing the participation of Nova Scotians in the electoral process. GOVERNMENT’S STRATEGIC PRIORITIES My government believes in the determination and optimism of Nova Scotians. Therefore, my government will provide strong, clear leadership and a path forward that will be built upon the idea of harnessing the potential of our province and its people. Nova Scotians are working hard — to create jobs, to find solutions, to make life better in their own communities. But for too long, the day-to-day priorities of Nova Scotians have been neglected in many areas of our province’s affairs. My government will seek to redefine its role and relationship with Nova Scotians, and it will do so by always placing the needs and aspirations of citizens at the foundation of its decision-making. The following priorities will guide my government: Within government’s statutory authority over the provision of electricity, specific steps will be taken to ensure true consumer choice and fairness. The needs of Nova Scotia’s entrepreneurs will be met through appropriate forms of assistance, and there will be enhanced support for employee training and skills development. A re-investment in our school system will ensure that every student and educator has access to the classroom supports and modern educational curriculum required to excel in a rapidly changing world. Health care will be realigned to place the needs of patients, families, and individuals first. Investments will be made in our communities so that seniors, people with disabilities, and those in need get the services and care they require. This realignment of government’s underlying strategic priorities will require a great deal of thought, effort, and deliberate action. In pursuit of these strategic objectives, my government will rely on the lessons of the past and the hard-won successes that have guided us through our long and distinguished history as a province. MATTERS OF RECOGNITION In keeping with that sentiment, I want to recognize the valued contributions of a number of Nova Scotians who have passed since I last had the opportunity to address this chamber. Builders and entrepreneurs Ben McCrea and James Philip Dumaresq — their impacts on the skylines, streetscapes, and economy of our province continue to this day. Artists Dr. Alex Colville and Rita MacNeil, two of Nova Scotia’s most distinguished and celebrated cultural icons — while their canvases were distinct, their individual works tugged at our very identity and shaped how the world saw us and how we saw the world. Public servants Rose Marie Abraham, Dr. J. Clair Callaghan, Bertha Mantley, Dr. Vincent Audain, and The Hon. Malachi Jones — their lives and careers were dedicated to improving the well-being of our institutions, our communities, and our people. Civil rights champion and social activist Dr. Burnley (Rocky) Jones — like no other, he lent his voice to those who could not be heard, and sought justice for those long deprived. Legislator and journalist The Hon. Jane Purves — a candid and passionate member of this House, she courageously and publicly fought her own personal battles and those of her constituents. Jane always spoke honestly and openly with the public interest at heart, even when she knew it wouldn’t be popular. This was a group of remarkable Nova Scotians. Their passing is a matter of great sadness; yet simultaneously, the memory of their contributions — the legacies they have left to our province — will be a source of enduring pride for all of us. Each understood the capacity and promise of change, and that is the perspective we must embrace and maintain as we navigate this province’s fundamental shift in direction. RESPECT FOR NOVA SCOTIANS Our country was founded as a strong and vibrant liberal democracy. It is a history that makes us all proud, especially here in Nova Scotia — one of the first four provinces to join Confederation. However, we must keep pace with the expectations of citizens, and institutions must evolve in tandem with legitimate expectations. Transparency and accountability are pillars of our democracy; both must be continually protected and improved. This is why my government will: immediately begin a full and independent review of MLA salaries and benefits, pensions, living allowances, and other expenses enact legislation to increase transparency with regard to economic development assistance ensure through legislative change that taxpayers’ dollars are protected from partisan advertising and politically motivated signage FAIRNESS IN POWER RATES AND ENERGY POLICY Over the last 10 years, electricity rates in our province have climbed by nearly 30 per cent — households and businesses have been hurt by this trend, while the power monopoly has profited. My government has already taken steps to address some of the fundamental flaws in the Maritime Link agreement and shifted responsibility and risk to where they justifiably belong. Additionally, my government’s first piece of legislation will be the Electricity Reform Act — a bill that will permit consumer choice and competition while laying the groundwork for consultation with Nova Scotians on our energy future. Upon the passage of this legislation, Nova Scotians will be offered greater choice among power providers. This will allow local providers of renewable electricity to compete with Nova Scotia Power and sell directly to customers. Compelling regulated power companies to compete for your business is a solution that puts Nova Scotians first. My government’s plans for reforming the electricity market were borne out of discussions and consultations that took place in communities across Nova Scotia. As we move toward implementing those plans, we will once again be seeking input from the people of the province. My government will involve the public and experts on what our energy future will look like — and how we can best organize ourselves to take advantage of it. As our province continues its commitment to move toward cleaner and innovative energy sources, we know it is imperative that Nova Scotians are able to voice their concerns and have them addressed frankly and honestly. For instance, the practice of hydraulic fracturing is a huge concern for Nova Scotians. That’s why there is a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the province while the independent review is underway. This review, led by Dr. David Wheeler and a panel of experts, will help determine whether the practice can be done safely given Nova Scotia’s geology. During this legislative session, my government will also introduce legislation banning the importation of fracked wastewater into our province. Another important element of our energy and economic future is the activity taking place in our offshore. Our government will continue to invest in geoscience research. We will also ensure that this information is made available to companies so they have the information needed to assess the opportunities available in our offshore. AN ECONOMY BUILT ON PUTTING NOVA SCOTIANS FIRST There is no doubt that the last recession took its toll on jurisdictions throughout Canada and the world. Of course, Nova Scotia was not exempt from these global pressures and, like many other areas of Canada and the world, our province has been slow to recover from the recession’s impacts. In fact, recent economic data has clearly outlined the challenge that now faces government: Our province has shed 3,000 full-time jobs in the last year, while trailing every other province in the country in terms of economic growth for two decades. Federal transfers are not keeping pace with changing demands and demographic shifts. Our population is facing further decline which, in turn, is placing further pressure on programs and services. These realities underline the need for change. A fundamental change will require my government to direct more of its economic attention toward small- and medium-sized Nova Scotia business. In the past, too much emphasis was placed in too few areas, and our collective economic strength diminished in the process. Instead, my government will refocus its attention on small businesses — offering supports and incentives to help them grow their operations. For example, term loan guarantees under the Credit Union Small Business Loan Program will increase from 75 per cent to 90 per cent. My government fully understands that businesses must be able to prosper in Nova Scotia, but not at the expense of Nova Scotians. Therefore, while working with businesses my government will attach job guarantees to repayable loans and keep processes transparent through public reporting. Legislation will be introduced by our government in the coming days that will greatly improve the transparency and accountability of Nova Scotia’s economic assistance programs. Beyond transparency, our government is working to create a competitive economic environment focused on growing good, sustainable jobs. My government realizes it cannot solve this alone, but it can lead the way forward with a new vision of economic innovation — harnessing research, maximizing comparative advantages, eliminating barriers to competitiveness, expanding apprenticeship opportunities that will keep our skilled workers in Nova Scotia and, finally, getting government out of the way of business. There are areas, however, where government must and will play a key role. My government will continue to take steps to ensure that Nova Scotians return home to their families safely at the end of the work day. We will hire more workplace safety inspectors and, because safety is a shared responsibility, we will work with industry to ensure officers are visiting more high-risk workplaces and enforcing safety regulations. Business operators should be able to focus on growing their business, employing Nova Scotians, and giving back to their communities. With this in mind, changes to bring balance and responsibility to First Contract Arbitration will be brought forward in this session. My government will create a fair and competitive environment for business by engaging in a responsible and comprehensive review of taxes, regulations, and fees, guided by the principles of simplicity and fairness. All regulations will be tested for their efficiency and effectiveness. Regulations that protect Nova Scotians will be strengthened; wasteful and redundant regulations will be eliminated. The development of that broad review has commenced, and we will formulate a plan to simplify our regulatory regime — and leave as much money with Nova Scotians as possible. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Within itself, government is fully cognizant of the need to restore fiscal balance to its own affairs. Across government, a one per cent target for expenditure reduction has been set and a great deal of work is currently underway to identify appropriate areas for increased efficiency. Government remains mindful of its duty and obligation to support Nova Scotians in need. Therefore, government will maintain fiscal discipline without further burdening our most vulnerable citizens or a new generation of Nova Scotians engaged in study. To that end, the provision of health care and education has been exempted from this process. A true and accurate update on where our province stands financially will be delivered to Nova Scotians in mid-December. My government will then implement a fiscally responsible plan to deliver a balanced budget prudently. Our province is witnessing a population loss like we have never before experienced. We must reverse this trend. Our province needs talented and capable individuals if we are to have a healthy economy and improve the provincial finances. In our province newcomers have played an important role in developing our economy, and our government wants to continue to welcome newcomers to communities from one end of the province to the other. That is why my government will create the Premier’s Immigration Advisory Council, which will be made up of immigrants to Nova Scotia who have experienced the strengths and weaknesses of our immigration system. The council will bring forward concerns on immigration issues, and propose solutions to improve Nova Scotia’s attraction and retention of immigrants. The council will also help lead my government’s efforts in seeking the changes required to carve out our own future when it comes to immigration. Nova Scotia must be an active partner in national discussions and our government will engage on two fronts — building strong relationships with provinces and enhancing our collaboration with the federal government. OUR FUTURE IS EDUCATED If Nova Scotians are to be put first, my government needs a bold vision for education. There has not been a comprehensive curriculum review in this province for 25 years. My government will undertake a full review with a Blue Ribbon panel of experts to find out what is working and what isn’t. The world has changed significantly in the past 25 years, and our education system must adapt. Students need to earn achievements, see the value of their efforts, and be taught by teachers who can focus on teaching. In addition, my government is reaffirming its commitment to restore the funding removed from public education over the last four years. It will take time and deliberate action to undo the damage done by decisions of the past, but we know that educational dollars achieve some of the best return on investment of any expenditure government can make. That commitment goes beyond Grade Primary — this is why my government is investing in Early Intervention Programs. Ensuring that every child begins their public school career with the foundation for learning already in place is critical to their progress through the school system. IMPROVING HEALTH CARE THROUGH IMPROVING THE SYSTEM For too many years, our health-care system has been neglected. My government will begin to develop solutions so all Nova Scotians get the care they need, when they need it. My government will do what it takes so that our health-care system puts patients first. My government will improve community-based decision-making by streamlining administration so Nova Scotians can access treatment faster. My government will address wait times by reinvesting in front-line health care, by reducing the number of CEOs and vice-presidents, and by reducing the District Health Authorities from 10 to two. This transformative process will not happen overnight, nor will it occur without the valuable input of all those involved in our health-care system — administrators, frontline workers, patients, volunteers, advocates and communities will have their voices heard. Nova Scotians need better access to programs, services, and a variety of health-care professionals to prevent and manage chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Hospital admissions can thus be reduced, and when patients do end up in hospitals, we need to make sure they return home as quickly as possible. Far too many Nova Scotians don’t have access to a family physician, or primary care provider such as a nurse practitioner, leaving many without care and putting added strain on our emergency rooms. My government will provide up to $120,000 in tuition relief to 25 new doctors per year for four years, in exchange for a five-year commitment to practice in under-serviced communities in Nova Scotia. In addition, my government will immediately appoint an expert Physician Recruitment and Retention Action Team so that Nova Scotia is able to competitively recruit new doctors and keep the ones we have. SUPPORTING OUR SENIORS, CARING FOR OUR CITIZENS As our population ages, there will be additional pressures on our health-care system. My government will work with health-care providers and Nova Scotians to turn our challenges into solutions. My government has begun work on evaluating, updating, and implementing the Continuing Care Strategy to ensure that it meets our long-term needs, both at home and in facilities where our senior population is cared for. The increase in sexual assault and sexual violence in our province is a grave concern. Too often the organizations that work to address these issues have been asked to do far too much with too little. My government will develop a multi-year strategy that will provide services directly to victims but will also focus on prevention. OUR COMMUNITIES This government recognizes the importance of local communities in building a strong, viable province. We are committed to partnering with municipalities and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities to advance the interests of Nova Scotians through the establishment and development of effective and sustainable municipal government. To that end we will engage in open and frank discussion regarding local governance issues, support continuation of existing provincial-municipal partnerships, and seek opportunities to work collaboratively on important municipal initiatives. The relationship between the provincial government and our municipalities is one that must be repaired and strengthened if we are to meet our challenges head-on. My government is also committed to the long-term health of our valuable, traditional natural resources, as we look forward to a future in which industries can be innovative and sustainable. Our fisheries and agriculture industries are the backbone of rural economies and communities across the province. My government will work with partners in these important sectors to focus on their expansion and modernization through research and innovation, and to encourage Nova Scotians to buy local. Transportation is a critical part of strengthening communities from one end of Nova Scotia to the other. My government is committed to continuing discussions with the federal government to extend twinning on Highway 103 and to complete Highway 101. We will also improve access to Burnside Industrial Park through the completion of the Burnside connector and remove the MV Miner, an environmental liability, from the Cape Breton coastline. My government is expanding tourism opportunities by renewing our major trade and convention facilities, and restoring and enhancing our ferry connection to the United States. Another vessel — the iconic Bluenose II — has been lovingly refurbished by Nova Scotia craftspeople to the highest standards of safety and quality. My government will join them in celebrating Bluenose II’s return as Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador next spring as she helps to welcome the world to our shores. Nova Scotians know how important culture is in our provincial identity. It is the heart and soul of a sustainable future. In partnership with the cultural community, my government will develop this province’s first Culture Strategy, which will establish a new vision for culture in Nova Scotia. Together with the sector, we will identify ways that government, communities, and citizens can work together to preserve and enhance culture for the benefit of all Nova Scotians. Strong, diverse, and vibrant communities are key to creating more opportunities for Nova Scotians to live, work, and raise their families here. My government is committed to a productive and respectful relationship with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. We look forward to working with Mi’kmaq leaders and communities to foster training and employment opportunities that will drive sustainable economic development in rural Nova Scotia. My government will continue to champion diversity and social inclusion in the province by, for example, working with the government of Canada on a new funding agreement to support the planning and delivery of French-language services. This will ensure that Acadian and francophone Nova Scotians have access to important public services that enhance the quality of life for their communities. We must make time to savour that quality of life and honour our cultural identity. That’s why my government is respecting and acknowledging hard-working Nova Scotians by providing a statutory holiday in February to enjoy our beautiful province and spend time with loved ones. LEGISLATIVE AGENDA FOR FALL 2013During this First Session of the 62nd General Assembly, my government will bring forward a legislative agenda designed to put Nova Scotians first. In the coming days, the following pieces of legislation will be introduced:last_img read more

Alabama shocker Six ways stunning Senate result upends American politics

first_imgWASHINGTON – It took a near-miraculous confluence of factors for a pro-choice Democrat to win the state of Alabama — but it happened. The ruby-red Republican state delivered a stunning result to elect Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate.Last time Democrats didn’t even mount a campaign. A write-in Democratic candidate lost to Jeff Sessions by a nearly inconceivable margin of almost 95 per cent, and this time the party won by 1.5 per cent.Here are six ways this reshapes American politics.1— Passing bills just got harder for the GOP. Republicans will hold just a one-vote majority in the Senate. That means their legislation can be more easily defeated, and their judicial appointments rejected. All it takes is for two Republicans to defect, instead of the current three. This gives Republican moderates like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski quasi-veto power on everything. Aware of this, the parties scrambled Wednesday over the timing of a major vote on taxes: Republicans rushed to pass a bill this year, ignoring a demand from Democrats that they pause for a few weeks so the newly elected senator can be sworn in.2— Republican infighting. The GOP has been a tinderbox of internal tension, and this is one more spark. Recriminations began before votes were even counted. The party establishment swiftly blamed the nationalist, alt-right wing for elevating controversial candidates like Roy Moore. It was party insurgents who propelled the gay-bashing, anti-Muslim, accused one-time molester of adolescents to the nomination. A close confidant of congressional leader Mitch McConnell pointed this out, while counting was still underway Tuesday. Josh Holmes tweeted: ”I’d just like to thank Steve Bannon for showing us how to lose the reddest state in the union.” GOP lawmaker Peter King put it more crudely, on CNN: “(Bannon) guy does not belong on the national stage. He looks like some disheveled drunk that wondered on to the political stage.” The party’s other wing retorted with its own grievances. The Bannon types castigated party elites for failing to support Moore, denying him donations and endorsements. Bannon’s Breitbart website offered an early taste of that counter-attack with the headline: ”Republican Saboteurs Flip Seat To Dems.”3— Democrats energized. After a dominant performance last month in races across the country, Democrats now have ample reason to believe they can reclaim the House of Representatives in next year’s midterms. Turnout has been unexpectedly high in Democrat areas; among youth; and among African-American voters. There’s been a surge in fundraising and candidate-recruitment. The party can now point to its long shot win in Alabama, as it tries recruiting star candidates for anticipated close races.4— Start the Senate-watch. Winning either of the two congressional chambers next year would give Democrats big power — to stall bills, launch investigations and generally thwart Trump’s presidency. But the ultimate prize isn’t the House; it’s the Senate. So far, that’s seemed positively unattainable. By a fluke of the calendar, the Senate seats up for election next year are overwhelmingly Democratic, giving them few opportunities for pickups. The odds have just narrowed. To end the GOP majority, Democrats now need just two Republican seats — they will be gunning hard in Nevada, Arizona and elsewhere, but must still defending their own two-dozen seats up for re-election. Why does the Senate matter so much? It doesn’t just adopt laws, like the House. It’s also the chamber that approves presidential nominations — to the cabinet, federal agencies, and the Supreme Court. And that court has three judges aged over 75 years old, with their eventual replacements poised to decide hot-button issues like abortion.5— Spotlight on Donald Trump. His unpopularity is starting to worry his party. Fearing a tidal wave in next year’s midterms, some Republicans are grumbling that the president must adjust his behaviour. Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, on CNN, called the results a wake-up call for Trump: ”It is a very clear warning shot.” He urged the president to tone down the constant conflict and chaos, as it’s turning off voters: ”It’s just debilitating. It wears people out. … (People are) worn out by the daily controversy coming from the president’s Twitter feed.” A big Trump fan agreed the result could up the pressure on him, for other reasons. Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham speculated Democrats will now recycle sexual-misconduct allegations against Trump, compare them to Moore’s, point to voters’ rejection of Moore and argue the president should be investigated. That’s already begun. Several Democrats have been calling for investigations, or even for Trump’s resignation.6— Roy Moore goes away. This is the silver lining for many Republicans. A number commented after Tuesday’s results that his presence in the Senate would have been a political millstone. They said Democrats would have made Moore a national campaign issue — someone who’s called for homosexuals to be jailed; who said Muslims should be barred from Congress; and who was reportedly once banned from a mall for his alleged habit of creeping on adolescent girls. They worried Democrats would turn Moore into the poster-boy for the Republican party and feared how that might play in states far less hospitable to them than Alabama.last_img read more

BJP candidate Santanu Thakur injured in car accident

first_imgKolkata: BJP candidate from Bongaon constituency Santanu Thakur was injured when the car he was travelling in collided head-on with another car on Bongaon-Hanskhali Road on Saturday morning. Two others, including the driver, have also sustained some injuries.BJP leaders from North 24-Parganas put up a roadblock on Bongaon-Hanskhali Road on Saturday afternoon resulting in traffic congestion in the area. The roadblock was later lifted following the intervention of senior police officers. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe incident occurred at around 12.30 pm near Hashpur More under Gaighata police station. The car that hit Thakur’s vehicle had a ‘police’ sticker on its windscreen. The frontal portions of both the vehicles were damaged due to the accident. Following the incident, BJP workers went on a rampage ransacking the police vehicle. The incident sparked off tension among the locals. The BJP workers sat on the road and shouted slogans. Thakur, along with two others, was immediately rushed to Bongaon Sub-divisional hospital where they have been undergoing treatment. Thakur has received head injuries in the accident. According to hospital sources, all the injured victims are stated to be in a stable condition. CT scan was performed on Thakur immediately after he was admitted to the hospital. The Election Commission has sought a detailed report on the incident from the District Magistrate of the North 24-Parganas who happened to be the Chief Election Officer of the district. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayThe BJP leaders from the district alleged that it was a deliberate attempt to cause harm to Thakur who had been going to Kalyani to join his election rally. BJP alleged that TMC leaders might have hatched a plan and demanded a thorough inquiry. The district TMC leaders, however, rubbished the allegation saying that BJP was trying to politicise the whole incident after they lost the political foothold in the area. Trinamool Congress district president Jyotipriya Mallick termed it as ‘an orchestrated incident’ and an attempt to win the sympathy of the people ahead of the fifth phase of elections when Bongaon goes to poll. “The car in which Thakur was travelling bears a registration of Uttar Pradesh. Five RSS people were travelling in the car. There was around Rs 25 lakh cash in the car. The BJP candidate from Bongaon was going to distribute the money among the people. The accident occurred when they were trying to flee after being chased by the locals,” Mallick told the reporters during a press conference in the district. Mallick also clarified that the other vehicle involved in the accident was not a police vehicle but was being used by the Central Forces. An FIR has been lodged against those who attacked the police who went to the spot following the incident.last_img read more

Moroccans Make the Largest Nationality in EU Prisons Study

Rabat – EU prisons health and hygiene conditions are deteriorating, says observator.At least 11,706 total Moroccans are detained in different 25 European Union prisons, a study conducted by BEZ announced on Tuesday.The study, which was conducted by a group of journalists from different countries, relied on official data provided by 25 countries except for Croatia, Cyprus and Malta. It was discovered that Moroccans were the top nationality of detainees in those prisons, followed by Romanians with a total number of 11,5111 detainees, and Albanians with 5,722 and then Turkish detainees with a total of 4,789.According to the official census of EU, the total number of prisoners reached 620,540 by September 2014, among them a total of 113,000 who are not Europeans.Prisoners in EU countries have been complaining deteriorated health conditions inside the prison cells. According to a study by the European Prison observatory in 2013, access to medical examination is minimal.It stated: “each prisoner shall be visited within a few hours or days upon arrival. However, due to a lack of funding or unwillingness of professionals to work in prisons, physicians have in some cases reduced their presence in prison.”The first visit takes place several days after the admission. Moreover, it consists merely of a few questions and does not include a comprehensive physical examination.Besides, cells are overcrowded and spaces for common activities are not hygiene, according to the study, especially the older ones. “Prisoners seldom if ever receive what they need for hygiene purposes.”In 2012, France prisons witnessed 71 natural death cases and 123 suicides, while in Italy 153 was the total number of deaths inside penal institutions documented by the Ministry of Justice. In Spain, the total number of deaths in penal institutions was 2012 164 and 23 suicides. read more

No rest for weary Buckeyes coaches

BOSTON – There was no point in asking members of the Ohio State men’s basketball team’s coaching staff what time they thought they would finishing watching tape Friday morning – they didn’t know. You can bet it was late, though. The OSU staff has now guided the No. 2-seeded Buckeyes (30-7) to an Elite Eight appearance in the NCAA Tournament after the team’s 81-66 win against No. 6-seeded Cincinnati Thursday at TD Garden in Boston, but they aren’t done yet. Two OSU coaches said they will spare no effort in helping prepare their team for Saturday’s East Region final against top-seeded Syracuse (34-2), even if means losing a few more hours of sleep. First-year OSU video coordinator and former Duke guard Greg Paulus said he and other coaches would continue preparation for Saturday’s game in the wee hours of Friday morning where they will begin film study. “We’ll watch some film (this morning), you know, whether that’s breaking down this game (against Cincinnati) or watching some Syracuse,” Paulus said. “You just watch them and try to get familiar with them.” Paulus said he didn’t know what time the coaches would take a break for some sleep on Friday, but said they wouldn’t stop until they feel like they understand their opponent. “Whatever it takes,” Paulus said. OSU assistant coach Jeff Boals said that the short turnaround for postseason games is the main contributor to late nights put in by coaches all over the country. “With a one-day prep … you have so much film on them, and you try to prepare as good of a game plan in a 48 hour timespan – not even – and give your guys the best opportunity to win the game,” Boals said. “At this point in the season, you know, you don’t sleep, and that’s across the country. It’s one of those deals where, with the team and the lack of preparation time, you want to do as much as you can in a short time.” Paulus agreed, adding that being one win away from the Final Four in New Orleans doesn’t make coaches more motivated because they always prepare at a high level. “The effort this staff put forward is always at the highest level,” he said. “If it takes five minutes, which, somehow it never does, you know, that’s great. Other times, it takes a little longer, and this time of year, you want to make sure that you dot your ‘I’s’ and cross your ‘T’s.’” OSU’s East Region final against Syracuse tips Saturday at TD Garden in Boston at 7:05 p.m. read more

400 miles of roadworks lifted to ease Christmas getaway traffic jams

first_imgAlmost 400 miles of roadworks will be lifted to ease journeys over Christmas.The “roadworks embargo” will be in place on motorways and major A roads from 6am on December 22 until 12.01am on January 2, Highways England announced.The Government-owned company responsible for the strategic road network said 99 per cent of carriageways will be open during this period.More lanes will be open and many speed restrictions lifted due to the completion or suspension of roadworks.Millions of drivers will embark on a Christmas getaway with some journeys on popular routes likely to suffer from severe delays.December 23 could see the worst of the traffic as leisure trips coincide with regular commuters on the last working day before Christmas.More than 5,000 Highways England staff including traffic officers and control room personnel will be working to clear incidents and manage congestion over the festive season.The organisation’s customer service director, Melanie Clarke, said they are “doing everything we can” to make journeys as smooth as possible.She went on: “Over the past two years we’ve already added 190 lane miles of much needed capacity and that will make life easier for those travelling around this month.”RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said the lifting of roadworks will be welcome news for millions of shoppers and commuters with “stress levels bound to increase as we get closer to the 25th”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. But he warned the measures will not eliminate hold-ups on particularly busy parts of the road network.He added: “We strongly recommend drivers plan their journeys carefully and try and avoid peak times if they can.”Those on the hunt for Christmas gifts are advised to stick to weekdays for their shopping wherever possible, to avoid the inevitable jams that are characteristic of the last few frantic weekends before Christmas.”last_img read more

Priory Hall residents If talks are to take place we want to

first_imgPRIORY HALL RESIDENTS say they have been unofficially approached by the government and told they are getting involved in the debacle residents find themselves in with the banks.Speaking to, Priory Hall spokesperson Graham Usher said that they had not been approached on an “official capacity” but understand that talks are going to take place. “We don’t know what parties are going to be involved as of yet, but we want to be a part of them either way,” he said.Debt forgivenessIt was reported in the Sunday Business Post today that state funding is likely to part of any deal struck over Priory Hall. The report stated that Minister Phil Hogan was pressing the Irish Banking Federation for some sort of debt forgiveness for the residents.Mr Usher said he was aware of this, but that a lot of the particular details he was reading about for the first time in the newspapers.“We are expecting things to move quite quickly now,” he said.BanksPriory Hall residents are concerned about the various ways  in which Priory Hall is being dealt with. During the Oireachtas Finance Committee banking hearings, residents heard that AIB was planning to deal with their Priory Hall mortgage holders, which brought into the question whether the mediation process had collapsed or not.Permanent TSB said they would pursue a similar course of action, while Ulster Bank said they would review each customer’s position “on a case-by-case basis”.Minister Hogan maintained he could not step in until the court process is at an end, adding that he was awaiting a report by Justice Joseph Finnegan on the matter. However, Justice Finnegan told residents that he had done all he could in the matter.‘There is no report’Residents said they were very concerned that the minister didn’t seem to know what was going on. Today, Mr Usher still maintained that “there is no report” to wait for.He added that their position as it stands is that they want their mortgages transferred to new properties and families to be put into new homes as soon as possible.Read: KBC Bank will not pursue Priory Hall’s Stephanie Meehan for mortgage>Read: Taoiseach: ‘I don’t have any objection to meeting the Priory Hall residents’>last_img read more

Stores seek to reassure customers about bread supplies ahead of Storm Emma

first_img 82 Comments Source: Melanie MaySUPERMARKETS IN IRELAND have experienced an increase in the sales of bread ahead of severe sub-zero weather warnings issued for this week.Stores including Tesco, Lidl and Supervalu, are preparing for increased demand for some items ahead of Storm Emma which is due to hit Ireland tomorrow.Orange snow-ice warnings are in place for  seven counties in the east of Ireland from 3pm tomorrow until 11am on Wednesday. The weather is expected to be at its coldest on Thursday and Friday – gusts of wind have also been forecast.A number of events have been rescheduled, and the government has made provisions to ensure people, businesses, emergency services and local authorities are prepared.This afternoon, a number of pictures appeared on social media of empty bread shelves in various supermarkets. Source: Daragh BrophyIn response to a query from, Tesco Ireland said that their stores have been “very busy across today” as “some customers stock up on core grocery essentials in advance of adverse weather expected later in the week”.Tesco said they’ve ensured suppliers are able to provide extra stocks to meet this demand. A spokesperson said: Monday 26 Feb 2018, 9:19 PM Short URL Share789 Tweet Email10 Source: Niall Carson/Twitter Feb 26th 2018, 9:19 PM 91,751 Views We have experienced higher than normal sales of bread and milk items in many of our stores, especially across the Leinster region today. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Source: Melanie MayLidl Ireland said that it also saw demand rise in its stores today. The milk section:— Gavan Reilly (@gavreilly) February 26, 2018 I picked the wrong night for toast 😦 #BeastFromTheEast— Niall Carson (@niallcarsonpa) February 26, 2018 “We have our daily deliveries planned to all stores across the country and as of now these are going ahead as normal,” a Lidl spokesperson added.A spokesperson for Supervalu said: Stores seek to reassure customers about bread supplies ahead of Storm Emma Tesco have said they’ve asked their suppliers for 20% more fresh bread from tomorrow. SuperValu has a plan in place in the event of adverse weather conditions to ensure the availability of stock in store during this period.“We advise the public to contact their local SuperValu stores to check the availability of specific items.” A spokesperson for Aldi Ireland said that there was ”brisk business across all 130 of its Irish stores early this week”.It said that the increased business could be due to its offers on supplies that might be needed during the cold weather, such as kiln dried logs and torches.A Tesco spokesperson also advised people to check in on elderly or vulnerable neighbours to ensure that they have sufficient essential items for the coming days.Dunnes Stores did not respond to‘s query at the time of publication.- with reporting from Cianan BrennanRead: Here are the plans in place to get Ireland through Storm EmmaRead: What exactly is the ‘Beast from the East’? And why is it going to be absolutely freezing this week? From tomorrow we’ve worked with our bread suppliers to ensure 20% more availability of fresh bread and we are also increasing the number of instore bakes to satisfy higher customer demand.“We’re also increasing stock levels of fresh produce, including milk, with extra deliveries arriving this evening and throughout tomorrow.” Source: Gavan Reilly/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Definitely no to new memorandum

first_imgGovernment spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis, in his briefing to the press on Monday, reiterated the government’s position and its effort for a mutually beneficial agreement via the negotiations underway with Greece’s creditors.He noted that the aim was that Monday’s Eurogroup should note the substantial progress made in the negotiations with the Brussels Group. He also clarified that the government is not examining any ‘plan B’ and added that “nothing ends today” and there was still ground to be covered to reach a final agreement.Asked if Greece will be able to meet a payment to the IMF on Tuesday, he replied that the government has a responsibility to cover obligations both within and outside the country. He emphasised, however, that repayment did not depend on the outcome of Monday’s Eurogroup, since that would be an ultimatum that could be construed as blackmail and the government did not pose the issue on those terms.At the same time, he noted that the country an undeniable liquidity shortage and was not trying to hide this but seeking an agreement “that respects democracy in Europe and recognises Greece’s right to decide policy within the framework of its commitments and obligations.”On the possibility of a referendum, Sakellaridis said that “the government has the support of the society’s majority as well as a fresh mandate,” but is on no account “afraid of the people’s will”. He also said that “if the question is a new memorandum, the government’s answer is definitely no”.He underlined that the government would move within the framework of the mandate it received in the elections and that its guiding principles was to avoid taking measures that place additional burdens on those that have already paid most dearly for the crisis.The spokesman categorically ruled out all possibility that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition will implement a programme and agreement “that the Samaras government agreed to but could not carry out.”Source: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Viandes transformées leur consommation augmente le risque de souffrir de maladies cardiovasculaires

first_imgViandes transformées : leur consommation augmente le risque de souffrir de maladies cardiovasculairesÉtats-Unis – Les viandes transformées consommées quotidiennement augmentent de 42% les risques de développer des maladies cardiovasculaires, selon une étude scientifique américaine publiée lundi dans le Journal Circulation et relayée par l’AFP. Les chercheurs de la faculté d’Harvard ont analysé les données de 1.600 études ayant au total concerné 1,218 million de personnes, dans une dizaine de pays. Ils ont ainsi pu constater que 50 grammes de viande transformée (hot-dog, mortadelle, bacon fumé, etc) consommés chaque jour était associés à un risque plus élevé de maladie cardiovasculaire (+ 42%) et de diabète (+ 19%). Des résultats différents lorsqu’il s’agissait de la consommation de viande fraîche.”Quand on regarde les éléments nutritifs des viandes rouges fraîches et transformées aux États-Unis, on trouve la même proportion de graisse saturée et de cholestérol”, explique Renata Micha, l’un des auteurs de l’étude.”En revanche, dans les viandes transformées, on trouve quatre fois plus de sel et 50% de nitrates supplémentaires”, ajoute-t-elle. “Cela suggère que cette différence en sel et conservateurs, plutôt qu’en graisses, explique le risque accru de développer des maladies cardiovasculaires ainsi que du diabète en consommant des viandes transformées plutôt que des viandes fraîches”.”Pour abaisser les risques d’attaques cardiaques et de diabète, les gens devraient faire attention au genre de viande qu’ils mangent. Les produits tels que le bacon, le salami, les saucisses, les hot-dogs […] doivent être évités”, a indiqué la chercheuse ajoutant néanmoins qu’une consommation hebdomadaire n’avait pas d’incidence notable sur la santé du consommateur. Le 18 mai 2010 à 13:29 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

One person taken to hospital after crash in Hockinson

first_imgOne person was sent to a local hospital after a car rolled over Tuesday night in Hockinson.The crash happened just after 8:30 p.m. on the 18000 block of Northeast 182nd Avenue, according to a news release from Clark County Fire District 3.The crash caused congestion for about 30 minutes while firefighters and an AMR crew prepared the vehicle’s sole occupant to be transported.The person was sent to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.Information on his or her condition wasn’t available Tuesday night.last_img read more

Police investigate string of car burglaries in Doral

first_imgDORAL, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are investigating a string of car burglaries in Doral.According to the Doral Police Department, surveillance video captured three thieves rummaging through several vehicles, early Monday morning.The burglaries happened to vehicles parked at homes in the community of Doral Isles, located near 110th Avenue and 64th Street.At least a dozen cars have been targeted within the last month.If you have any information on these burglaries, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

St Stephens address cancelled Mamata unmoved

first_imgKolkata: Reacting on cancellation of the programme at St Stephen’s College, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said she doesn’t mind as the choice was theirs and maintained that she would be attending the Catholic Bishops Conference of India on Tuesday.When asked about the cancellation of her trip to China, Chicago and now her lecture at St Stephen’s College, Banerjee said: “Let them cancel. I don’t mind. Let God save them.”It may be recalled that a Trinamool Congress MP had maintained in connection with the programme at St Stephen’s College on Saturday that ‘Mamata Banerjee is giving the BJP-RSS sleepless nights. Let them keep trying… She cannot be silenced…” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeSt Stephen’s authorities cancelled a programme of Mamata Banerjee scheduled to be held on August 1 by raising protocol issues. Banerjee was the first Chief Minister who was scheduled to address students of one of the most premier institutions in the country. She further added: “I will be attending the attending the Catholic Bishops Conference of India. It is a major event.”The Chief Minister is the chief guest at the “Love your Neighbour” conference organised by India’s largest Christian body — The Catholic Bishops Conference of India. The event is going to be held on Tuesday. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedWhen asked about the possibility of a meeting with UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the Chief Minister said while addressing the press conference at Nabanna on Monday: “I heard that she is unwell. But if I get an opportunity, of course, I will meet her.”She further said: “Day after tomorrow I will be going to Parliament. I will meet many people there.” This comes when the Trinamool Congress supremo has given the clarion call to oust the BJP in 2019 general elections and there will be a major rally at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on January 19 in 2019 in which Banerjee will be inviting several anti-BJP leaders. She had also said that the UPA Chairperson will also be invited. In the same breath, Banerjee added: “I have many programmes in Delhi. I will go to the residence of Ram Jethmalaniji where Yashwant Sinhaji, Shatrughan Sinha and Arun Shourie will also be coming. I will be going to Jethmalaniji’s residence at around 5 pm.”It may be recalled that Banerjee had interactions with BJP leaders Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha and Arun Shourie during her visit to Delhi in March. According to political experts, the meeting of the Trinamool Congress supremo with the BJP leaders is quite significant in terms of the present political scenario.last_img read more

Dell resets customer passwords after security incident

first_imgDell resets customer passwords after security incident by Martin Brinkmann on November 29, 2018 in Security – 2 commentsDell confirmed in a press release published on November 28, 2018 that it detected and blocked unauthorized activity on its company network.According to the press release, hackers were after Dell customer information. Access was limited to customer names, email addresses and hashed passwords, and did not include other data such as credit card information or addresses were not targeted according to Dell’s investigation.Dell’s investigation of the incident “found no conclusive evidence” that any data was extracted; Dell admits that data could have been extracted despite that.Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted.The company made the decision to reset customer passwords as a countermeasure to protect customer accounts.Additionally, Dell cybersecurity measures are in place to limit the impact of any potential exposure. These include the hashing of our customers’ passwords and a mandatory password reset.Dell initiated an investigation and implemented countermeasures when it detected the attempted extraction of customer data. The company engaged law enforcement and “retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation”.Dell published a customer update on the company website that offers additional information. Dell became aware of the incident happened on November 9, 2018.The page offers password changing tips. Dell suggests that users use a password that has at least 8 characters that are a mix of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. Customers should not use words that can be associated with them next to that.Dell furthermore asks customers to change passwords on other sites as well if the same password is used on these sites.While Dell reset the customer password to invalidate it, if hackers managed to obtain data, they could theoretically try email and password combinations on other popular sites.  Many computer users re-use passwords on sites instead of using unique passwords.SummaryArticle NameDell resets customer passwords after security incidentDescriptionDell confirmed in a press release published on November 28, 2018 that it detected and blocked unauthorized activity on its company network. Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

IATA criticises lack of progress at EU Transport Ministers Meeting

first_img<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expressed frustration that EU Transport Ministers made no progress to resolve key aviation issues during a meeting in Geneva last week. Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO said, “In April, Europe’s over-reaction to the Icelandic volcano cost the European economy EUR 5 billion. “This embarrassment of global proportions was a wake-up call for two key areas. Europe needs to develop a system in line with international practices on dealing with volcanic ash. “Second, it must review its compensation regulations for flight cancellations and delays which were applied in a way never intended by the original legislation. “It is unacceptable that a month after the volcano went dormant, the EU transport ministers have lost the sense of urgency to address these issues. “We are eager to work with the European leadership to develop the solutions needed. But yesterday’s meeting was a frustrating disappointment.” Bisignani criticised the EU Transport Ministers for failing to adequately address the costs, which resulted from the mismanagement of the ash crisis. “The unnecessary closure of airspace cost airlines at least $1.8 billion in lost revenues as well as compensation to passengers. “It is critical that the EU follow-up with guidance to its member states on compensating airlines for these losses,” said Bisignani. Bisignani has also called on Europe to address distortions to measurements of airline carbon emissions , which were made because of the airspace closures. “As 2010 is a baseline year for determining allocations under Europe’s emissions trading scheme due to take effect in 2012, accuracy is critical. “We continue to oppose regional ETS schemes like that which is being proposed by Europe. But if Europe’s transport ministers are determined to implement it in 2012, they must address this extra-ordinary distortion,” said Bisignani. IATA reiterated the need for a real European Single European Sky (SES), “We have been waiting decades for Europe to unite its skies,” said Bisignani. “The volcano resulted in tiny promises of incremental progress on some elements of the SES. As the transport ministers are not able to take leadership on this issue, I call on heads of State to end the decades of embarrassment caused by this European failure and set a date for the Transport Ministers to deliver the EUR5 billion ($6.5 billion) savings that a real SES will bring.”last_img read more

Ryanair flight struck by lightning lands safely in Paphos

first_imgA Ryanair flight bound for Cyprus early Wednesday was struck by lightning but made a safe landing at Paphos airport and has since been grounded.A spokesman for Paphos airport told the Cyprus Mail that the flight was hit by lightning shortly after take-off from Riga International airport in Latvia.“The flight had departed from Riga and was still over Riga airspace when it was struck. The captain decided that the aircraft was fit to fly and the aircraft landed safely at its destination of Paphos earlier this morning.”He added that the aircraft was grounded to enable engineers to carry out thorough checks and determine the aircraft’s operating status.“It was meant to leave on another flight from Paphos to Thessaloniki at 7am, however, another aircraft was drafted. The flight was due to leave at around 12 midday.’He added that such instances of lightning striking aircraft are a reasonably regular occurrence and that obviously preventative controls are in place.Damage may not be obvious on the outside of the aeroplane but there may be damage to the interior or electric wiring or technical issues may occur.‘Of course, there is a safety protocol in place which is closely followed. In the last year we have had two or three instances of flights being struck by lightning,’ he said.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityReassurance for your refugeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Our View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoCyprus and Italy in hot water over tax breaks for yachtsUndoVarosha move merely a ‘PR stunt’ by Ozersay, expert saysUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more