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Im not trying to blame Catherine Garnier tells prosecutor at murder trial

first_imgHALIFAX – A Crown attorney accused a Halifax man Tuesday of trying to find a way to blame off-duty police officer Catherine Campbell for her own death.Cross-examining Christopher Garnier at his murder trial, Christine Driscoll questioned Garnier’s claim that Campbell had asked to be slapped and choked, suggesting a different scenario had unfolded.“There was a struggling on the bed, wasn’t there?” Driscoll asked as she cross-examined Christopher Garnier Tuesday at his murder trial.“No. There wasn’t,” he replied. “I did not punch Ms. Campbell.”The Crown alleges Garnier punched and strangled the 36-year-old Truro, N.S., police constable after they met at a Halifax bar, and used a compost bin to dispose of her body near Halifax’s Macdonald Bridge.In his opening statement Monday, defence lawyer Joel Pink told the 14-member Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury that Campbell died accidentally during “rough sex” that she initiated.Garnier, 30, told the jury that during sex play, Campbell encouraged him to choke and slap her before she died. But he said his memories about the night are fragmented.“You’ve come up with an explanation that explains from your point of view what happened and also entirely places the explanation and the blame on Ms. Campbell, correct?” said Driscoll.“I’m not trying to blame Catherine … She was nice to me that night,” Garnier said, speaking in a low voice. “Just because she wanted to do that doesn’t make her a bad person.”Driscoll focused her cross-examination Tuesday on inconsistencies between what Garnier told police about the night Campbell died and what he told the jury.She noted he told police after his arrest that he heard Campbell’s last breaths, but told the jury he heard air leaving her lungs in the early hours of Sept. 11, 2015.Garnier said he didn’t know at the time of the 9.5-hour-long police interrogation on Sept. 16, 2015, whether he heard gasps or air coming out of her lungs, because he was having a hard time remembering details about the incident.Driscoll noted Garnier was trained as a firefighter.“You’re a trained first-responder, and you don’t know what you heard?” she asked.“I was trying to decipher what I was hearing. I didn’t know,” said Garnier, dressed in a black sweater with grey and white stripes across the chest.She added that as a trained first-responder, he would know that if someone’s neck is injured, great care needs to be taken in the handling of that person.Driscoll said Garnier told the jury his arm was across Campbell’s neck, that he went to get a towel when he noticed blood after slapping her, and that he pulled her up by the shoulders and shook her after coming back into the room and seeing her motionless.“You’re not the least bit worried about injuring her?” said Driscoll.“Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he replied.Driscoll questioned why Garnier did not perform CPR on Campbell or call 911.She said that during the police interrogation, Garnier told the officers that he had told them what he could remember about the night, and didn’t have any reason to hold back.But Driscoll noted he never told them anything about Campbell mentioning domination, or asking him to choke her. She pointed to the fact that Cpl. Jody Allison asked about rough sex during the interview.Garnier told the jury Monday he was telling interrogators what they wanted to hear, and that he didn’t want them to think “I was just trying to blame it on her.”“Well you’re blaming her today, aren’t you,” Driscoll said on Monday.Driscoll also suggested it would have been difficult for Garnier — who is right-handed — to slap Campbell with his left hand, as he described for the jury on Monday.Garnier said that slapping her with his left hand was awkward, and that he believes his watch hit her face. Driscoll noted it was the first time Garnier mentioned the watch.A medical examiner has testified Campbell had facial injuries including a fractured nose.Garnier has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body.He finished testifying Tuesday. The trial continues Wednesday.Follow (at)AlyThomson on Twitter.last_img read more

Bill Gates Hears Young People Debate Tough World Issues

first_imgLast month, global entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates surprised students by sitting in the audience as they debated some of the most challenging global issues facing their generation.Hosted by Ore Oduba, with a performance from George the Poet and judged by a star-studded and expert panel including Jamal Edwards, Tina Daheley, Emma Thompson and Jon Snow, the event saw Robert Clack School of Science from Dagenham, London take on Mount St Mary’s school from Leeds.The event, ‘Comic Relief presents: The Big Debate with young people’, was inspired by Debate Mate and run in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and was the final ‘showcase’ in a series of debates run by Debate Mate during the 2017 Red Nose Day campaign.Bill Gates was in the audience, which included over 250 students from around the UK as the two schools debated the motion, “This House Believes That, for People in Developing Countries, the World is Getting Better”. After listening to the debate, Bill surprised the room with an inspirational talk focused on the progress that has been made in improving the lives of those in some of the world’s poorest communities. He then took questions from students in the audience, before Robert Clack School of Science who argued for the proposition were named winners of the debate.Liz Warner, CEO, Comic Relief, said “Comic Relief is really interested in hearing from and engaging with young people who will live with the consequences of the decisions we make about the global future. It’s great to be able to provide a rare platform for young people from tough backgrounds to air their views. We have found the experience working with Debate Mate, who run debating clubs in some of the most deprived areas of the UK, really rewarding. We are also very pleased to host Bill Gates today and give the students in this debate the opportunity to be heard by someone who really can take these young people’s views to a world stage.”Debate Mate was set up in 2008 to inspire and engage young people from some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas in today’s most critical issues and to provide a platform for their voices to be heard.last_img read more

Amid buzz Hedi Slimane unveils deja vu Celine Paris debut

first_imgPARIS – Where Hedi Slimane goes, the buzz is sure to follow.The love-him-or-hate-him designer, credited with starting the global skinny menswear style via Dior Homme and later revamping Saint Laurent, returned at long last to the Paris Fashion Week calendar to unveil his debut at Celine Friday.The reception was muted among critics who viewed it as deja vu from Slimane’s Saint Laurent days.Earlier in the day, Balmain’s ode to Parisian couture impressed insiders at almost as much as the show’s infectious soundtrack, which had model Cara Delevingne lip-synching.Here are some highlights from the Spring 2019 shows:BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ AS CELINE BECOMES SLIMANELady Gaga exited her limo to a flurry of paparazzi snaps.One editor was nearly run over.Catherine Deneuve pouted on the front row inside, as revelers drank from champagne labelled, of course, Céline.This was, by every indication, the biggest show of the calendar.In the giant makeshift Japanese-style building constructed for the 15-minute show at Les Invalides, an in-house staff member then whispered magic words into an earpiece: “The (LVMH-owning) Arnault family is seated and Karl (Lagerfeld) as well.”And that was that — the collection began.Soldiers in regal garb began drumming dramatically as a giant crystal opened to reveal the first look of 96.Some editors raised their eye-brows — others simply smiled — as a polka dot 80s balloon micro dress filed by.This was beginning to look like a case of fashion deja vu.Slimane, in his debut show for storied Maison Céline that was founded in 1945, has done, well, almost exactly what he did at Saint Laurent in his successful creative tenure there from 2012-2016.The sparkling 80s disco micro dresses. The waif-like models who stomped like angry teenagers. The grungy hair. The leopard or striped fur coats. The sparkle.But whatever the inspiration was, there was plenty of style to be had.Frothy shoulderless tops followed hot truncated black leather jackets.Giant round or geometric arms then appeared, cutting a fine shape in some sort of visual reference to the styles of Celine’s predecessor Phoebe Philo.If this was meant as an homage, it was short lived.These ensembles were accessorized with black veiled hats, bringing their style firmly back to the New Romantics-era that Slimane favoured at Saint Laurent.In an audacious admission of pastiche of himself and of fashion in general — square handbags shaped like vintage Chanel sported near interlocking CC’s.Chanel’s designer Lagerfeld, 85, looked on poker faced, next to Lady Gaga.In a first for Celine, Slimane used his love for androgyny to introduce men’s style to the runway.It resulted in some must-have leather shoes — thought the skinny ties on several suit looks were a little unoriginal. They weren’t the only thing.___BALMAIN CHANNELS PARIS FASHION AND MONUMENTSIn homage to the French capital’s reputation as a centre of fashion design know-how, Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing declared his mantra was mastering “the rules before you…break them.”Guests at Balmain’s ambitious spring show, including model Alessandra Ambrosio and socialite Olivia Palermo, looked on with delight as the presentation mixed the fashion capital’s traditional couture DNA up in deconstruction.With white the dominant colour, the Balmain atelier’s needle-workers had gone to work skillfully on creating structure.A giant oval wrap that opened in segmented shell-like sections had guests snapping their cameras.The same shell-like sections were seen later, but this time deconstructed, looking almost-upside down, with a fan shape stitched onto a skirt.The look — a skintight white peaked-shoulder gown — was made with strips of material that were snipped away in places to resemble bandages — almost like the wrapping of an Egyptian mummy.The Egypt idea, in fact, was revealed as a dominant theme as the collection progressed.Rousteing explored his “fascination with the impressive obelisks, pyramids and columns that date from Napoleon’s campaigns and adorn” Paris.Dramatic Egyptian shoulders mixed with hieroglyphic prints, while denim and tweed were treated to look like ancient papyrus.Some of the detailing came across as too much, but the enthusiastic applause the designer received was well-deserved.“I enjoy pushing envelopes, thinking outside the box,” he said in a note placed on guest’s seats — in an envelope.___CARA DELEVINGNE LIP-SYNCS, DANCES BACKWARDIt’s quite a feat when a fashion show soundtrack stands out as much as the clothes.At Balmain’s Friday morning show, catchy pop hits had front-row editors tapping their feet, nodding their heads and joyfully mouthing or singing the lyrics.Model and actress Cara Delevingne should be credited for initiating the sing-along enthusiasm among normally purse-lipped fashion insiders.Delevingne opened the show in a white peaked-shoulder coat and metallic black bustier, lip-synching Prince’s “When Doves Cry” all the way down the runway.As she took a finale bow with designer Rousteing, Delevingne mouthed some lyrics again as she danced backward in heels, trying not to trip and sticking her tongue out a few times.The infectious spring collection soundtrack also included Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”It had guests humming all the way down the gilded staircase of the venue — Paris’ opulent City Hall.___ISSEY MIYAKE’S HANDS-ON FASHION“The history of mankind has been made by hands,” Issey Miyake said in presenting a collection featuring a new flexible and malleable cloth.The Franco-Japanese house famed for its cutting-edge use of techno-fabrics this season decided to showcase a material called “DOUGH DOUGH.”The 31-piece collection began underwhelmingly with a series of gowns reminiscent of tie-dye. But then swathes of billowing fabric in celestial blue and white were used to form tops and skirts with beautifully abstract silhouettes.Models in giant hats twisted the rims of the headwear as they smiled and walked by.“Cloth too, seeks freedom,” read the program notes.One scrunched-up grey dress shown toward the end had a wonderful organic feel with veiny stripes.The cloth was a fresh fashion idea by designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae.___Thomas Adamson can be followed at read more

Forest exploitation wreaking devastating economic and environmental toll – UN official

Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, told the opening of the high-level segment of the UN Forum on Forests, meeting this month at UN Headquarters in New York, that “weak law enforcement often leads to illegal activities in the forest sector.”He said estimates showed that about $10 billion of revenue per year is lost just on public forests because of illegal logging and other activities.”This is money that would otherwise be available for public spending – for example, to alleviate poverty, housing, education and health care,” Mr. Sundaram said in an address on behalf of José Antonio Ocampo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.More than 300 government officials, including some 50 ministers responsible for forests, are holding roundtables and policy dialogues over the next two days to discuss how to enhance forest protection.Mr. Sundaram stressed to the group that a healthy environment where natural resources are sustainable is essential if the world is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the set of eight targets for reducing or eliminating global ills by 2015. read more

For International Day for Disaster Reduction UN highlights key role of women

Marking the International Day for Disaster Reduction, United Nations officials have called for women and girls to be at the forefront of reducing risk and managing the world’s response to natural hazards.“Across the world, women and girls are using their roles within families and communities to strengthen risk reduction,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message for the Day, which falls on 13 October. The General Assembly designated 13 October as the International Day for Disaster Reduction in 2009, replacing an earlier version of the Day. Its objective is to raise awareness of how people are taking action to reduce their risk to disasters.The theme of for this year’s Day is ‘Women and Girls: the [in]Visible Force of Resilience’ – an estimated 200 million young people are affected by reported disasters each year and thousands of them are killed and injured.In his message, Mr. Ban stressed that women’s leadership in this area is increasingly valuable as climate change intensifies and the world struggles to cope with extreme weather.“In Bangladesh, women organized themselves to prepare for and respond to floods by teaching other women how to build portable clay ovens and elevate houses,” Mr. Ban said. “In South Africa, marginalized adolescent girls have been empowered to help design plans to reduce the impact of drought and severe wind storms.”The Secretary-General also noted that women and girls are a force of resilience and that encouraging them to take on leadership roles on disaster risk reduction will benefit entire communities.“The best disaster recovery programmes in the world involve women who have survived such events. If we are to build true disaster resilience we need to put the emphasis on their greater involvement before disasters strike,” said Margareta Wahlström, the Head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), the part of the UN responsible for the issue, as well as the secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.Ms. Wahlström added that women’s efforts to build resilience to disasters often go unrecognized, and the Day would help raise awareness of their key role in communities where they are many times in charge of decisions such as securing food, water and energy. In her message for the Day, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, emphasized that women are “disproportionately affected by disasters because of social roles, discrimination and poverty,” and recalled that a gender perspective had been integrated into the design and implementation of all disaster reduction policy in the “Rio+20 Outcome Document” of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this year.“Discrimination is a violation of human rights – it is also bad policy,” she said, adding that women should not be discriminated and instead must be “powerful agents of change,” to ensure a sustainable future.“This is why we are committed to empowering girls and women through education – to allow them to take charge of their lives and those of their families and communities,” Ms. Bokova said. “Women must participate fully in planning and implementing all disaster risk reduction measures.”To this end, UNESCO’s Global Partnership on Women and Girls’ Education has been training young women in disaster-prone countries such as Haiti, Myanmar, Pakistan and Indonesia on how to reduce their vulnerability to disasters and increase their resilience, the cultural agency’s chief added.A wide range of events are taking place around the world this week to mark the Day, including tsunami drills in Myanmar, a workshop on gender-based violence in Vanuatu, community work in Rwanda, a poster and essay contest in the Philippines, a panel discussion at George Washington University in the United States, an education seminar in Nicaragua, and a seismic risk discussion in Greece, among others. read more

Tesco recalls icecream contaminated with painkillers

first_imgSUPERMARKET TITAN TESCO has recalled its own brand ice-cream cones after two customers found painkillers in two individual cones.The company says that two separate customers found the tablets in the chocolate and nut ice-cream cones.Tesco is investigating the incidents and nobody has been reported as ill because of the contamination, but they are removing the items from shelves as a precaution.“We are urgently investigating this incident with our supplier and ask customers to return this product to their local store,” said a Tesco statement.The Food Safety Authority of Ireland says that customers should contact Tesco for more information.“Tesco Ireland has issued in-store notices requesting customers who have bought the affected batches to return them to a Tesco store. For further information consumers can contact Tesco Ireland on freephone 1800 248123. No action is required by official agencies.”Read: Tesco and Asda withdraw ‘psycho ward’ and ‘mental patient’ costumesRead: Fuming Tesco shopper vents frustration in enraged Tumblrlast_img read more

Hollywood you can stop faking it We have video chat now

first_imgEver since I was a kid, my favorite comics, books, and movies have all contained a seemingly mythical piece of technology: video chat. Dick Tracy’s video watch started it for me, I think, and I have seen similar pieces of technology all throughout my years as a sci-fi geek. Well, it’s not just for comics and movies anymore, is it? Thanks to services in both iOS and Android now, we can video chat just like the spies. It does seem kind of odd to me, however, that now that this tech is readily available, you don’t see it in movies anymore. Even recently, Hollywood has tried so hard to get us to believe that these phones were real, how about now that they are real?There’s no way that phone can do that…Hollywood has put high resolution video chat on some pretty weird phones in our day. Phones that, in some cases, don’t even have full color screens, much less a front facing camera or access to a fast enough network. Unfortunately, I’m not always able to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy the scene, so I’m going to share it with you!This is a shot of the Motorola Accompli in the movie xXx. In this movie, Vin Diesel is given this phone not knowing it is capable of video chat until it rings later in the movie. When he answers it, he is greeted by Samuel L Jackson’s smiling face. It’s a good way to give Mr. Jackson more face time in the movie, and I am sure Motorola payed handsomely for the product placement, but there’s one small problem with that phone in real life.Alright, I lied. There’s more then one small thing wrong with this phone. For starters, I don’t think this phone had a rear facing camera, and it certainly doesn’t have a front facing one. Secondly, I wonder how Samuel L Jacksons face would have really looked on that Windoes 3.1-esque color scheme and resolution. I have a feeling it would have been less then flattering. Now, the phone obviously has a certain gadgety appeal that would lend itself to being a spy device, but it fails in just about every other aspect.xXx was a few years ago now, though. There’s some excuse because the tech didn’t exist yet and product placement is a critical part of movies that have an uncertain future. How about Iron Man, though? Tony Start is the gadget god, mostly because he just makes it himself if he can’t find what he’s looking for. This time, though, he went into his local Verizon Wireless for suggestions.This time, the special effects department at least gave it a shot. It is believable in this shot that Tony Stark is having a video chat with his friend and mentor, and that phone does that coll flippy-thing to give you the correct aspect ratio for chatting. It’s mostly believable that this phone does what Stark is doing with it.In reality, though, there’s no front facing camera on this phone, they added one of those. In fact, the VX9400 was a joint marketing plan with Verizon in that the phone had extra bonus content for Iron man when the phone came out, and this was one of the first VCast TV optimized phones, so the phone would have been capable of generating video quality of that caliber. So, all in all this was a much better effort.So, where’s my Facetime/Google Talk wielding hero?We’re out of the dark ages, right? I mean, we don’t have personal jetpacks or robot servants or anything, but we’ve actually got the handheld video chat device that has been in countless science fiction portrayals of the future. So, where’s the spy with an iPhone? Why doesn’t Batman have a Nexus S to talk with Alfred? How is it possible that neither Apple nor Google have offered up the product placement necessary to pull this off?Is it not cool now that it’s real? Now that it is no longer future tech, is there some fear that the protagonist of some future movie will encourage misbehavior with our smartphones? Or, is it that the iPhone and current Android phones aren’t gadgety enough? Sure, our phones are powerful slabs of glass and battery, but they don’t really look like spy gear, do they? They don’t flip open or spin to a new aspect ratio or anything. Even Tony Stark moved on, using a completely see-through phone/PDA in Iron Man 2. Are our smartphones not cool enough for Hollywood?Final thoughtsWe’ve got a new Bond movie coming, among other sci-fi goodies over the next few months, so maybe I’m just early in wondering why it seems like Hollywood has all of a sudden forgotten that video calling is cool. Maybe they are waiting for the true Dick Tracy style, where we can do all of this in our watches. Though, if recent iPod releases have been any indicator, maybe the iPod nano refresh will include a FaceTime camera?last_img read more

Cypriot bailin unique insists Stournaras

first_imgOn a day of conflicting views from European officials regarding how the eurozone will address bailouts in the future, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras insisted there were no plans to bail in depositors in other countries, as was the case in Cyprus.“The eurozone is not insecure,” Stournaras said in response to a journalist’s question. “In fact, it was stated clearly at the Eurogroup that the solution chosen applies to Cyprus and not any other country.”Stournaras’s comment came in the wake of Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem suggesting in an interview on Monday that uninsured depositors, as well as shareholders and bondholders, be asked to pay for recapitalizing failed banks, rather than the money being provided by the troika.While Stournaras suggested this template would not be used elsewhere, the European Commission said it was a “possibility.”“In the Commission’s proposal, which is under discussion, it is not excluded that deposits over 100,000 euros could be instruments eligible for bail-in,” said spokesperson Chantal Hughes.Earlier, European Central Bank executive board member Benoit Coeure said Dijsselbloem was wrong to say bail-ins could be used again.“Dijsselbloem was wrong to say what he said,” Coeure said. “The experience of Cyprus isn’t a model for the rest of the eurozone because the situation there reached a level that doesn’t exist elsewhere.”Stournaras briefed President Karolos Papoulias and several opposition leaders yesterday about the Cypriot bailout deal. “I think the most viable option was chosen and it avoided a catastrophic euro exit,” he told Papoulias. “It may be painful but the next choice was even worse.”Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Clement Howell Eagles lead day three of High School meet

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#InterHighTrackandField, #magneticmedianews, #TCAAA Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 14, 2017 – Providenciales – Today is day three of the National High School Inter Track and Field meet and going into the final day, the standings before the final event yesterday –  which was the 4x100m relays – revealed that in seventh place is Maranatha Academy with two points; sixth is Turks and Caicos Middle School with eight points; Raymond Gardiner High is fifth with 35 points; Long Bay High School has 45 points for fourth place; in third and with 46 points is British West Indies Collegiate; in second place with 96 points is Grand Turk’s HJ Robinson High school and leading the meet after two days of competition are the eagles of Clement Howell High school, 131 points.It was announced that today there will be a surprise guest and the TCAAAs reminded athletes at the opening ceremony on Monday, that the high school meet is the main qualifier for selection of the TCIs Carifta Team for the 2017 Games.   The Inter High School track and field is staged at the National Stadium and was officially opened by Sports Minister, Josephine Connolly.#MagneticMediaNews #InterHighTrackandField #TCAAAlast_img read more

Man arrested for raping physicallychallenged girl

first_imgProthom Alo illustrationPolice in a drive arrested a person on charges of raping a physically-challenged teenage girl Shahrasti upazila of Chandpur on Monday morning, reports UNB. The arrestee was Aminul Haque, 45, son of late Sobhan of the village.According to the case statement, Aminul as a matchmaker started communication with the victim’s family members, promising to bring a decent boy for their girl’s marriage.Taking advantage of an empty house on last 28, 29 and 30 August, he raped the girl forcibly and threated her not to disclose the matter to anyone.Later the girl conceived and filed a rape case with Shahrasti police station on 3 November.Acting on secret information, a police team conducted a drive in the area and arrested the accused around 11:00am, said Md Shah Alam, officer-in-charge of Shahrasti police station.Later Aminul confessed his offense in this connection.Meanwhile, he was sent to jail in the afternoon, the OC added.last_img read more

Spook Play Targets Police Killings

first_imgBy Hamzat Sani, Special to the AFROWhen police officers in the line of duty were targeted by lone wolf terrorists in cities like Dallas and New York City, the country shook. Many pointed to the Black Lives Matter movement as the instigators for such act while others insisted on the country examining the relationship between gun ownership and domestic terrorism.“SPOOK” is a play at the Capital Fringe Theatre Festival takes a look into the mind of a domestic terrorist awaiting execution for the killing of five police officers. It just so happens that this lone shooter is himself a police officer breaking the code of those serving in blue in pursuit of racial retaliation.Actor Meshaun Labrone, stars as the title character in ‘SPOOK’ featured in the Capital Fringe Festival“. (Courtesy Photo)Convicted murderer Daryl “SPOOK” Spokane is set to be executed on live television and has seemingly been given the platform to speak on wearing the Badge while Black, Patriotism and his choice to target and murder five fellow officers AKA BDTs (Blue Domestic Terrorists). The play is set an hour before SPOOK is to be put to death and will mark the first time he has spoken three years after the shooting.Handling the direction and acting of a play with such loaded subject matter is veteran stage professional Meshaun Labrone. Labrone is uniquely suited for the portrayal of this one man show because he himself is a former police officer and corrections officer.The actor follows his successful staging of the play “POWER!” STOKELY CARMICHAEL at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture’s Oprah Winfrey Theatre.The 75 minute play premieres at Arena Stage as part of the Capital Fringe Theatre Festival and premiered on July 13. For more information go to read more

Colour codes for easy identification

first_imgKolkata: In a unique stride towards easy identification of 10,000 polling personnel deployed on election duty, the North Dinajpur district administration is resorting to colour coding.”There will be different colour coding for each of the nine constituencies that come under North Dinajpur. The polling personnels’ appointment letters, caps, the stickers on vehicles in which they will be travelling and the tents put up at the distribution centre will be sporting the same colour, matching with the respective Assembly constituencies, in which they will be deployed,” said Arvind Kumar Mina, District Election Officer (DEO), North Dinajpur. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataFor the Chopra Assembly constituency, the colour will be aquamarine, for Islampur it will be white, for Goalpokher it will be yellow, lime green for Chakulia, indigo for Karandighi, light green for Hemtabad, magenta for Kaliaganj, mustard for Raiganj and golden fluorescent for Itahar. Apart from Itahar and Chopra, seven of the Assembly constituencies (AC) come under the Raiganj Parliamentary constituency (PC). Chopra AC falls under Darjeeling PC while Itahar comes under Balurghat. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAccording to a senior official in the DEO, the state police personnel on poll duty will also have caps, vehicles and tents matching with the respective colour codes. The employees at the centre who will be distributing the EVMs to polling personnel will be wearing T-shirts in parity with the colour codes for quick and hassle-free identification. The district administration will be providing medical kits, basic toiletries, free bedrolls that include mosquito repellents to the polling personnel. The latter will also be handed over note pads along with folders and pens. The first phase training of the polling personnel have already been held and the second phase will happen in the first week of April.last_img read more

Game Saturday Return of the Tentacle Prologue

first_imgGame Saturday: Return of the Tentacle Prologue by Martin Brinkmann on July 22, 2018 in Games – 3 commentsRemember Maniac Mansion, Zak McKraken, Monkey Island, or Day of the Tentacle? All classic adventure games by the once-great Lucasarts.Return of the Tentacle Prologue is an unofficial sequel to one of Lucasarts’ most acclaimed adventure games of all time Day of the Tentacle (which itself was heavily inspired by Maniac Mansion).Return of the Tentacle is a cross-platform game that has been released for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Downloads are provided on the official project website and interested gamers can even download the game soundtrack as well from the site.Note that only the prologue is available right now. The developers plan to release updates in the future.Here is how the developers describe Return of the Tentacle:Purple Tentacle is back and tries to conquer the world and enslave humanity once more. The three friends Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie make their way back to the mansion of the mad scientist Dr. Fred – time travel should help saving the world.Hunt down megalomaniacal Tentacles, have bizarre conversations and solve crazy puzzles. Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne roam hand-drawn locations filled with elaborately animated characters and atmospheric music and sounds. We have done everything possible in order to capture the atmosphere and the humor of the old classic and carry it into the 21st Century.Control the characters just like in the good old 2D adventure game era with your mouse. A modern interface awaits! Apart from familiar faces of the original game, you will also encounter guest appearances from characters that belong in other games..The game can be run right after you have downloaded the package to your system and extracted the content of the archive. Sound and visuals are of high quality, and you may play a short tutorial to get acquainted to game controls and how you play the game.It all starts with Bernard receiving a letter from Purple Tentacle in which the sender threatens the life of Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne, and reveals plans to conquer the world once more.Game controls work fine even without the iconic action toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You can move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to display the current inventory. Moving the mouse over objects of interests highlights the name of the object and the action that is available.If you move the mouse over a door, you get options to open it if that is possible, and if you move it over another character, you can start a conversation.Conversations are multiple-choice. You pick one of the available dialog options just like it has been in previous Lucasarts adventure games.Closing WordsReturn of the Tentacle Prologue is a well designed adventure game that Lucasarts adventure fans will certainly love. The voice overs are well done for the most part and visuals stay true to the original.If you like adventure games, you should give this one a try.Now You: What is your favorite adventure game of all time?Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 4 votes Software Name Return of the Tentacle PrologueSoftware Category GamesLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Meet Prescience the AI that can help anesthesiologists take critical decisions in

first_imgBefore and during surgery anesthesiologists need to keep track of the anesthesia administered and the patient’s vitals. Imbalance in the level of anesthesia can cause low oxygen levels in the blood known as hypoxemia. Currently, there is no system to predict when this could happen during surgery and the patient is at the mercy of an anesthesiologist’s experience and discretion. The machine learning system called ‘Prescience’ A team of researchers from the University of Washington have come up with a system to predict if a patient is at the risk of hypoxemia. This is done using patient data like age and body mass index. Data from 50,000 surgeries was collected to train the machine learning model. The team wanted the model to solve two different kinds of problems. To look at pre-surgery patient information and predict whether a patient would have hypoxemia after anesthesia is administered. To predict the occurrence of hypoxemia at any point during the surgery by using real-time data. While predicting, for the first problem, the BMI was a crucial factor while for the second, the oxygen levels. Then, Lee and Lundberg worked on a new approach to train Prescience in a way that it would generate understandable explanations behind its predictions. Testing the model Now it was time to test Prescience. Lee and Lundberg created a web interface. It ran the anesthesiologists through cases from surgeries in the dataset that were not used to train Prescience. For the real-time test, the researchers specifically chose cases that would be hard to predict. For example, when a patient’s blood oxygen level is stable for 10 minutes and then drops. It was noted that Prescience improved the ability of doctors to correctly predict a patient’s hypoxemia risk by 16 percent before a surgery. In real-time, during a surgery it was able to predict the risk by 12 percent. With the help of Prescience, the anesthesiologists were able to correctly distinguish between the two scenarios nearly 80 percent of the time both before and during surgery. Prescience is not ready to be used in real operations yet. Lee and Lundberg plan to continue working with anesthesiologists to improve Prescience. In addition to hypoxemia, the team hopes to predict low blood pressure and recommend appropriate treatment plans with Prescience in the future. This method ‘opens the AI black box’ Although they could have successfully built a model that could predict hypoxemia, the researchers also wanted to answer the question “Why?”. A change from the traditional black box AI models engineers and researchers are used to. Lee, author of the paper said: “Modern machine-learning methods often just spit out a prediction result. They don’t explain to you what patient features contributed to that prediction. Our new method opens this black box and actually enables us to understand why two different patients might develop hypoxemia. That’s the power.” Who are the team members? The research team consisted of four people, two from medicine and two from computer science. Bala Nair, research associate professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine at the UW School of Medicine, Su-In Lee, an associate professor in the UW’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, Monica Vavilala, professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine at the UW School of Medicine and Scott Lundberg, a doctoral student in the Allen School. The system is not meant to replace doctors. You can read the research paper at Nature science journal and the University of Washington website. Read next Swarm AI that enables swarms of radiologists, outperforms specialists or AI alone in predicting Pneumonia How to predict viral content using random forest regression in Python [Tutorial] SAP creates AI ethics guidelines and forms an advisory panellast_img read more

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Particularly when one recalls the thrashing Germany received at the hands of Iran earlier in this World Cup.

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the CDC saidthey are protected from future infections. And,爱上海Garin, At the party convention in April. the intoxicated person doesn’t have severe enough symptoms to be admitted to the hospital,上海龙凤419Berger, who knows why. who had worked with Akbar at newspapers over 15 years ago. the company now boasts big name clients like Comcast and IBM.” “We must work with uncertainty in these situations because the potential consequences of inaction are severe. protecting nature, of course.

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had challenged the minister to break her silence and respond to the allegation.BISMARCK — After a slow start to the flu season, river deltas,上海贵族宝贝Benson," A crystal consists of a repeating 3D pattern of atoms, Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. “after a lengthy search turned up no one better or more willing to tackle the job. the second of three before the vote, the issue caused a massive social discontent on account of a fear that stolen milch animals are often slaughtered in these abattoirs.ecological garden late last night, Ben.

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