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Operation Torch Casablanca Exhibition Celebrates MoroccoUS Military Cooperation in WWII

Casablanca – A joint Morocco-United States exhibition commemorating the 75th anniversary of an American WWII landing in Morocco opened Wednesday in Casablanca, under the theme “Operation Torch: A Shared Story.”Organized by the Directorate of Military History, the exhibition highlights the support Morocco provided to the Allies during the Second World War.“This exhibition is an opportunity to highlight 240 years of privileged relations between Morocco and the US, whose origins go back to the time of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah and the first US President George Washington at the end of the 18th century,” said Brigadier General Abdennasser Sinnate, head of the Military History Directorate at the FAR General Staff. Sinnate also underlined the important role played by the city of Casablanca in building bridges between occupied Europe and the US.“The organization of this second exhibition after that of 2006 is part of the military cooperation between Morocco and the United States in several areas,” Sinnate added.“The military cooperation between the two countries continues to develop over the years,” said US General Dar Craig, who touched on the “exceptional” relations of friendship between his country and Morocco.The general recalled that Operation Torch is the codename given to the Allied landings on 8 November 8, 1942 in Morocco, which was the first major strategic setback of Nazi Germany.Stephanie Miley, the chargé d’affaires of the US embassy in Rabat Stephanie Miley. said “the exhibition celebrates 240 years of Moroccan-American friendship,” adding that Morocco was the first country to recognize the independence of the United States.The opening ceremony was marked by the presence of several Moroccan and US military and civil figures. The exhibition, which displays historical documents, pictures, and uniforms, will run through December 7. read more

Gaid Salah Vows NonInterference in Algeria Election to Encourage Voters

Rabat – Algerian army chief Gaid Salah has vowed not to back any candidate in the presidential polls due to take place in December in an attempt to encourage Algerians to vote.On Sunday, September 29, Salah said, “We affirm that only the people will pick the next president through ballot boxes, and the army will not support anyone.”Algerian citizens have been rallying on the streets of Algiers since February to condemn corruption and unemployment, as well as dysfunctions in the Algerian regime, led by elites from Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s era. Algerians have also been threatening to boycott the election expected to take place on December 12, according to interim President Abdelkader Bensalah.Gaid Salah accused members of the former government of attempting to disrupt the election.“The gang and its acolytes try to spread the idea that the army will support one of the candidates for the next presidential election,” Salah said.He added, “This propaganda and its purpose is to disrupt the election.”Salah, a de facto ruler in Algeria, also accused anti-election protesters of chanting “biased slogans” during the ongoing demonstrations.Under Salah’s leadership, authorities in Algeria arrested a number of elites for mismanagement of public funds and corruption, including the brother of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Said Bouteflika.Last week, a military court sentenced Said Bouteflika to 15 years in prison.The move comes as an attempt to regain the trust of protesters, who have been calling for all elites to step down, including Salah.To end the protests, Salah ordered security services to seize cars entering Algiers for protests.“We have instructed the gendarmerie to … stop buses and cars that are used to this end; to seize and impose fines on their owners,” Salah said. read more

UN reports volatile global employment recovery

10 November 2010Global employment rates are on an upward trend with different economic sectors showing uneven improvement in job creation during the first half of this year, according to new data released today by the United Nations labour agency. Findings of the new study by the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), based on data from 13 sectors in 51 developed and developing countries, shows that while construction and manufacturing lost more than 5 million jobs in the first quarter of this year, the health sector added almost 2.8 million jobs.“In 2010 the global economy seems to have entered into a new stage where divergence and volatility in a number of labour markets have significantly increased and uncertainty over the stability of the recovery remains high,” said Elizabeth Tinoco, the Director of the ILO Sectoral Activities Department.“These trends are also observed across sectors and vary from country to country. We see this not only in developed countries, but also in strong emerging economies like China, South Africa and Brazil,” she added.In addition to a net loss of jobs in construction and manufacturing, the ILO study shows that the recovery is progressing slowly in wholesale and retail trade, as well as in transportation, storage and communications, which remain highly dependent on the volatility observed both in domestic and export markets.The financial sector also remains volatile, accord to the ILO study. Globally, employment levels in the sector during the first quarter of this year were 1.4 per cent below the same period in 2009. There was a slight improvement in the second quarter, which suggests that the industry is still undergoing restructuring, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.Despite cuts in fiscal spending announced by many countries, however, employment levels in education, health and public administration continued to grow in the first half of 2010, albeit at a slower pace.The education sector added nearly 138,000 employment opportunities to the labour market in the second quarter of this year, after having created some 240,000 jobs in the previous quarter. Employment in public administration grew slower in the second quarter of 2010 than in the first one, but still added 134,830 jobs year-on-year.Employment levels have also risen in the hotel and restaurant services, rising by 1.5 per cent in the second quarter of this year, compared to the previous one. Jobs in real estate, including rentals and related services grew by 1.1 per cent.Agriculture also remained resilient across regions in the first semester of 2010, compared to 2009, with some volatility observed globally in the first quarter of 2010.The ILO study also analyzes the changes in labour markets in terms of hours of work. It says that after falling consistently throughout 2009, working hours began to rise again in the first and second quarters of this year in almost all sectors, with the exception of agriculture, forestry and fishing.“One of the uncertainties we face is what will happen to private consumption in developed countries – will it remain weak or will it pick up?” posed Ms. Tinoco. “The same goes for fiscal consolidation plans – what impact will they have in the short run on the economy? The shape and scope of the recovery will depend on how these trends evolve,” she said. read more

New State and Deputy Ministers take oaths

The swearing in ceremony of the new State and Deputy Ministers of the national government took place at the Presidential Secretariat today. The State Ministers and Deputy Ministers took their oaths before President Maithripala Sirisena.Nimal Lansa , who was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Tourism Promotion and Christian Affairs and Arundika Fernando , who was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs at the Presidential Secretariat later exchanged their respective portfolios with concurrence of President Maithripala Sirisena. 05Dilan PereraState Minister of Highways 19A. L.M. HizbullahState Minister of Rehabilitation and Reconciliation 06Ravindra SamaraweeraState Minister of Labour and Trade Union Deputy Ministers 17Sudarshani FernandopulleState Minister of Water Supply 18V. RadhakrishnanState Minister of Education 14Wasantha SenanayakeState Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources 13Vijayakala MaheswaranState Minister of Child Affairs 04Lakshman Yapa AbeywardaneState Minister of Finance 02Susantha PunchinilameDeputy Minister of Public Administration 21Nimal LansaDeputy Minister of Home Affairs 22Siripala GamlathDeputy Minister of Foreign Employment 11Mohan Lal GreroState Minister of University Education 03Priyankara JayaratneState Minister of Law and Order 10Ruwan WijeyawardeneState Minister of Defence 17Arundika FernandoDeputy Minister of Tourism Promotion and Christian Affairs State Minister 14Ajith P. PereraDeputy Minister of Power and Energy 09Lakshman Wasantha PereraDeputy Minister of Plantation 12Champilka PremadasaState Minister of Industries and Commerce 12Harsha De SilvaDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 01Sumeda G. JayasenaDeputy Minister of Wildlife 02A.H.M. FauziState Minister of National Integration 03Ameer AliDeputy Minister of Rural Economy 04Lasantha AlagiyawannaDeputy Minister of Mega polis 13Ranjan RamanayakeDeputy Minister of Social Services 06Faisal CassimDeputy Minister of Health 07Dilip WedaarachchiState Minister of Fisheries 16Ashoka AbeysinhaDeputy Minister of Transport 10Nishantha MuthuhettigamaDeputy Minister of Ports and Shipping 05Indika BandaranayakeDuputy Minister of Housing 11Anoma GamageDeputy Minister of Petroleum 08Niroshan PereraState Minister of National Policy and Economic Development 07Dunesh GankandaDeputy Minister of Disaster Management 15Sujeewa SenasingheState Minister of International Trade 08Dulip WijesekaraDeputy Minister of Postal and Muslim affairs 20Karu ParanavithanaDeputy Minister of Provincial Council & Local Government 01T.B. EkanayakeState Minister of Land 18Tharanath BasnayakeDeputy Minister of Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructure 19H.M. HarisDeputy Minister of Sports 09Palitha Range BandaraState Minister of Vocational Training 15Eran WickramaratneDeputy Minister of State entrepreneurship 16Wasantha AluvihareState Minister of Agriculture read more

Used luxury or fullyloaded new car Edmunds weighs both

The luxury vehicle of your dreams might now be something you can afford, thanks to a record high number of lease returns hitting the used-car market. This trend has widened the price difference between a new vehicle and a 3-year-old used one, according to Edmunds transaction data.Consider this scenario: You’re prepared to spend $30,000 on your next car. You’ve been looking into a 2019 Honda CR-V, which is an Edmunds top-ranked small SUV. For that price you can get the EX-L version that comes loaded with such options as leather, navigation, automatic climate control, and a rearview camera.But if you looked to the used market, you could potentially get a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC, an Edmunds top-ranked luxury SUV. We found a midsize certified pre-owned GLC with just over 15,000 miles for about the same price as the new CR-V. It, too, had plenty of features including a panoramic sunroof, blind-spot assist and heated seats.Mercedes luxury at a Honda price point ? it’s a tempting proposition. But is it the smarter choice? Edmunds looks at the pros and cons of buying a new non-luxury car versus a used luxury vehicle.PROS: NEW NON-LUXURY VEHICLEPerfect condition: Since you are its first owner, the new vehicle will only have a few miles on it.Longer warranty: New vehicles come with at least a three-year limited warranty and at least a five-year warranty for the powertrain.Better selection: You can go to any franchise dealership and find the new vehicle you want. Used vehicles are sold everywhere, but they will have a greater degree of variation because of their mileage, options and condition level.Better incentives: The new vehicle may have incentives that can drop the price or offer a lower interest rate.Less maintenance: A new car should only need oil changes and tire rotations for a few years. If something breaks down, it will be covered under the new-car warranty.CONS: NEW NON-LUXURY VEHICLESteeper depreciation: A new car will see its highest depreciation in its first few years. The first year alone brings a drop of about 30% on average among all brands, according to Edmunds data.Not as flashy: The new car will get you where you need to go, but it won’t be a luxury vehicle. This low-key presence is only an issue if one of the things you want in a car is the ability to wow your friends and family.PROS: USED LUXURY VEHICLEA more premium experience: The interior is often fitted with premium materials, such as walnut wood trim, soft-touch plastics and aluminum inserts. Just about everything will make it seem like you paid more than you really did. Also ? while this is subjective ? a luxury vehicle’s overall design and style are usually more expressive.Superior performance: In general, a late-model used luxury vehicle will accelerate, steer and brake better than a new vehicle at the same price point. These qualities can enhance your overall enjoyment of driving.More stable depreciation: The first owner of the car has already taken the big depreciation hit. The depreciation curve should have levelled off by this point, so the value of the vehicle won’t continue to plummet.Loaner access: Assuming you are going to have your car serviced at one of the luxury brand’s dealerships, you may have access to a free loaner car.CONS: USED LUXURY VEHICLEShorter warranty: If you bought a 3-year-old luxury vehicle, you would only have about a year left on the new-car warranty. The certified warranty on a certified pre-owned vehicle typically adds another year to the original warranty. An extended warranty can give you more coverage but at an added cost.More expensive maintenance and repairs: Since the used luxury vehicle has more miles and often more complexity, it will usually need more maintenance items addressed than the new car. Additionally, parts and labour rates are more expensive for luxury vehicles.Less efficient: Since luxury vehicles tend to come with larger or more powerful engines, they are often less fuel-efficient than non-luxury vehicles. Furthermore, many luxury-car engines require premium fuel, which also adds to the cost of ownership. In our particular example, you’d spend about $700 more a year on fuel for the Mercedes than the Honda, according to SAYS: While you can buy a used luxury vehicle for the same price as, or less than, a new car, there are a number of other ownership costs to consider. But cars are also emotional purchases, so for some, a decision like this won’t always be based on dollars and cents. With your eyes wide open, buy the car that makes you the happiest ? even if it wouldn’t be the right choice for someone else.____This story was provided to The Associated Press by the automotive website Edmunds. Ronald Montoya is a senior consumer advice editor at Edmunds. Twitter: @rmontoyaedmunds.Related links:— Edmunds: What Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?— Edmunds review: 2019 Honda CR-V— Edmunds review: 2016 Mercedes GLC Montoya, The Associated Press read more

Quake Arena Arcade now available on Xbox Live

first_imgYou’ve played it on your PC, your Dreamcast, and in your web browser… now prepare to play it on Xbox Live. Bethesda and id software have just announced that their popular deathmatch shooter Quake Arena Arcade is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft points, or about $15.If you’ve played Quake III: Team Arena or played a game of Quake Arena on Quake Live, you know the drill, although there are some graphics improvements, as well as a refreshed single player game and some new maps.Here’s the run-down:• Enter the Fragfest: Supports up to 16-player ‘Free for All’ and team-based battles over Xbox LIVE and System Link.• Deadly Arenas: Lava-filled ruins, deserted military bases and the chaotic void of outer space are your battlegrounds.• Quad Damage: Over 15 pick-ups, power-ups, items and runes to boost your health, armor, ammo and abilities.• Become an Arena Legend: Compete in over 75 missions, challenges and boss matches, in your pursuit to defeat Xaero, the Arena Champion. • Claw Your Way to the Top: Check your standings against other gladiators on the Xbox LIVE leader boards and earn up to 12 achievements as you fight your way to fame.• Hone Your Skills: Create a custom bot-match in any arena, in any game type.Interested in a game? Grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace now. I’ll be the minigun-armed eyeball hopping around on a single cyborg leg.Read more at Xboxlast_img read more

Amazon experimenting with frontlit display for next Kindle

first_imgThe Kindle e-reader has a number of unique selling points when compared to reading on an LCD. It’s as close to paper as we have got in an electronic device due to the use of an E Ink display. And because it only uses power when the viewable page is changed, battery life is counted in months, not hours.With the display and battery life being such strong selling points, you may be surprised to hear Amazon is experimenting with adding a light source. In fact, Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch has actually seen a prototype new Kindle in action using a front-lit lighting method.The result? Apparently the E Ink display is lit very evenly and softly. So this isn’t the same type of light you get from a typical tablet LCD unit. He describes it as a “blue-white glow” which may seem a bit peculiar, but could work when just viewing text and on a display lit from the front.Amazon didn’t develop this lighting unit itself. It did what all the big tech companies do and bought itself a company that specializes in the area. In this case it is a relatively unknown company by the name of Oy Modilis, which Amazon acquired in 2010. They have patents for lighting, and now it looks like they could be put to good use in a Kindle.The one issue I have with this is why we need a light in the Kindle at all. If you need light to read your current Kindle you buy a clip on one, or turn on the light in your room. The fact it is readable in most lighting conditions makes the requirement of a light at night time a minor inconvenience. And of course, adding a light means either a bigger battery or reduced battery life. I don’t want my Kindle to get thicker, and I appreciate the weeks between charges.I doubt Amazon would incorporate a light unit unless it really helped with the reading experience, though. For the moment it remains a prototype, but could well be the major new feature of the next Kindle. Who knows, it may somehow enable the screen to look just like paper, and if the system works anything like the Flex lighting solution it may not hurt battery life too much.Read more at TechCrunchlast_img read more

Prominent businessmen among potential terror targets

first_imgPolice said a terrorist attack that had been planned for the weekend was foiled at the last minute with the arrest of a suspected accomplice of the jailed Revolutionary Struggle leader Nikos Maziotis, noting that the offices of New Democracy had been among the likely targets for the hit.Greek Police Chief Dimitris Tsaknakis announced the arrest of the suspect, who was said to be aged between 25 and 30 but who was not named, at a press conference delivered jointly with Public Order Minister Vassilis Kikilias. He was to be charged later in the day with membership of a terrorist organization.The suspect had with him a notebook with the names and addresses of prominent businessmen – notably the shipowner and chairman of Olympiakos soccer team, Vangelis Marinakis, and the head of the Federation of Hellenic Industries, Theodoros Fessas – as well as the telephone number of the Association of Greek Shipowners, whose president is Theodoros Veniamis. The notebook also contained references to New Democracy and the firms Capital, Siemens and Infoquest. The notes suggested that the offices of Capital and Infoquest would be staked out on October 1 and 2 and that rehearsal for the hit would be carried out on October 3 with the actual attack on October 4.As New Democracy’s 40th anniversary is on October 4, police think an attack against the party was likely on the cards.Undercover officers had been observing the suspect for several days and finally arrested him late on Wednesday outside a garage in the Athens neighborhood of Vyronas, Tsaknakis said. The arrest was carried out in the context of the ongoing search for Maziotis’s wife Panagiota Roupa, he added. Maziotis was arrested last July in a shootout in central Athens after nearly two years on the run.A search on the garage turned up the roof rack and keys of the stolen Nissan that was used in a car bomb outside the Bank of Greece last April that was subsequently claimed by Revolutionary Struggle. The suspect’s contract for the rental of the garage bore Maziotis’s fingerprints, Kikilias added.Source: Ekathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Recordbreaking fentanyl bust made at San Ysidro Port of Entry

first_imgRecord-breaking fentanyl bust made at San Ysidro Port of Entry Posted: August 8, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A Tijuana man was arrested at San Ysidro Port of Entry Wednesday after federal agents allegedly found more than 20,000 fentanyl pills hidden in his car — a cache believed to be the largest amount of the deadly narcotic in pill form ever seized along the U.S.-Mexico border.Fernando Jesus Peraza, 38, was taken into custody at about 2:30 a.m., according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego.Agents allegedly found the drug in four packages concealed in the passenger-side rear quarter panel of Peraza’s car. The pills were designed to resemble M30s, or oxycodone tablets, officials said.At Peraza’s initial appearance in the case Wednesday afternoon, prosecutors requested that the suspect, a U.S. citizen who works in San Diego County, remain detained due to flight risk.“This is the biggest fentanyl-pill seizure we’ve seen along the Southwest Border, and it’s likely a national record,” San Diego-area U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman said. “I’m relieved that these pills are off the streets because of the vigilant work of law enforcement.”If convicted of the drug-smuggling charge against him, Peraza will face a maximum penalty of life in prison and a $1 million fine, according to prosecutors.U.S. Magistrate Judge Jill Burkhardt scheduled a detention hearing for Friday morning and a preliminary hearing for Aug. 21. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom August 8, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Gregoire talks budget in Vancouver public forum

first_imgGov. Chris Gregoire came to Clark County on Tuesday to ask for help making permanent changes in the services that Washington’s financially strapped state government will provide in the future. But at a public meeting at Clark College, attended by about 400 people, most speakers advocated for preserving state funding, whether for higher education, welfare-to-work programs, school levy equalization or environmental protection. Gregoire said state government will face an additional $3 billion deficit in the 2011-13 budget cycle and a projected $9 billion deficit in 2013-15, driven in part by increased demand for state-subsidized health care, unemployment insurance payments and other social services.The coming budget crisis is “a new challenge for us, it’s a different challenge,” Gregoire said. “This is not just about getting through a crisis. This is about transforming state government to meet the needs of a new economy.”To that end, she has appointed a bipartisan panel of prominent Washington citizens to advise her and is holding hearings around the state.She has also directed all state agencies to ask themselves a series of probing questions: Is the activity an essential service? Does state government have to provide it? Does it have to be paid for with the state general fund, or can user fees be charged? Is there a more efficient way to provide it?last_img read more

Pawan Kalyan to visit Amaravati on August 30

first_imgAmaravati: The Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan will be visiting Amaravati on August 30 (Friday). Recently, the comments of Minister Botsa Satyanarayana have raised concerns among the farmers who gave their lands for the capital region. During the tour, PK will visit the construction work sites in Amaravati, which were started by the earlier TDP government. Later, he’ll interact with the capital region farmers. Starting from Mangalagiri old bus stand, Pawan Kalyan tour will continue in Navuluru, Yerrabalem, Krishnayapalem, and Thullur. On August 24, Amaravati region farmers have met Pawan Kalyan and submitted a letter.last_img read more

Immigration Shelters Nationwide Ordered To Show Minors Disputed Texas Booklet That Links

first_img Share Graphic by Todd Wiseman / The Texas TribunePages from the state’s proposed update to A Woman’s Right to Know booklet.Once again, Texas is at the center of a dispute over how the federal government treats pregnant, undocumented minors in its custody.Last fall, a Texas case made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court when local immigration officials refused to let an undocumented minor leave federal custody to have an abortion. Now, with that case still pending, a top federal immigration official has ordered that a Texas health department booklet containing dubious scientific claims about the dangers of abortion be disseminated to undocumented minors nationwide.Last month, according to the Dallas Morning News, the Office of Refugee Resettlement instructed shelters across the country to provide minors in their custody with “A Woman’s Right to Know,” a booklet created by Texas health officials that features disputed health information, including that abortion has been linked to breast cancer and infertility. Medical experts have long disputed the contents of the pamphlet.The booklet — which Texas abortion providers must show patients 24 hours before they undergo the procedure — also outlines gestational stages, abortion risks and alternative options, including adoption.Four congressional Democrats objected this week to the government’s push to disseminate that pamphlet nationwide, both because of its “blatant lies about the safety of abortion” and because much of the information it contains is specific to Texas law. They also criticized Scott Lloyd, the director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, for handing down “increasingly unhinged and unethical rules and procedures.”“Mr. Lloyd has now made the caregivers of these young women – those to whom they look for support and nurturing – complicit in lying and spreading misinformation about their reproductive health,” wrote U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado and U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee of California.Their criticism comes amid uncertainty about the rights of undocumented pregnant minors in the custody of federal immigration officials — a question rooted in Texas.Last fall, a pregnant teenager detained in a Brownsville shelter, who is called Jane Doe in court documents, was prevented from having an abortion after immigration officials refused to let her leave her shelter for the procedure. After a weeks-long court fight, Doe had the abortion, but the federal government protested that she had misled them about the timing of the procedure, keeping them from appealing to the Supreme Court in time to prevent it from happening.The case is now pending before the nation’s highest court, which will retroactively decide whether Doe should have been allowed to undergo the procedure. That decision will set an important precedent for other young migrant women in similar situations.  Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union told The Texas Tribune in the fall that there are several hundred undocumented pregnant teenagers in federal custody, though it’s not clear how many of them are seeking abortions.last_img read more

International Film Festival Explores African Diaspora

first_imgMore than a dozen independent movies about people with African roots are scheduled to take center stage in Washington D.C. over the weekend at the African Diaspora International Film Festival.The festival, scheduled from Aug. 18 through Aug. 20, commences at The George Washington University’s Marvin Center, 800 21st Street NW. Languages represented in the movies include Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.A documentary about South African singer Miriam Makeba (pictured) is one of the films that will be screened at the upcoming African Diaspora International Film Festival in D.C. (Photo by Guido Fua/REX/Shutterstock)The traveling festival started in New York in 1993 and also makes stops in Chicago and Paris. It is celebrating its 11th anniversary in the District and offers a lineup of 14 movies — 11 that will premiere here for the first time.One such film is “Gurumbe: Afro-Andalusian Memories,” which is a musical documentary that explores 16th century Africans in Spain and their little-known contributions to Flamenco dance.“Africans in part have been around … for quite some time in what is known as Spain today — Black folks were there for eight centuries,” Reinaldo Spech, the fest’s cofounder, told the AFRO. “This is not new, but this has not been … central information when we talk about those cultures. We know why.” He was born in Cuba and created the festival with his French wife, Diarah N’Daw-Spech.Two other films will center on Afro-Latino themes as well. One is “El Valle De Los Negros” (The Valley of Black Descendants), which focuses on the descendants of enslaved Africans organizing the first census in Chile that counts them.The other is “Invisible Roots: Afro-Mexicans in Southern California,” which details the plight of Mexican-African descendants who emigrated to Southern California.There are motherland figures prominently in the festival’s offerings, too.The award-winning documentary “Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba” is scheduled to be screened at the film festival and start a theatrical run in Baltimore on Aug. 18.Makeba was a famous South African singer and civil rights activist who used her music to battle apartheid. Not only did Makeba enjoy a successful career in the United States and record songs with Nina Simone and Dizzy Gillespie, but she also fought for Black civil rights and married Stokely Carmichael, a leader of the Black Panther Party.“Independência” (Independence) chronicles Angola’s attempts to wrest itself from Portuguese colonial rule in the 1960s and 1970s.Pointing to popular demand, organizers have brought back “Toussaint L’Ouverture.” The flick chronicles how L’Ouverture deployed his military expertise to lead his fellow Haitians in overthrowing French colonial rule, thus ending slavery on the island.And the festival’s themes are varied.“The Naked Poet” by Jason Barrett tells the story of a Black man living in London who is torn with the possibility of loving two women.Closer to home, the documentary “Not Black Enough” features Black Americans who are rejected from Black society for not fitting into a narrow definition of blackness. A Q & A session follows the movie.The Spechs say the aim of the festival is showing films that educate, help destroy stereotypes and end attitudes that support injustice.“We look for films in many directions and we try to create a program that is not only thought provoking, but also entertaining in a certain way,” Spech said. “At the end of the festival, I want people to come out thinking about the richness of the experience of people of color, and that the differences do not make us enemies.”last_img read more

Microsoft created a virtual Xbox 360 to allow backwards compatibility

first_imgWhen Microsoft kicked off its E3 event yesterday we were expecting a lot of games and a console with a larger hard drive. What nobody expected was for Microsoft to announce the Xbox One was getting backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Well, it is, and now more details have dropped about how it works.Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson to Xbox owners, did a quick Q&A with Bill Stillwell from the Xbox Platform Team about how exactly backwards compatibility works. Remember, this is a feature Microsoft said it could not deliver, and they openly admit that. But there was a solution it turns out: they just had to build a virtual Xbox 360 in software.That’s a fancy way of saying the Xbox One has been made to run a very capable Xbox 360 emulator, which makes it possible to run most, if not all Xbox 360 titles on the newer platform. There are some caveats, though, but they aren’t anything to do with actually making the game software run.The virtual Xbox 360 will not be capable of running any games that rely on USB peripherals or the original Kinect. However, if you can play a game using a 360 controller, it should run on the Xbox One, you just need to wait for it to be approved and appear for download. And it’s that approval that forms the sticking point.Approving an Xbox 360 game to be playable on Xbox One is a legal and licensing issue. Microsoft needs to ensure the original developers and publishers agree to let it happen on a per title basis. All licenses associated with the original game also need to be checked to see if they are still valid. If they aren’t, renewing those licenses will determine whether a game appears on the backwards compatible list or not. Basically, if it’s difficult, especially for a not very popular game, it won’t happen.For Xbox One owners, it’s a simple case of “wait and see.” When a game appears on the list, if you own a digital copy on Xbox 360 Microsoft already knows about it by looking at your account and will automatically make it available to you on Xbox One for free. Alternatively, if you own a disc copy then simply place the disc in your Xbox One, the game will be detected, and a digital version will be downloaded to your hard drive ready to play (whenever you have the disc inserted). If you don’t own a game, expect it to become available to purchase on Xbox Live.The ability to play Xbox 360 games will appear for everyone in the Fall, with over 100 titles expected at launch and the majority of first-party titles being available. Every game will retain its original set of achievements (and remember which ones you already achieved) and multiplayer will be enabled if present (you can even play against people using a real Xbox 360). On top of that you’ll retain access to Xbox One specific features e.g. having the ability to capture screenshots.This is a great move by Microsoft. Existing Xbox One owners who didn’t sell their 360 games are getting a free bonus. Alternatively, anyone thinking about upgrading from the Xbox 360 will also soon be able to look at a list and see if their favorite last gen games will remain playable, and that alone could entice an Xbox One purchase.last_img read more

Remnants of the 1947 partition

first_imgSeven decades have passed since the Partition of 1947 and still remnants of it continue to linger only latently in public memories and histories. The exhibition at India International Centre (IIC), by The 1947 Partition Archive, will unravel the memories of people who witnessed the days of the Divide. This multimedia exhibit will highlight the socio–cultural ethnography and memory of the Partition by bringing forth those voices that have otherwise been unheard; the story of a woman still living in a refugee camp, separated from her daughter due to the man–made border, how two brothers converted to Islam to remain on their land while their sister made her way across to India, and how two brothers travelled from Travancore State to the North–West Frontier Province in search of work and were stranded there due to the Divide. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfEach and every panel of this exhibit presents a unique first-hand experience and displays how the pivotal event that determined the subcontinent’s contemporary history continues to influence society even today. These narratives are from all around the globe, with a special focus on subversive narratives through the lens of class, caste, and gender. The choice of regional locations is diverse and also brings to light the narratives of Partition that are often never considered as part of popular imaginary. This exhibition invites, for the very first, public audiences to engage with exemplary oral histories collected by The 1947 Partition Archive, over the last eight years. Curated by Aanchal Malhotra, it is an exhibition that marries the notions of history, memoir, longing and belonging. ‘Remembering partition: unheard stories’ is on view till September 8, everyday from 11 am to 7 pm at the Art Gallery, Kamaldevi Complex, IIC.last_img read more