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  • Er now many Shanghai dragon love shortcuts to relax, not only do optimization, and can get good results at this time, many of my friends think of is to use the software to replace the Shanghai dragon; in Google optimization, friends to use the software to send the chain to get very good results, every month can also have a lot of orders, but also love Shanghai very much optimization software, only tried to know a friend, but Shanghai website construction feeling, the total effect to almost than Google to the operation and transition will let down the right site The loss outweighs the gain., even by the K.

    tool chain high repeatability of poor quality

    outside the chain of course is manual, good quality is good, although a bad side, but as the auxiliary effect is good, "

    , a tool can not replace human thinking

    tools group released time, the link is obvious, general blogs do not how long will be deleted, even as Sina, Sohu this blog, usually will not be sealed, so a tool was immediately blocked, and highly repetitive articles, originally the search engine is not love, really to write the original to send the chain of Shanghai dragon Er should not, in addition to the original soft Wen contribute, the other is the East West copy and join the reluctance to become a pseudo original release, the original article is not high quality, but also by the mass, probability can be included is very small.

    no matter what the pseudo original tools, or chain group tools, the effect is not so ideal, pseudo original tools can only modify the surface meaning, can only upset upset the paragraph, the change of the key words in the article, insert the relevant keywords instead, such a good article, looks out of order, a lot of related statements completely, not suitable for the user’s reading, this article is sent out a pile of garbage; in addition to send the chain only posts a month, not false original except quality relatively is not ideal.

    three, outside the chain of the fast rise of fall faster

    now than before the software bugs might stand, many software to send the chain, the strength is large, if a website ran into the search engine update time, will find the chain rose very quickly, but the effect of the chain really makes people think, just a flash in the pan, and can not bring much big promotion as key words, and now love Shanghai foreign chain high quality requirements, the chain of this form will be removed, it may drop down the right site onto you.

    Two, The most ideal method of

    is the most familiar is the chain group tools, one can make hundreds of out the chain, before using blog promotion, website also took to have very good results, but did not last long, let the good times don’t last long, all websites are love Shanghai right down, and right down is very difficult to recover from now on, let me no longer "favor" tool, here’s what the shortcomings of tools:

    September 16, 2017 / admin

    2, the same site, must not appear similar high title, after this upgrade included in the site, even if your content to write again good love Shanghai spiders are not recognized, it is a waste of the content of the website is constructed.

    two, website title we can love Shanghai station search search tools and synchronous combination search, found a similar title then we modified. >

    included in the site of good and bad, so as a webmaster how to avoid the problem of high similarity to

    , from which we can get if you want included in the site is normal, then the same content similarity of a web site can not be too high, the website page similarity is too high will eventually be removed so as to reduce the love Shanghai, love Shanghai site in the position in the invisible, if a long time like this, the website also included it is bound to affect the ranking of the site, so that all the webmaster friends in the layout of the content on the website must pay attention: innovation content, discard the old thought.

    love Shanghai on the same site similar title content were reduced, the site is a Shanghai dragon blog, website content are basically related to optimization of local companies, which have many titles are similar, then at the time of writing also did not pay attention to this problem, by comparing the degree of similarity was found after more than seventy percent of the title content will be deleted from a webmaster friends this thing can get a lesson:

    ?The original content before

    love Shanghai on the same site of high similarity before finishing, the webmaster friends in the construction of the web content are arbitrary, from the Internet pseudo original, there is a direct copy, but with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, the content of the website has been put on the subject, the content of the website over similar the site is either K, or be right down, and this is also the same site, if the similarity within the site is too high, it will definitely affect the overall quality of the site, and then love Shanghai will continue to refresh the content on the website, excluding those the poor quality of the content.

    , each write an article as much as possible not to look at the site, this can be avoided due to the similarity of the original content.

    1, love Shanghai attaches importance to the title of what to write, to enhance the quality of the high similarity title is not suitable for the site, so we must to enter the title in the search engine query written prior to the content of the web site title, found a similar title then we immediately change the title.

    The similarity of the title and content of the site determines the

    I have two sites appeared in the same situation, keywords ranking still in Shanghai first, but included every day but in less, I remain perplexed despite much thought, finally after all the included page and deleted pages included comparison website, writer found the new trend of love Shanghai algorithm.

    / admin

    so we do share in the analysis of love Shanghai or simply look at the data how many times? I think more should see the back flow, because only flow share is the share of value. Return flow share can prove that you are a real user group web site, so the search engine will determine your site user groups have much greater weight, user groups, the audience more your site is higher. The search engine to judge the quality of a web site included in the weights given the future is the website user groups have much, now Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai love Shanghai share statistics and can be very accurate to collect these data.

    currently love Shanghai share can accurately collect these data, for the brush love Shanghai people to share data is that the blow, simply because the share of no return is meaningless. Today is that we want to share the love around Shanghai in the back flow for everyone to talk about behind those effects, because many things seem to have no direct impact, but indirectly bring great. For example, love Shanghai clear that description for ranking is not of any direct effect, but if a good description can bring click click, you know there is a role in promoting for a website, which is affected most of us don’t see.

    so the future of a website to later want to enhance the site’s weight must ring the user’s thinking to do, which is no longer the hair of the chain, every fixed update content. But by the content of high quality with good promotion, the use of a platform, the user really become our fans, such as the use of micro-blog, micro-blog can synchronously with the site, can also enclose our users using a variety of ways to promote a QQ group. We all have a new website content, can use these powerful social media content to quickly spread out. Bring huge traffic, we can also share to the major social media sites such as content through love Shanghai, love Shanghai space, happy net, renren贵族宝贝 such platform, if our company’s brand in the community or in an area that is very authoritative, easy access to the fans. Once you have a large number of fans, the website weight nature, keywords ranking is like a bad.

    Shanghai Longfeng VIP >

    now love Shanghai to share data, which for those of us who love to share the use of Shanghai is also a great boon, in fact, I believe that love is out of love for Shanghai Shanghai with the greatest significance lies in the collection of data. Because of the big data era is coming, the last look of love Shanghai official: social media sharing Industry Report 2012. Found that social media era has truly arrived, I believe the current search engine to determine the value of a site really is how many fixed users have much direct access to people. If the installation on the love of Shanghai would have to share share calculation of the content of your website how many people share your content how many back flow.

    / admin

    Related words written in


    < B> < I> < U> such as bold, italic, underline and other labels, such as some of the section header can bold, some references or explanatory text is in italics, thus allowing the user to better understand and browse articles, and this type of label often the article appeared in the search engine will think you more formal.


    editor in Shanghai Longfeng in actually it is a science, and the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, content editing is not good, the user does not love, the future may directly affect Shanghai Longfeng effect is hard to say, not much to say, directly into the topic.

    did you find the big portal station almost every article with pictures? For example, some reports of a star entertainment news, even if there is no picture, will find a picture of the stars before the picture into the post; for instance, some women in the portal, such as weight loss, skin care and other articles are. Will insert some irrelevant beautiful pictures. Why do they have to do so, because of this, the search engine will think you are more formal, people’s point of view, combined with the article, users are more love watching video, the same is true.

    labelThe proper use of

    five, around a theme with the content of

    two, the proper use of < B> < I> < U>

    search engine through the long-term accumulation of data, have their own database, specially recorded some related words, such as "Jay Chou", will jointly "entertainment", "singing" and "Star" such words, so that a search engine will think these words are related words, and we are editing articles, concept in mind should have relevant words, when the subject is around a word, more content related words of the word.

    The contents of the

    three, appropriate to add some pictures and video

    Four, pay attention to

    , a layout to clear

    many of the site’s content layout can be used to describe what is more is a mess, and what the font format out of order, but also some copied from the Internet, some out of order format code is not clear in the content, this content can’t see, you can see the big portal station the content is how to edit, each section of < P> tags separated, each section of the front will certainly set aside two Chinese characters characters, if you want to update the contents of the day, a lot of words, it is a waste of time, we recommend to you a tool, you open this web page: 贵族宝贝admintk贵族宝贝/bianji.html as long as the article, copy here, click "automatic typesetting" on the line, this more convenient.

    / admin

    The first site

    do so long Shanghai Longfeng, everyone has their own opinion, since graduating from my first job is to release the word of mouth words, do the medical industry, a lot of people through word of mouth words long tail keywords should be covered with a snapshot of the first page of the long tail keywords, to pull into a point of the flow after all, the medical industry is the largest industry in the competition.

    there is your main, my colleague made a mistake, is the blog of the original article, after also take these articles to various sites contribute, finally lead to love Shanghai that his blog is stolen, the station was K, because of the high weight site in the sea will be considered in this article he is unique to the original, you don’t even start your website weight, is also considered to copy others.


    user experience: the medical industry site are many in order to access rate, many sites have set up a business open the website and then pop up business, after a lapse of ten seconds of a bomb, so we do Shanghai dragon saw all feel tired, with no exception of the more, we had to do business is to hang up open the site, when he won’t play, just floating on the left, set up 1 minutes after the pop-up, so the user experience is not so poor that.

    chain: to cause mainly through the blog and BBS signature, many people know early blog raising weight is not so easy, I generally do blog every day to add one or two article pseudo original articles, not with the chain, slowly until the blog article is love Shanghai included, only gradually every few the day with links, this time is very long. Through the forum signature to top posts and post, and love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai love love Wikipedia, know, Search ask etc.. The main or you can write good articles for publication forum.

    then optimization is the site in the stomach: we plan to each article and recommended reading, convenient for visitors to see the article in time, the answer can not solve the he also can recommend reading to find a better solution, but also can provide a crawler can climb to the recommended reading the article page up, and then climb to much. This paper focuses on the medical industry, with disease speaking medical solutions, the existence of hazards (usually the treatment will tell the patient how the), the article page also set up a hot search keywords, do the main keywords and links to the home page, column page keywords, the Keywords tag tag the link that can let the crawler deeper some.

    definition of the title, this is also a vital, a web site even if you lined up first love Shanghai snapshot, do not title, maybe there are many people who cannot visit your site, so a part of the title is also important. There is a website only home to flow is not enough, the column page, the article page can do long tail keywords pull to flow a lot of.

    / admin


    five, click on the second steps: collecting content rules on page content label definition frame delete other labels, leaving only the title tag, as shown below. Can put before the URL into the test bar test.

    , open the locomotive software, choose a set of a new task, classification of information group I choose here.


    two, click new, will pop up the following settings box, first of all to the task named "acquisition" of the title, and then click the Add button start.

    three, click the Add button, the pop-up, batch / pages, then the address format input should be collected from the website address, suppose we want to get the "Shanghai dragon optimization" is the word love Shanghai the first two pages of the title of the competitor (below, it is unchanged) in Shanghai love the search box to search "Shanghai dragon optimization", and then copy the URL address bar love Shanghai, is due to the acquisition of multiple pages, so also need to join the wildcard, and we found love in front of Shanghai on the search results page page address is the same, is behind the pn=0, pn=10, pn=20…,… In a tolerance of 10 arithmetic so the first increase to 0, tolerance is set to 10, because we are the first 2 pages, so the number is 2, if you want to add more. Finally, click Add and complete.



    locomotive, the next wood Shanghai dragon will teach you step by step to get the love of Shanghai before the two page of your competitor’s title.


    six, click on the third step: publish content settings, select positive release, and then press below set format, location, name, click save.

    four stage, playing the box below. Fill in according to the extraction rules.


    Add a button, click on the URL of the

    title?We first need to download a

    website title set is crucial for the website optimization, website optimization personnel all basic settings are in contact with the title of the website, especially a lot of new sites, in the title set must do the Title Analysis, amongst other preparations, many times we need to carefully analyze the competitors in the same industry "title, different search keywords statistics of each keyword, the search results page the title of the site, can be more comprehensive these keywords under different site title, better set your website title. A copy of the title of the page come together is a waste of time, how quickly we get the first two pages of Shanghai love rival



    September 12, 2017 / admin

    Count method of site weight increased

    so how come I usually exchange the right Links it, first of all is to find the industry in the Links platform inside me, PR and other similar site data, then find the owners to discuss the general situation, and also love stationmaster industry similar website to exchange links, exchange after the success of further communication, each other can introduce some peers to exchange links, to improve website weight. Anyway, peer is the enemy, in order to have a good ranking in the search engine, you need to check the reverse link each other, finding the Links website backlinks from each other, increase the weight of the website, the above is purely personal wise remark of an experienced person. You can refer to the appropriate, more valuable advice. The station my last little show, Sogou 贵族宝贝sogouu贵族宝贝/ friends Links platform, this paper from the original starting A5 Sogou friends (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network, please keep the link information, thank you!

    Since the

    , it seems like a lot of. It seems very small. There is an overwhelming feeling, believe that many webmaster and I have the same feeling, he summed up the next. I also own the wise remark of an experienced person is not always good, but that the experience with everyone out of each other, not always wrong, summing up, improve together. Is my personal experience, do Shanghai dragon is a very hard work and tasteless. Believe that do stand most of my friends will say so.

    , by contrast, when the initiative to find sites to exchange links are not many. Because I have to do is Links platform website, find a good number of links is relatively easy, but I know that Links industry correlation between the weight of the website is very important. It is more difficult to find suitable links. Some are similar or the same industry, but the PR and included, snapshots is more. Some PR and included more appropriate, but not related to the industry, therefore, very suitable for link exchange or more difficult. Recently the emergence of a new term, called love Shanghai weight. With this observation, this index is also very important, do not know how it was calculated, but the index of the website traffic directly, or very useful.

    website promotion, also wrote about network promotion and experience aspects of the article, published to the A5 forum or some get backlinks and high weight outside the chain, the station recently Links platform Sogou in my friends fell in love with the sea also have a certain weight, the main key words ranking has been greatly upgrade, see this effect, that their own efforts to get a good return, since then, my daily work is to find material, write original articles to publish, use this way to increase the weight of the website.


    describe online than cock up early, sleep later than the night owl. I have a deep feeling.

    / admin


    is called a " the lost children of " the reader comments raised this issue, and in his blog published an article title to "chain of a website is really very important article named". A simple description of the importance of the chain on the site, Hu Yibo’s blog and mentioned in this article. He is such a description: " today, a half day visit other blogs, really learned a lot, and there is to see Hu Yibo’s blog, there are four articles, but his website is PR2, was surprised, he studied and found his chain number more than 1000. It can be seen that the influence of the chain number on the weight of the. "

    collected up the chain and online data for 2 years with Hu Yibo’s unique thought, Hu Yibo purchased the domain name in its own name. Add a blank page for the record, the record review and after these time Hu Yibo has been in the hair of the chain, but some of the chain is not included in Shanghai after the publication of love, the six months after the upload now blog program, and began to publish original articles by A5 home page and quickly reproduced, lead to a search engine understand the blog of the chain and the originality and depth of excavation appeared outside the chain within 4 days from the 200 on the 1000..

    , a new station on the line before and after

    In the evening he

    Hu Yibo’s blog I mentioned the problem, that I share my is how fast and efficient development of the chain. Well, I will not say nonsense. Direct

    Hu Yibo over

    long ago knew Hu Yibo most webmaster friends all know, Hu Yibo had over the climax of the period is also low, here briefly talk about some of Hu Yibo’s excessive. The 21 year old Hu Yibo is engaged in Internet webmaster occupation of it for 6 years time. Had been through the station each spend months or half a year’s time, cultivate a group of high PR value chain or high traffic websites and sale and others earn profits.

    cut to the point! Methods:

    chain explosion


    Hu Yibo’s blog on the line for 4 days to the chain reached 1000+. The PR value is 2. There are a lot of Hu Yibo’s blog will leave this question. Such a short time Hu Yibo did it. You must have seen Hu Yibo’s blog data you will also raise the question of

    08 years after the sale of the website and June, Hu Yibo lost his job.. They walked into the full-time webmaster, because when the research has been in the promotion and publicity, so the website management technology is not enough, to a lot of users but rarely flow. What did not earn money instead of losing a lot of server costs, then entered into the transition period, from 2009 to 2010, which is the independent blog before the establishment of the Hu Yibo has been watching you celebrity articles, such as: Lu Songsong, O, one after another, such as Chun celebrity blog to promote the knowledge and collect relevant information.

    / admin

    3 users, effect of residence time on site credibility

    2, the snapshot can also explain the reliability of

    4, the chain site’s credibility

    of course, the more the chain, the chain of higher quality and better site credibility, the chain is equivalent to others to vote for you, of course, the more the more tickets you trust, the search engine trust, the chain should pay attention to methods, to avoid being found in the search engine with human intervention, the author of the article "do reference links to improve the website" this is the weight, the chain can improve website ranking, the key is to increase the credibility of the search engine on the web.

    search engine is always oriented to the user, and the user is the same. The residence time of the user, often repeat, that user experience is good, the search engine users love the natural love, the natural search engine users trust trust. The website of Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the user experience, user experience, can enhance the confidence of the search engine.

    websiteOf course, the more new snapshot

    source: Shanghai dragon Liu: website promotion website promotion: www.gmglhs贵族宝贝 in addition to the special label, this station all articles are original. Internet sharing, respect for copyright, reproduced indicate the source.

    Effect of

    search engine, the more credible, if the site is down right, serious damage to the credibility of the search engine, causing long time snapshot not update, even correction, is a good illustration. The higher the weight the more new snapshot is the same reason.

    search engine website credibility, is the search engine on the website of the love degree, trust degree, degree of course evaluation, web search engine trust higher website weight better, keywords ranking is good. Website optimization is to improve the process of Search Engine Website Trust degree. The search engine to give a good evaluation, fully trust your site keywords ranking is good, of course. The website of Shanghai dragon is actually improve the weights of the website, improve the site’s credibility.

    we usually say that the web site included more weight is higher, this is correct, the level of evaluation weight need a reference, on the same site, of course included more weight is high, because every page has more or less weight, the weight of accumulated more, but for different sites not necessarily. We often see the same keywords, included less website ranking, that is the reason why, although included less, but the overall weight is higher than you, also shows that the weight of a single page high. So how many not included well illustrate the reliability of the website, included rate can explain your credibility.


    1, website content included rate impact on site credibility

    / admin

    really want to love Shanghai continue to update your website is very simple, mainly with high quality content and website content fresh, so you can achieve continuous love Shanghai update. When love Shanghai updated with new content in the confirmation of your website, Shanghai would love to your site to crawl. If your site is not to update the web site, the spider will appear 304 love Shanghai code.

    each was collected web site, the spider will according to the updated not only check whether the site of new pages, and web spiders crawl frequency update at the same speed.


    snapshot ShanghaiFor the love of Shanghai

    in Shanghai and Shanghai love love weight snapshot, you need to understand both what is right, the woman will share with you love Shanghai snapshots and weight.

    you may see many others website weight, but you don’t understand what the site is after the storm, but also a little bit slowly accumulated. In addition, for the website. Gov or edu, is a natural weight high website. In addition to their own conditions, the most important is the content of the original, whether the user’s favorite, these search engines are to see in the eye. So don’t envy others website weight high, as long as insist, the weight of the website will slowly ascend.

    site weight is the search engine to the site (including web pages) would be given authority value of the website (including web page) evaluation authority. The factors determining the weight of the site including survival time, domain name, domain name, content, server, maintenance and chain etc..

    The definition of

    love Shanghai weight


    and the weights of the website snapshot love Shanghai

    At the same time, the relationship between

    now I’m doing a lumbar muscle strain treatment site, every day the first thing is to look at the work site updates, but a snapshot of the site is always unsatisfactory, all made me nervous, I think is not the weight of my site is not high, so in love with the sea snapshot not update. Many Shanghai dragon Er certainly have the same doubts with me. Then we have to thoroughly understand the love of Shanghai snapshot and the level of weight is really matter.

    you can see, love Shanghai snapshot is affect the weights of the website. But the relationship between the website weight and love Shanghai snapshot is not proportional to the. There is no direct relationship. So in love Shanghai snapshots not update, don’t worry, do the station.

    snapshot, there are three, including snapshots, site URL generated in the snapshot search box enter the URL of the website and search keywords snapshot generated. In fact, if your website enough normal, then three snapshots of the time will be consistent. To the big role for the station site update articles, then how do we make love Shanghai continuously updated snapshot.

    The relationship between

    / admin