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    Leon was published in thirty and chestnut

    can be said that the electronic commerce website integrated basically is like the human body, or as a basket case, he is a commodity, consumers and employees which have normal operation, and the three party as the body of the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, I they are defined as follows:

    commodity suppliers are white blood cells: they provide immunity, attack pathogens and foreign objects, and are responsible for white blood cells.

    consumers are red blood cells: they deliver oxygen to the body, mostly red blood cells.

    employees are platelets: the clotting function is responsible for platelets.

    strong white blood cells can be a super defense system of the electronic commerce website, with a real case to illustrate more clearly, is before the Yahoo shopping center will require key suppliers signed their exclusive supplier contract, assuming that your shopping sites will be UNIQLO, lativ, Tokyo, Tianmu strictly selected clothes on you the shopping website exclusive sales, you will establish the super competition threshold, other shopping sites difficult to break through the attack and defense is as a whole.

    red blood cells (consumers) to bring oxygen to your shopping website (money), red blood cell number or the oxygen carrying capacity is too low will cause dizziness, anemia, then you will need to "blood transfusion", while the plasma bag is very expensive, so you should take good care of your red blood cells, timely supplements, vitamins (consumer loyalty plan), avoid fading red blood cells are dead.

    and platelet (site staff), one of the most important work is to find out the wound, avoid white blood cells, red blood cells from the wound drain, find the wound after platelet coagulation play must work together the wound closed up.

    therefore healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets three common components of your ecommerce website, we often see e-commerce industry mistakes are constantly buying bags of blood transfusion, but ignore the white blood cells is not strong enough, keep bleeding wounds, the result is a vicious spiral of massive transfusion (such as buying Yahoo the home page advertising into the flow, it was unable to make improvements to the end) can not afford to buy a blood bag.

    so my advice is also thinking about the three party needs you resources must be white blood cells he needs is a good environment, such as healthy red blood cells to oxygen, a good system (e-commerce background), a good defensive weapons (promotion system flexible) health monitoring, radar (provide a good report, and analysis) of red blood cells, platelets maintain good communication channel is smooth and so on.

    platelets need proactive attitude and problem solving, teamwork, and quick response

    July 15, 2017 / admin

    First of all thank the

    platform network owners to provide us with the out of order, before the name continued to cast a lot of releases, but estimated nobody knows. From today onwards, the unified use of this network name sharing, today is the "industry website content updates 631 rules", we hope to help.

    now everyone knows the importance of website updates and the importance of original articles. Can be updated every day how much content, update what content, how to come to these content, it is estimated that personal webmaster is still the most troublesome thing every day. Oneself also did a few years individual stationmaster, share individual experience to everybody.

    "6" – 60% of the article, in fact, only need to do simple pseudo original processing. Modify the title, modify the description, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph. The source of the information varies from person to person and to choose from. Of course, the main source is portal, search engine news source, industry related enterprise website, each big portal, blog and so on.

    , this is industry news.

    "3" – 30% article can do a simple mining, paragraph reordering, rearrange the text, supplementary articles related to the information content, can even put a few articles into a few articles, or re edited into a few articles. This kind of arrangement takes time, but the difficulty is not very high. Basically, it can be said that it is a highly original article.

    this can be industry related news and reviews.

    "1" – 10% article, if the ability can also, I suggest to write. According to the current industry hot spots, write an analysis of the class or comment class articles. Not only can you exercise your writing skills, but it will also allow you to think about your chosen industry and improve your understanding of the industry from the other side of the writing process.

    in this case, if you can guarantee a stable 6, 3, basically can guarantee the website every day content updates, can meet visitors and search engines. As for 1, it may be difficult at first. Don’t be afraid of your poor writing, for no one knows who you are except yourself. And so much experience, and his writing naturally better.

    as long as the industry is not very big, 10 updates per day are enough.

    website update, your station insists. If you can guarantee the rule of 631, website updates per day and update I believe, after a period of time, your website has enough content to attract users and stick to the spider.

    simple sharing, word roughness is not rough. Website first: reprint please explain.

    / admin

    is the hero of the story is to use their computer expertise from business success. The station master is also worth seeing.

    walks into a Digital Plaza in the northeast corner of Shanghai, where hundreds of IT stores don’t know which one to choose.

    in such a competitive market, there is a store to help people assemble computers and solve all kinds of computer problems as the main business, and has been growing in recent years. Wang founder of the shop, just two years ago from a university graduate students looking for a job to run around here and there busy, still read in Wang senior decided to own a business.

    University, Wang computer literate students are often pulled away with the computer, computer hardware and software in the friend who is out of the question, the first thought is always in the course of time, he, he was dubbed the "computer doctor" reputation.


    decided to start his own business, Wang decided to take full advantage of his specialty. Then, he and 3 has the same idea of entrepreneurial partners, jointly founded a company called "student computer home shop, mainly for the student market, computer assembly, as they exclude software problems, and will choose location relatively concentrated in the northeast corner of the city of the university.

    "as far as the current market situation is concerned, the same 4000 yuan offer has more than ten kinds of computer configuration schemes, but there are not many students. Besides, different students use different computers for different purposes.". My classmates and I came from students, and soon after graduation, we could better understand what they wanted than others." Wang quite proudly told reporters about his entrepreneurial experience.

    relies on "quality is good, service is intimate, the price is reasonable" management position, Wang’s shop opened soon before it was favored by students nearby. In the first year of the store, more than 500 computers were installed, and profits were considerable by helping others solve software problems.

    second years, Wang and three partners have earned their lives the first pot of gold. Wang told reporters, because in recent years, the university enrollment expansion continues, so the store sales continue to grow, this year’s sales are expected to exceed 20 million yuan.

    entrepreneurial experience is the most valuable

    graduated from university just over two years ago and has earned the first pot of gold in his life. Wang is no doubt the envy of many of his peers. However, talking about his own entrepreneurial experience, Wang believes that the greatest wealth gained is entrepreneurial experience, not the Bibi money.

    , he said, "the road to entrepreneurship is unlikely to be smooth sailing. When you run, you run into a period of bad management and poor performance, but these setbacks have never made him give up.". He remembers the words of a well-known enterprise Mister said: young people want to start their own business, money is not the most important, the important thing is to dare to think, dare to risk, good at learning, good at getting experience from practice. This sentence >

    / admin

    09 years I had a crush on PSP, so I made a PSP professional website, this article is written by in the process of the heart, then I straightened out the appropriate reference for everyone to write, don’t scold me, I was the top write to me power: < / p>

    1.2 days after the website is released, second days PR updated, still did not catch up. We’ll have to wait for the next update. In the three months after the exchange connection compared with a negative three days after Google included ten pages, Yahoo included sixty pages, yodao also included, but the lack of Baidu I wonder whether Baidu love put all the pages are then climbed out.

    analysis of the number of daily check up the search crawler climb with iislog, Baidu 640 times a day or so, Google and Yahoo in 3500 or so, then at another visit to a large amount of station, Baidu is 12330, Google is seventeen thousand. Yahoo twenty thousand.

    can see Baidu crawl number is relatively small, it is also possible that Baidu often requires nearly a month before the release of the new sites included one of the reasons to page 11, for more than a week later, update one thousand to two thousand new flash games every day, a lot of friends to help make the link. Google included less than two hundred pages, Baidu is still not included in the IIS log, found that since yesterday afternoon Baidu spider climb the home page, about ing16 days, two week long time Baidu has included the home page, the snapshot time is number 9.

    23, Baidu snapshot time is 22. Google ranked two hundred, included 6500, Baidu ranked 79, included home page, Baidu spider is still crawling home, suddenly found 24 Baidu spiders crawl a page, but the page I found it, and found no outreach, do not know why suddenly climb up this page hoping to start included.

    began to find friendship links, all the small game station webmaster QQ collection, and added QQ, most of all not by adding friends. Added to see is new sites, no PR, Baidu included poor also ignore, only two friends to help exchange the connection.

    26, Baidu snapshot update today on the 25 day, game rankings to 80, this time Baidu spider gradually every day only to climb a dozen times home, mostly in 200064, one or two and 20000. while the same station snapshot update relatively fast, but the spider did not climb the page, only included the first time, nearly a month after the Thursday, or 26 days update have great expectations, the results still disappointed.

    very worried, although it is for users to serve, not to do garbage station, but in the dominant position of Baidu is not included, very terrible. There are SEO experts who want to see if there is anything under instruction

    / admin

    today is April 3rd, the morning of Beijing, the weather is good, the wind is not large, the sun is lazily shining, in the early cold early spring when people feel a ray of warmth. I went to bed at 9 last night. I thought I had a holiday today. I was in a good mood.

    at this time I did not know a thing has happened, almost ruined Shuangcai network 4 years painstaking achievement, almost ruined us a hard team operation, promotion and maintenance of all fruit, almost to the site of accumulated hard people, even destroy the reputation. Yes, everything is "almost", because our final result is good, not let the criminals to succeed, Shuangcai network also timely recovery normal operation.

    and all this is because the domain name has been stolen.


    story is like this: April 2nd at 10 pm, color network staff to access the website, the website content found very different, appear in front of a with a Trojan virus in shreds and patches, and recognition "Shuangcai network". After further verification by technical engineers, was basically identified as being stolen by a person whose name was Zhou, and the domain name of the website was directed to a server in Shanghai.

    April 3rd 9 pm, we contact the domain where the Registrar of Beijing network company, get a let us feel very angry, was surnamed Zhou criminals using fake certificates, the domain password theft! Shuangcai network has more than 200 thousand registered users, the number of daily visits to more than 100 thousand flow, millions, if the domain name cannot be retrieved or delayed for a long time to get it back, no doubt on the company’s operation is a devastating blow.


    today or normal working day, we immediately put forward business consulting to million net, and quickly the company submitted a relevant qualification certificate, and by our website engineers personally to the company to negotiate a million net, 2 in the afternoon, the password again back in the hands, the domain name back to our domain name, the user can also be normal visit.

    Shuangcai network is a total of more than 300 thousand registered users of the website, and the daily number of visitors more than 100 thousand passengers, traffic millions, theft during the domain name, keep the user calling about the site, have reflected not normal visit etc.. One can imagine that this unexpected incident does harm to the user, increasing the cost of all parties.

    domain name theft is not uncommon, on the one hand may be the domain management, transfer, transfer of management is not perfect or loopholes result, in addition, also shows that the criminals are always staring at some of the larger flow, and the large number of users of the site, expected by illegal means to obtain the user account password, or simply the name of the site to misappropriation of bank fraud crime. It was unfortunately at Shuangcai network, and password was stolen, but fortunately, we in the fastest time.

    / admin

    when you develop a product, you must perform good performance tests. Including interface testing and functional testing. The performance test is directly related to the quality of the product and the popularity after its introduction.

    navigation chaos

    ‘s confusing navigation design often leaves the viewer confused and lost. Therefore, you must have a good plan for the overall architecture of your website. For example: at the top of each page of the style of a unified navigation bar, the bottom of the general placement of company information and copyright text. For sites with complex content, you can provide a site map that explicitly tells the viewer the classification and use of the information on the site. Of course, you also have to provide a keyword search engine on your web site, which allows users to find the information they’re interested in at the least amount of time.

    scrolling text, looping playback of GIF and FLASH abuse,

    do not place scrolling elements on your web page. It causes the viewer to put his attention on the picture and sit still and read the text. FLASH technology enriches our web pages and uses it appropriately to drive the viewer’s mood and to increase the amount and popularity of the site. NIKE and Macromedia’s website is a good example. Now, we can often see FLASH technology is abused, when you read that theme and irrelevant animation, do not know what you think? You will cheer for that animation? Maybe you will only complain, I wasted so much time. This is really a web designer’s sorrow.

    web art forms are garish, designed for design, and misused by JAVA and JAVASCRIPT


    page is full of pictures that have nothing to do with the content. Some sites place large pictures, or even BMP format pictures, or use lots of JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, and DHTML. Slow Web downloads. I believe that no user will be interested in waiting for a long time. Users do not care about why the download time is so long, so slow, they will just think: this website is not good, it takes me a lot of time, but long error, this website service is not good, not for the sake of users. In this way, the user’s confidence in the site greatly reduced, I believe in the future will rarely visit your site.


    generally, if the download time of the page exceeds 15 seconds, the browser will automatically abandon it.

    uses frame

    uses frames in a web page to destroy basic web user patterns. A series of problems, users can not collect the current page, can not print web pages. Compatibility of web pages on different platforms and browsers.

    good websites should always take into account the user’s feelings. The compatibility of good websites in different operating platforms and browsers must be taken into account. Although, I>

    July 14, 2017 / admin

    Hello, I am a custom site or city life long, I do SEO, my site from June last year to July this year the station a year by SEO and Wikipedia blog promotion flow to day IP2000, SEO is the most small and medium-sized site main traffic sources, so it is important to say. Because the site is gambling sites dedecms vulnerabilities, frenzied attack, and eventually had to replace the program, now use phpcms to site, in addition to the company with a new station, how many people do in the face of a just installed the new station to know, on this occasion to share the railway station and SEO network station construction modification steps, looking comments.

    CMS is the first choice for small and medium-sized sites, first of all, personal comments on the three major open source portal CMS features for reference and selection.

    one, the overall optimization of

    1, create channel column

    2, SEO

    , ZhengZhan channel column set

    keyword layout is the most important, the main station industry words, channels, columns, hot targets, keywords, articles, pages, countless long tail words.

    3 and URL rules

    uses a master / column / article ID three URL in the column can be directly created. Select the root directory and the article page naming rules will date can be deleted, need to modify the phpcms column, the article page URL rules: extended -url rules

    4, column, article page title shortened

    CMS the default column page title is: column name channel name site SEO title (long); the default page title: the title column name channel name site SEO title in order to optimize and appearance, we need to revise the SEO title – custom website name (delete); Article Title – custom website name CMS modify the

    different not tired

    5, mail, mail,

    member registration mailbox, mail settings, the default is signed by the program developer mailbox, developers, mailboxes and mail are to customize.

    6 and 404 page

    sets custom 404, 400, 500, etc. on the virtual space panel, making and uploading 404.html to the root directory of the web.

    7, link open,

    channel column uses the current window, the article page, the new window.

    8, upload logo, watermark, and 50 universal watermarks with pictures in reserve.

    9, share button: phpcms has default, others can install Baidu share.

    10, statistical software: Baidu statistics, cnzz.

    11, ad alliance

    personal webmaster do >

    / admin

    with the development of Internet, information technology has become more and more widely used in agriculture in china. In recent years, government departments at all levels have attached great importance to the construction of agricultural information websites. Although the construction of agricultural information websites started late, the development of agricultural information websites is very fast. According to the information center of the Ministry of agriculture statistics, China’s agricultural websites have been less than 200 in 1998, and developed to more than 2000 by the end of 2200. The author uses the search engine system of statistics, by the end of March 2008, China’s agricultural website has been increased to 6389, more than the developed countries such as France and Canada, if coupled with the Taiwan and Hongkong agriculture website, the agricultural website Chinese can be ranked top 5 in the world in the number of. Domestic agricultural websites are mainly concentrated in Beijing and the major coastal provinces. The number of agricultural websites in the western region is relatively small. Shandong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong are among the top five, accounting for 50.38% of the total.

    1 domestic agricultural website construction present situation

    China’s agricultural web site owners generally divided into three categories: one is the establishment of agricultural agricultural information website at all levels of government departments, is the main macro guidance on agricultural development in the region, providing practical agricultural technology, market information, promotion of agricultural policies and regulations, agricultural investment projects such as information service, information service has the authority, the comprehensive range of services and regional common characteristics. Two is the agricultural information website established by the agricultural research and education department. It mainly provides the relevant information of agricultural science and technology, and has the characteristics of professional authority. For example, the peanut business network of china. Three agriculture related enterprises to establish the information website, is generally around the business scope, publicity and promote their own products and technical services, to develop the electronic commerce, has the characteristics of advertising and service, that enterprise profit as the ultimate goal,.

    from table 1 lists all kinds of websites in recent years the development of comparative figures, the total number of domestic agricultural websites grew rapidly, but mainly concentrated in the establishment of corporate self promotion website, accounting for domestic agricultural website 82.56%; agricultural government paid considerable attention to the agricultural website, number of sites also have established the obvious growth accounted for 11% of the total number of domestic agricultural website. From the end of 2000 to the end of March 2003, the number of agricultural research institutions website almost no growth, only the total number of domestic agricultural site 2.6%, which is growing with the majority of users of agricultural science and technology information needs of the formation of a strong contrast.

    domestic agricultural website information content covers all major aspects of agriculture and rural economy, involving 13 major categories and 127 subcategories, and some sites involve multiple categories. According to the statistics, by the end of March 2008, the agricultural website according to the content of professional information classification as shown in table 2:

    can be seen from table 2, the classification of agricultural websites provides the first five categories are: rural and agricultural economy, policies and regulations and management, planting, forestry and agricultural products processing. Most sites cover multiple categories of information.


    / admin

    recently my little Baidu health station every day to update, update the fastest time just add content less than 10 minutes, I began to wonder, before Baidu at least a week to visit my station, how the recent visit so frequently? How would like to figure out, but look back there may, mainly the following 2 reasons:

    1, I insist every day update the article, and the main source of several major news community, every article I have made some small changes, such as change the title, change the abstract, I think there is to delete some unnecessary content. But there are direct COPY come over, I made the observation, direct COPY come over rarely included, unless it is Baidu search, can only search to one or two. There is a expired more than 10 days of documents, COPY come almost no included, may not know is my station, small or what, just add up just a amount of it.

    2, to some of my interest in the BBS to stroll around, pour a water, but I have in my signature below, I leave the link. Go to the forum also has a skill, make posts become more popular posts, best can become the hottest posts, it is necessary to catch the main forum for this crowd hobby, but generally the beauty and the girls are hot topics, so Baidu patronize the number of times on May, along it climbed to the station I come oh.

    ha ha, do a useful station is I have been thinking, I think more or from the content of up to, gather some of the users are useful content to stand up, by the users attention, Baidu will naturally come to. Small station really seems to be Baidu fell in love with. For a long time health network in advance I wish you a good health station Nagato, a happy festival!!! Do we exchange friends health station, QQ531002970. A5 first, please keep the

    / admin

    first come to you a question: what kind of the most touching, resonate? And say to me: [true] is the best explanation, here I will share how to push network ( love station weight in a month to 1, hope for the new hand help, below the share is big because of dry cargo, do not know how much, understand may not be useful, easy to use method is king!!!

    first: here is the time for the domain name:


    website is 6.20 applications, in fact, in July 26 on-line, because during this period to modify the site style, delayed the on-line time, and there is to do the basic data before submission..

    , you can see the real statistics below:



    site is included in number 9, which is the Baidu inspection period:

    7-26 to 8-9

    during this period, take a look at the 360 and Baidu included difference: (Google will not study, included hundreds of content.) look at the picture:


    love station weight from such a short time to do, 1 is how to optimize up?? below share your dry experience.

    optimization methods are many, gimmick miscellaneous seven disorderly 8, online a lot of methods you can try, I just said I do the work….

    1, the content of the website


    first said to him, because I was not going to start to do Baidu optimization, I know Baidu optimization is done, the plan I have is the site only yourself, no matter what search engines like Taobao, customers also use advertising to pull customers propaganda tasks, personally, to not buy a Baidu account, main target customers, you can see how I put Baidu! So I insist on collecting web content and original information, because I do not want to let the content of the website is to copy and paste, the fundamental one is of no use, this proposal can be collected to the novice webmaster oneself the site, do the anchor text, save time but also conducive to the website optimization. Don’t want to spend time… If you spend money to buy


    2, the site of the chain

    was a commonplace talk of an old scholar has a point: first, I did not buy any of the chain, is to send the quiz in the active site, write the original share, then the chain with the bottom of the original, believe things with links or get Adsense recognition, if this is intolerable, the station to wood do very successful, or never!

    recommended original release area: A5, >

    / admin