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entrepreneurs need to know: common system rich trap! The use of information to make money, but nowadays some information crooks trick after another, designed a trap, make people aspiring inadvertently when the big. The following is the most common way to expose the current line to remind people to guard against the trap of getting rich, to avoid undue loss.

A, for free: in recent years, there have been "for free" advertising reported in the newspaper, when you go to the electric signal contact, they are not to send packing, is to charge of technical cooperation or contract justice charges. When you send the money, some of them send some so-called seeds, and some even have no news. They were "free for misleading" signs, tricked into buying. You know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

two, high recovery: a lot of people playing poker XXX Institute of medicine and XX medicine market signs, sales of seeds and seedlings, some varieties of price decline in advertising claims is the development of wanton boast, shortage of medicines prescribed by the state, and the advertisement deliberately gives a vague concept, say how many million acre value those who do not understand medicine prices and aspiring people eyebrows. There will be some strict requirements on the environment varieties and cultivation techniques, will be said to the North South safe, easy to manage. They play poker high recovery and other guise, deceptive.

three, processing: processing fees to pay for some high return and recycling products as bait, to collect the processing management fees, to cheat deposit. The advertisement said that as long as the deposit, you can free assembly, material recycling products, let you get rich the assembling fee. When you pay the deposit material assembly of finished products to advertisers, often in order to assemble the grounds to reject unqualified, to cheat you thousands of yuan deposit.

four, joint venture factories: some "manufacturers" in the newspaper called free feeding. Seeking associate processing gloves or clothing advertised as long as the purchase of their processing machinery, deposit free material processing, the manufacturer is responsible for recycling, you can get high processing fees. The result is not so. When you buy their mechanical, material processing of finished products to pay a deposit, the manufacturer will reject the unqualified, or manufacturers moved to different places, disappear without a trace. Those seeking associate advertising is the sale of inferior processing machinery and they cheat deposit, make you lose everything.

five, collection recovery: some advertisers blow collecting ancient coins and other objects can be Mao rich, according to the information they receive Mao ancient coins, can receive many pieces of value of a few hundred to several thousand yuan of waste money, and then sent to the ancient coin market sale, can become a millionaire. This is a trap filled with flowers. Advertisers "long-term acquisition of ancient coins, banknotes, coins and other badges" under the guise of just to attract you to spend a high price to buy his relevant information.

six, special culture: a lot of illegal advertisers make use of the information is ineffective and aspiring psychological, to sign the contract, legal notarization, to ensure the recovery under the guise of some as recommended

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The day before, the largest province of the city community, Seongbuk Bridge Street office Mao Sheng Temple community built in the north of the city zone. Relying on community resources and carry out party grid management, meticulous service "two" brand building, add oxygen, Sun Yue Yuan Tong knowledge interesting classes, reading room, electronic reading room, Internet cafes and other green services, and actively implement the "one line management, one-stop office, all in one service disposable Banjie" service concept, to create a comprehensive function, facilities management, excellent comprehensive community service center.

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is to strengthen urban construction waste transportation, disposal management, prevention and control of road dust pollution, promote the improvement of air quality, recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Communications Department, production safety supervision and Management Bureau jointly issued the "Qinghai province urban construction management measures for sediment transport (Trial)" clearly, division of labor, strengthen the urban planning area, engaged in construction waste dumping, transportation, transit, backfilling, consumption, the use of disposal supervision and management activities.

way clear, the construction waste disposal sites should be based on the overall planning and siting requirements set the overall urban planning, land use, any entity or individual is prohibited without setting the construction waste disposal sites, engaged in construction waste disposal activities. Construction units, construction units and other construction waste disposal unit shall pay the construction waste disposal fees in accordance with the provisions. The need to dispose of construction waste, should be promptly to the area of housing and urban construction (city sanitation) departments to apply and be allowed. Ministry of public security traffic management approval of the construction of the transport of specific transport vehicles and road sections. Engaged in construction waste transport vehicles to install GPS satellite positioning system, the use of special operational nature of the vehicle or have closed, anti leakage, anti flying conditions, and in line with motor vehicle noise, exhaust pollution control standards.


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Xining City, earnestly do a good job in the new year and Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival in 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the "three day") mass cultural activities, the organization of government, regional linkage, the people involved in the way to carry out the content and various forms, wide coverage, high degree of participation in a series of activities, the Xining cultural charm, to create a warm, civilized and peaceful festive holiday atmosphere.

it is understood that this series of activities in springtime in Xining · beautiful dream "as the theme," people cinema "outstanding film screenings," · Ya Chi spring; "spring book, excellent performances," happy · fire; go grassroots culture Huimin performances such as more than and 100 projects. December 19, 2013 at the Qinghai Grand Theatre, the people of the star · meet the weekend talent contest finals in the three quarter of the mass cultural activities officially started. One of the first Xining folk culture tourism festival, "my Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits · warm LinLiQing" Laba season in Xining in 2014 forty-first, then it’s the race activities have been recognized by the people and actively participate in.

from January 23, 2014 to February 14th (the twelfth lunar month twenty-three to January fifteen) will be held in the "Pegasus Tachun · CLS Xining Spring Festival, the Lantern festival. From February 7th to 13 days in the town square of Xining people stage "stars Spring Festival" Huimin performances, series of mass cultural activities will continue until the end of March.


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In recent years, Datong County, conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal reform of the cadre and personnel system, the spirit of a series of documents, the county government is closely combined with the county cadres, focus on deepening reform and accelerating the development of Datong, the cadre and personnel system, the construction of high-quality cadres, improve the ability of administration level, improve cadre team the political quality, age structure, professional knowledge and leadership abilities were

in recent years, Datong County, conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal reform of the cadre and personnel system, the spirit of a series of documents, the county government is closely combined with the county cadres, focus on deepening reform and accelerating the development of Datong, the cadre and personnel system, the construction of high-quality cadres, improve the ability of administration level, improve cadre team the political quality, age structure, professional knowledge and leadership abilities were. In order to establish a cadre, can dynamic employing mechanism as the goal, and actively explore and practice, comprehensively promote the reform of the cadre and personnel system, at the same time, the innovation of employment mechanism, actively promote the exchange of rotation and competition, such as public selection selection and employment mechanism in the township, which provides a broad platform for grassroots cadres to do business, and achieved remarkable results.

cadre personnel system constantly improve. The system is feasible and scientific, and it is the premise and foundation to ensure the smooth development of the cadre system reform. In order to adapt to the needs of economic and social development, the county cadres and personnel system reform, combining with the actual situation, and constantly improve, establish and improve the system. One is to expand the focus of inner-party democracy and grassroots democracy, bold to try and explore the initial nomination of selection and appointment of cadres work, formulated the "selection and appointment of leading cadres at the initial nomination methods (Trial)". The two is based on the actual, people-oriented, and actively explore the age of leading cadres transferred to the resettlement mode, the organization transferred to the leading cadres to form a comprehensive inspection teams, and formulated the "Datong County comprehensive inspection team supervision management measures (Trial)" and "on the strengthening of section level leadership positions transferred to the level of non leadership positions cadres management notice", effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of the work of cadres transferred; three is based on the needs and development of the center of our county cadre personnel work, formulate system. Combined with the actual development of the "on the implementation of opinions" (stock) level cadres competition, introduction of the "Datong county level leadership and leading cadres assessment system", "feedback of the results of the Party leadership on chief aspiring candidates to implement measures" voting system, the appointment and dismissal of cadres "classification" and "the difference between the nomination" and "vote" three breakthrough. Four, according to the development of the situation and the existing problems, the implementation of the system has been constantly revised and improved. My county cadres to inspect the work of the responsibility system, cadres serving probation, cadres before the publicity of the 8 systems have been revised and improved. To ensure the scientific, feasibility, systematic and exuberant vitality of the cadre and personnel system. At present, the county has initially formed a cadre management, recruitment, selection, training, supervision and other aspects of the main system, effectively promoting the reform of the cadre and personnel system in depth direction;

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In April 27th, three counties and four districts of the City Board of education in charge of my entrance examination work of the Bureau, Zhaoban all cadres and 22 take the college entrance examination, the school accepted the senior high school entrance examination test center examination security and emergency treatment knowledge training, further strengthening the city entrance examination personnel examination management level, enhance the security and test the awareness of risk prevention, to ensure that the work of the examination smoothly, safety.

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as of now, the city of Xining has completed the relevant formalities of small and micro Hotel 35, room 294, bed 536. With the arrival of the tourist season, the hotel occupancy rate reached 95%.

in June this year, the city of Xining city investment 1 million 900 thousand yuan, construction business area of 1800 square meters, with a total of 54 beds in Xining City, the first to enjoy the government to support the establishment of small and micro hotels. Simple furniture, comfortable sofa, convenient broadband Internet, clean bathroom facilities and simple self-help kitchen, spend only 300 dollars, to 80 square metres of living suites, this is a small micro convenience hotel. The development of small and micro hotel is the main way to accelerate the lodging industry structure adjustment and the expansion of tourism accommodation resources, but also revitalize the idle real estate, promote social entrepreneurship, employment, increase the income of urban and rural residents is an important channel of finance.

in April this year, government policies to support the small micro Hotel attracted many businessmen, to July, the north area of Xining city has registered social hotels, farmhouse hotels, family hotel 110. As of July 15th, has handled 35 small and micro hotel business procedures, room 294, bed 536, ease the difficulty of travel to the tropical accommodation. (author: Fan Shengdong)

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September 10th, Chengdong District of Xining city community service system reform pilot held a mobilization meeting, the meeting made a comprehensive arrangement of community reform work plan, announced 12 new community area and personnel serving notice etc..

community: East of Dongguan Road, West to Wuyi Road and North Garden, South to East Main Street, north to the Huangshui River, an area of about 1.08 square kilometers, a population of about 34 thousand people.

Xiang Muslim community: East Road, South Street, West to the Republic of South Street, summer street, garden north to the East, an area of about 0.66 square kilometers, a population of about 39 thousand and 900 people.

international community: East Republic road and kushuigou, West Road and Cui Jian Xin Xiang, Nanshan south, north to the root of summer street, an area of about 1.25 square kilometers, a population of about 24 thousand and 600 people.

Zhou Jiaquan community: East, west of Huang Zhong Lu Road, South to the public street and Bayi Road, north to the Huangshui River, an area of about 1.22 square kilometers, a population of about 30 thousand people.

rich and powerful Lane Community: East to Delingha Road, West to Republican Road, South to Kunlun East Road, north to Dongguan Street and public street, area of about 1.34 square kilometers, with a population of about 30 thousand and 500 people.

public community: East and West, Huang Zhong Lu extension to Republican road and kushuigou, South root, north to Kunlun Road, an area of about 2.35 square kilometers, a population of about 20 thousand people (including the unity of the village).

Taining community: East Huang River Road, West Delingha Road, South Kunlun Road, north to Bayi Road, an area of about 1.01 square kilometers, a population of about 19 thousand people.

Kangle, the east wall and the community: East extension line (Dongchuan Industrial Park, West Road, Zhihuang circle) South Road extension (Golog between Huang Zhong Lu and Lu Bo) and Kunlun Road, north to the Huangshui River, an area of about 1.97 square kilometers, a population of about 29 thousand people.

Qinghai Tibet Garden community: East Dongchuan Industrial Park, West Zhihuang Road, South Road, north to the Golog root extension (between Huang Road and Bowen Road) and Kunlun Road, an area of about 2.5 square kilometers, a population of about 20 thousand people.

Linjiaya community: East Train Station Square, West Temple groove (North Bound), South to the Huangshui River, north to the Beishan area, an area of about 1.6 square kilometers, a population of about 19 thousand and 400 people.

train station community: East Road freight yard and extend the line west to the train station square (including), South to the Huangshui River, north to the Beishan area, an area of about 1.96 square kilometers, a population of about 33 thousand people.

mutual Road community: East West Yucai School walls, West Bay Road and extension, South to the Huangshui River, north to the Beishan area, an area of about 2.08 square kilometers, a population of about 24 thousand and 600 people. (author: Dezhou)

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according to the third national survey carried out in Xining, a total of immovable cultural relics survey, a total of 1301 registered immovable cultural relics. Where the review 743, the new found in 558. At present, a total of Xining City, the national key cultural relics protection units 6, 84 provincial cultural relic protection units; Museum of Xining city and three counties a total of 17431 cultural relics collection, of which 201 precious relics (grade 163, two grade 16, three grade 22). Xining City, 6 national key cultural relics protection units respectively, Kumbum Monastery ruins, Shen Na lit the Great Wall, Dongguan mosque, Taiwan Huangyuan, Town God’s Temple tiger ruins.

in recent years, Xining city cultural relics management department on the basis of "cultural relics protection law", "the protection and rescue first, rational utilization, strengthening management policy guidance, the establishment of the protection sign of cultural relics protection units, prevention of illegal cultural relics, rescue and clean-up burial, collected cultural relics, a lot of effective work, promote the healthy development of the cultural relics undertaking of Xining. In May this year, Dongguan mosque, Taiwan Huangyuan, Town God’s Temple tiger ruins of 3 cultural relic protection units to declare the success of announced the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Recently, Tan Zhen Huangzhong County Gan Li Jiu Cun ancient buildings in Datong County Chengguan Chengguan Town, Confucious’temple and other 8 to declare the success of Qinghai Province announced the ninth batch of key cultural relics protection units. (author: Wang Zi)

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The County Bureau of justice, the law firms, notary bodies everywhere (room): 2012 is a crucial year for the implementation of the "overall construction planning, 12th Five-Year" life in our city and the city of city of happiness, according to the city’s judicial administrative work conference and the "Xining Municipal Bureau of Justice in 2012 working points", in order to further promote the scientific the decision, promote the city full implementation of the work of the administration of justice, timely find and grasp the new situation and new problems in the development of the judicial and administrative reform, explore new approaches and new ideas for the reform and development of Judicial Administration in our city, and promote sound and rapid development of judicial administrative work in the city, we will do the 2012 annual arrangement of information and the theoretical research work of the city administration of justice system:
, a guideline in 2012 the city’s judicial administrative information and theoretical research work of the guiding ideology is: to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, conscientiously implement the province’s political and legal, judicial and administrative and the judicial administration work conference spirit, focus on the administration of justice priorities, to deepen "three key work" as the focal point, to carry out more extensive information and theoretical research work, to further enhance the city’s judicial administrative work information and the level of theoretical research, provide scientific basis and theoretical guidance for the innovation and development to promote the work of the.
two, the focus of
, around the city’s economic and social services to carry out information and theoretical research. according to the implementation of "12th Five-Year", based on the judicial administrative legal advocacy, legal services and legal protection functions, seriously study the judicial administrative work in the service and protect the city’s economic and social development, the construction of the rule of law, peace, harmony and other aspects of the combination of Xining, the starting point and focus, and study the effectiveness of new ideas and a new measure function, and continuously improve the ability and level of social coordinated development of judicial administrative work of the city’s economy.
, around the maintenance of social harmony and stability to carry out information and theoretical research. is a careful study to enhance emancipist interface control, job placement, social security measures, in-depth exploration of rehabilitation and resettlement work in prison (the) forward extension of the working mechanism, strengthen and improve the ability of placement effect, prevent and reduce illegal crime. Two is to strengthen the community correction management system and working mechanism research, and constantly standardize the working procedures, improve the management system, improve the quality and effectiveness of community correction. The three is the study of effective new measures of the people’s mediation work to resolve and prevent disputes and legal publicity and the three functions of education research, people’s mediation and administrative mediation and judicial mediation interrelated work mechanism, efforts to prevent and resolve social conflicts and disputes, to maintain social stability. Four is to deepen the lawyers involved in the settlement of social conflicts and disputes, to explore the participation of lawyers involved in letters and visits, the handling of non normal petition, participate in the people’s mediation work, effectively resolve social conflicts;

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